Actual EMS calls to McLaren Macomb hospital

Calling McLaren Macomb, Medstar Alpha 1-0-7. McLaren go ahead please. McLaren we got a priority one trauma for you, let me know when you’re ready to copy. Go ahead. I’m ready. I got a male patient coming in, in mid-sixties, I’m guessing. We got on scene, found the patient to be, aah, have agonal respirations. I had a sinus on the monitor, it’s 68. This patient’s got multiple injuries. His left leg, below the knee, is fully de-gloved. He has several other obvious deformities as well. He’s got blood coming from his ears. He’s clenched at this time. I’ve got blood pressure 155 over 1-1-7, 1-5-5 over 1-1-7. Pulse showing 68 on the monitor. 02 stats are 98 percent, he’s being bagged at this time. We’ll give you further upon arrival. ETA about five minutes. Very good sir, continue transport, we’ll see you in five minutes. MedStar Alpha 1-0-1. Unit call, McLaren go ahead with report. McLaren Macomb, Medstar Alpha 101 enroute with a priority 2. 30, 3-0 year old female. Patient was restrained driver involved in a motor vehicle accident. States she was barely moving when she was t-boned by another car traveling approximately 20 to 25 miles per hour. Patient complaining of chest pain, saying she was hit with the airbag—side airbag, no front airbag deployment. She’s A and O times 3. Pain reproducible with inspiration of movement. No other… ah, she’s also complaining of some lower back pain, noted when she crawled
into the passenger seat. No head or neck pain, no LOC. Blood pressure 137 over 83.
Pulse of 104 regular, respirations 18. Sinus tach on the monitor. Saline lock
established. States eight out of 10 pain. We’re pulling into your facility
right now. Do you require anything further? Nope. See you on arrival. McLaren Macomb, MedStar Alpha 1-1-7, priority 1 traffic. McLaren Macomb go ahead. McLaren Macomb, MedStar Alpha 1-1-7, priority 1 for you. 52, 5-2 year old male, chief complaint today, chest pain, appears to be a STEMI. We did transmit you two 12-leads. ID number on that is going to be 1-1-5-3, 1-1-5-3. First 12-lead is a regular 12 lead, showing
a STEMI. Second 12-lead we sent you is actually right side. It says V4R, it does appear to be a right-sided MI. At this time patient is alert and oriented times 4, GCS is 15. Vitals for you— blood pressure is 136, 1-3-6 over 98, heart rate 73. Sinus rhythm on the monitor, sat is at 98 percent. Nasal cannula on four liters. We have 324 aspirin on board, two IVs established, going to administer a nitroglycerin. Patients states left-sided chest pain radiating down to his left arm. 7, out of 8 out of 10 now. States onset about 1:30 this afternoon. Only history is hypertension. If you require nothing further we’ll be there in about five to seven minutes. Can you ask the patient if he has a cardiologist please? Patient does not have a cardiologist. He only has a primary care doctor that he recently is no longer seeing. Okay, thank you. Let us no of any changes and we’ll see you upon arrival.

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