27 thoughts on “ACL injury treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital

  1. 2008!.
    I was outdoors running 800m was the goal
    when i came to 700m i think i my foot got stuck in the ground and my knee
    twiced and i felt this "pop" noise from my knee and i was taken to the ER 5 hours
    after the knee injurie accured and they think i pulled my acl,pcl,mcl,lcl, and untill
    2 months ago i was doing okey but then me and a friend went knee on knee collision
    and my knee dislocated badly so very soon i am getting a MRI to see what i broke and hopefully surgery i'm only 19.

  2. is there any exercise that can lessen my injury? i got acl when i was 4th year high and until now. . .its almost three years. .the doctor told me that it might be a lifetime injury. . . .
    i am a volleyball player and unfortunately i have to stop my hobby because of acl.

  3. hi..all.. can any one suggest me for age consideration for going acl tear surgery,because my mother got acl grade 3 and age is 55 years…. is it requir surgery to avoid life long knee pain …please respond urgently

  4. What they don’t tell you is after 10 years post op your meniscus will start to wear and your on a one way road to a knee replacement! Nobody should return to contact sports after getting their surgery unless it’s your profession

  5. i had my acl repaired and caught golden staph in my knee and lost the acl now most of the time I have to wear a  post op knee brace on my left knee and leg

  6. Please answer when u see this comment
    I have subjected to arthroscopy for removal of some torn menisci thet were so small and i don't know when should i walk normally and when i remove this badage on my knee?!

  7. I contacted your hospital about my 16 year old daughter who competes in martial arts and injured her knee. I guess the trial for "bear" is over. I wish she could get that. God bless you for inventing that. I hope it will be available soon and I hope it will work for old injuries. The MRI report says "the acl is deficient most compatible with chronic tear" and as a parent it is heart breaking to read that. I do not understand the language on that (does that mean a total tear or and old tear or what?) does that mean "bear" would not work on her anyway? Whatever the case is God bless you for what you have done.

  8. I am 26yrs old have a partial acl tear… Is operation needed or will it heal automatically in a particular time period

  9. I had a loud pop and it was extremely painful but I kept going through out the whole day in school to the point I couldn’t walk anymore from the pain.

  10. I am from India. please clear that, does acl arthroscopick surgry damage our knee growth plate? Please reply

  11. 3 months ago I got my left knee twisted while Playing football .
    today I took MRI and it says High Grade Partial Tear Of ACL .
    Is surgery only option or it can be cured with medicines or physio therapy or homeopathy or Ayurvedic treatment?

  12. in 2012 i have same during plying football and in 2013 a MIR section on it now the days past and its would b 7 years ago and when i was plying cricket during bowling my knee some times a voice of broken something
    what you i do

  13. i tore my acl in report it is mentioned that abnormal signals are formed in acl attachment side to femur .should i go for surgery or it rehabilitate by itself

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