Acid Reflux & Barrett’s Esophagus – Frankfort Regional Medical Center

John Shekleton, MD Contributing factors of acid
reflux and Barrett’s esophagus – An additional thing that
we look for on endoscopy is acid reflux. And acid reflux is a condition
that’s rapidly increasing. We don’t know exactly why the incidence of acid reflux is increasing. Probably because as we age,
or as our diet changes, we gain weight, and certainly obesity
contributes to acid reflux. And acid reflux can often
be controlled by medications that suppress the acids of the stomach. But an important thing for acid reflux is it can also lead to
a malignant condition called Barrett’s esophagus. And that’s something that
needs to be checked for and if we find it, we
do surveillance on that. Both acid reflux and Barrett’s esophagus have fairly significant
increases in the incidence or likelihood of having those illnesses. Barrett’s esophagus more commonly occurs in male patients over the age of 50 with long-standing reflux. But we may find Barrett’s esophagus in perhaps three to 5% of the population that may not have any current symptoms. Want more information?

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