About Physical Therapy | Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital

Hi my name is Ruth, I’m a physical therapist
at Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital. We wanted to highlight physical therapy this month, as October is National Physical Therapy Month. Here we have three different types of services: inpatient rehab, outpatient clinics, and also a long-term acute hospital. If you haven’t had physical therapy before, there’s a chance that you may have it at some point in your life. Physical therapists are experts in movement disorders, so we treat a variety of diagnoses, from shoulder and hip replacements, to orthopedic injuries, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, strokes, as well as balance disorders. So our whole goal as physical therapists is
to help patients get better and get back to doing the things
that are important to them. Here at Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital in
the outpatient clinic, we offer 1-on-1, one-hour physical therapy services, and in inpatient rehab we offer three hours of physical therapy or occupational therapy provided here, as well as our long-term acute hospital, we offer one-hour physical therapy every other day
during the week. So we really enjoy what we do. It’s really important to us that we find out
what patients enjoy and want to get back to and what’s important to them, and that’s our whole goal,
is to help them reach their goals. So if you’re interested in any of our services
please contact us at 570-619-3400. Thank you.

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