86 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: COVID-19 hospitalizations, voices of shutdown, doctors on frontlines

  1. I'm in Pennsylvania USA… Everyone in New York and New Jersey is flooding here. Gov. Wolf your garbage. You should have closed the doors on the State a week ago!. No one coming in or out. This nation needs to declare Marshal Law. I hear people say freedom is not free with your flags. So go out there and fight it I dare you too. . Do it please tell me how. No more bickering between the Dems and the Reps. YOUR DEAD if your immune systems week .In South Korea they took test on everyone The Koreans saw it coming. The S Koreans now know who everyone that has it is. The S Koreans have sent all there resources to their people to save them and the epidemic is dropping . Why in the USA HAVE WE NOT DONE THIS?.. THE USA DID NOT SEE THIS or researched this when it happened?. Everyone's out of supplies. You can't run stay home Please print this. This is real… The sun may not come up.. Tomorrow…. WORD

  2. Too busy talking about the Olympics and sports and athletics but where is health and education at the bottom, maybe we suffer so the next generation understands what's actually important for life on Earth to substane. To me God is my main priority, he continues to save us even when we aren't all worthy.

  3. The virus needs the right host to mass produce and multiply, and it does this by attacking many hosts until it finds the correct host to devour.

  4. I wonder if the USA film department is going to make a movie out of this as they have with other real life stories. Anyone who uses my idea I'll sue you. 😎

  5. Anything on Facebook and Instagram is fake in my opinion, this is probably false as well..idgaf. 😇😂

  6. Amidst Today’s Pandemic, The Wrongfully Accused Are Not Afforded Justice

    Mar 23, 2020 | 24-7 Press Release

    Seng Xiong Wrongfully Convicted of Fraud Remains Incarcerated and Restrained of His Liberty at Moshannon Valley Correctional Institution

    Please bring my people back home President Trump the Great and 45th. You are the chosen one for this mission. Spiritually yes and don't forget your promise to God when you were by his side.
    Hmong Sovereign State was initiated by Mr. Seng Xiong on October 02, 2006 with the White House, during the Bush Administration. There was a letter, proposal and discussion for the recognition of a Hmong Country taken place at the United States Mission in New York with U.S Officials: Senior Political Adviser, Richard McCurry, Jacky Sanders and Ted Maly, where. U.S Government officials in Washington D.C. fully acknowledged the creation of a Hmong Country.

  7. We are all people we are all one we need to all stand together and fight this virus as a country as a world as a family save our people world wide thoughts and prayers to every single person in this earth

  8. Companies can't be open and honest about layoffs because it opens you up to the risk of litigation, especially in a "right to work" state vs. "at will" employment.

  9. What there not telling you is that most plants like smithville an other food plants are shutting down,so soon were would our meats come from if no one will be working at the plants or driving the trucks or rasing the animals. So they throw pennys your way to keep the poor happy an 68% want never see penny checks. Have faith in your self an those you surround your self with and most of all have faith in GOD

  10. How do roadside calisthenics stop the spread of this virus? Well at least we know it isn't only the United States. The whole damn world has lost its Collective Mind.

  11. Indian PM is taking right decisions and his wisdom will certainly save such densely populated country from becoming another Italy or China.

  12. It would be grateful if the media and Americans would give the president a little consideration. President Trump is having to deal with this unexpected virus, while trying to juggle military operations, foreign issues, cyber attacks, 50 governors and much more. Most people could not handle the stress nor lack of sleep.
    Take a moment to understand that bad things do not stop…just because of a virus. Pray for our president and our country.

  13. Why do they keep conflating the numbers, coming into the hospital or coming down with symptoms is vastly different than serious complications.

  14. It seems like Ivette Paz took the opportunity to show that she worships the DEVIL , throwing that horns sign , crazy times , we're doomed..

  15. India and Russia are classifying Covid-19 as pneumonia. #WarfareDamocles #LegacyMan #ActualFactual #DonP #FactsBlack #FactsMill #AlwaysBlackKnight

  16. GUILE SEEs EASY OPERATION DC just start car trust me trust me it's better that then OPERATION UN hand HER guys where you will be no match they will Impress 🧐

  17. Some patients exhibit symptoms of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. It sounds like they are simultaneously suffering from a flu virus in addition to COVID-19. Young and otherwise healthy patients that are in critical condition likely are experiencing attack from two or more sources at the same time. If instead of focusing their treatment on COVID-19 for which they have no cure doctors might be better off if they tried to identify a second ailment, i.e., flu that they can treat and once the patient is cured of flu then that patient will recover from COVID-19 on his own. That approach might just work.

  18. Expect media to push tragedy and lack of containment before Easter. Trump said Easter so we need to make sure that we go past Easter.

  19. GrandMa does that make any sense? This is actually really really serious laid to account and high level ANALYSIS for review and ……then……….

  20. At least 14,000 people have died and 250,000 have already been hospitalized during the 2019-2020 flu season in the US but we never heard anything about that.

  21. ‘Complete’ Lockdown is only option except hospital and pharmacy, grocery store(limited time). Government doesn’t care about life of people.

  22. At least I am not there to be treated bad. At school at walnut grove there is a poster of kindness to treat people you want to be treated.

  23. The Coronavirus has caused fear
    and panic across the globe. It has
    caused people to think about their
    own mortality. It is a very serious
    pandemic. But there is something
    more serious. Where will you go after
    you die? Heaven or Hell? Would you
    like to find out? Well, have you ever
    lied, lusted, been angry or hated, been
    proud or selfish? When you die and
    stand before God will you be innocent
    or guilty of these wrong acts? Will you
    go to Heaven or Hell? Because I care
    about you I need to warn you that Hell
    is a terrible place, a “lake of fire” forever.
    God is “rich in mercy” and doesn’t
    want you to go there. So to save you
    from Hell he sent his son Jesus Christ
    to earth to die on a cross, to take the
    punishment for your wrong acts. To be
    saved you must trust God to save you
    and stop doing wrong acts. Then read
    the Bible and obey it. God bless you
    and your family in these difficult times.

  24. India, kindly tell your leaders they are ruh-tar-did. Making people do push ups and other physical activity that increases heavy breathing directly next to other people, in order to stop the spread of the virus….

  25. lap dog of china,
    Minister Anutin Charnvirakul has publicly blamed “dirty” Caucasian tourists for spreading the virus. His xenophobic comments have been shared with a level of local online approval. https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/thailand-increasingly-blaming-caucasians-for-coronavirus-crisis

  26. TRUMPTURDY'S IGNORANCE IS BECOMING MORE APPARENT! He's talking more and people are watching more. He's dropped his pants and it's not pretty!

  27. Why in the Devil would those idiots proceed to celebrate Mardi Gras in the midst of this viral chaos? Were they living under a rock unaware the world is in SHAMBLES. I live in Louisiana so I feel obligated to call them IDIOTS.

  28. I know this is so off topic but I recently saw a book . It goes like this – a girl wakes up some days later in a hospital bed and cannot remember what happened before and wakes up to the the world quarantined n stuffs due to a viral pandemic

  29. Let's Celebrate Life !!! Please Protect your EYES… Please Protect your MOUTH… Please Protect your NOSE… They are all Vulnerable Openings… Please, Cover yourselves accordingly… Please, self quarantine if you were exposed… We desperately need HOSPITAL SUPPLIES… We desperately need HOSPITAL WORKERS… We need ACCESSIBLE TEST KITS for the public… No test, No Containment possible… We desperately need the Test Kits… We desperately need to protect our Doctors Nurses and First Responders… Let's wake up already TRUMPORONA. !!!

  30. Before this i was all ready A recluce who live alone in A studio loft so when I heard about Social distancing I was Like psh…done

  31. I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure If the top 10 riches douchebags in the world like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Zuckerberg would chip in a mere 1% of their wealth, it could solve alot of these 'problems'. They literally have so much money they don't know what to do with it, except help people

  32. Power of prayer aint gonna do anything. Science is what's going to help. But the world is over populated, so it's good that so many people are infected. Hopefully they'll die.

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