Abandoned Horror Hospital – Paranormal Dungeon?

BUMPS IN THE NIGHT Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video. Skillshare has tons of easy to follow tutorials that make it easy to learn, progress or grow as a creator artist or whatever you’re interested in. Use the link: sky.sh/proper99 before the end of January to get to get three free months for only 99¢ [BRYAN] What is that? [MICHAEL] Hello? We had only just set foot inside the hospital,
but things were already creepy. What the fuck is that? [MICHAEL] Why can I not see anything? Holy shit! [BRYAN] Hello? [MICHAEL] There’s something in there [BRYAN] Is it the wind? [MICHAEL] No, there’s no wind. It has to be an animal [BRYAN] Hold on don’t go yet.
Let me get my camera out. Oh, fuck… [MICHAEL] Let’s go together. [BRYAN] It stopped! [MICHAEL] It sounds like there’s somebody down here. [BRYAN] There’s nowhere for them to go, this is the whole room. [MICHAEL] There’s something over there. [BRYAN] Should we go over there? [MICHAEL] Yeah, we have to investigate.. …together. [BRYAN] Woah, that fucking scared me.
*laughter* [MICHAEL] Oh my god, that’s so…
*exhales* [BRYAN] I jumped! [MICHAEL] God, all the fucking legends about this place have me too preemptively spooked There’s something over here. Watch out for any animal. [BRYAN] I know, I’m scared it’s going to be…it’s probably just going to be a raccoon… …hopefully *knock* [MICHAEL] Maybe it’s outside, by the window. We are in a basement. Well we know it’s not a person *leaves scuffling* [BRYAN] What the fuck? [MICHAEL] The fuck… [BRYAN] Hello? *continued scuffling* [BRYAN] Is anyone there? Please answer. [MICHAEL] It has to be an animal.
there’s nothing else it could be. [BRYAN] yeah… Scared to put my back to it Those mannequins got me jumping. [MICHAEL] Oh god, I actually have like shivers down
my fucking spine right now. [BRYAN] I know… Look at these crates These look old [undefined voice] Where does this go? [MICHAEL] This is gonna put us back out to where we were before. [BRYAN] yeah… [MICHAEL]
Oh, that goes out [BRYAN] You heard something? [MICHAEL] Let’s go this way first [BRYAN] Look at all this shit. Look at this supply closet Still has stuff. * strange noise * *exhales* [BRYAN] Stairs up! [MICHAEL] These going to be doors-off.
Turn the lights off. Probably there is a window. Okay. We can pursue again. Watch if it has somebody there? [BRYAN] Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck… Windows everywhere, dude. Oh my god! The whole place is a window Do you see this? [MICHAEL] Yeah [BRYAN] What do we do? [MICHAEL]
Make all black and hope no one comes by. While we are in here [BRYAN] Oh my god, dude, what the fuck is this place? [MICHAEL]
What the fuck! What the fuck! [BRYAN] This place is amazing [MICHAEL] My face recognition is going off obviously ’cause it’s a face… …but Holy shit… [BRYAN] Look at the portrait on the wall with a piano [MICHAEL] You think this still works? *plays note* [BRYAN] Oh, my god… *continues to play notes* [BRYAN] Oh my god, this place is amazing, Micheal! [MICHAEL] Look at this… look at every room [BRYAN] Look at the pictures on the walls [MICHAEL] oh my god! Look in here [BRYAN] This is literally untouched [MICHAEL] I mean it’s a little bit touched, but like… …it’s crazy what’s left in here. God, it’s a balance between like Keeping the lights off cuz you don’t want to get caught And keeping them on because you don’t want to get spooked Which way do you want to go now first? [BRYAN] This way Seems like less windows [MICHAEL] There’s windows everywhere [BRYAN] What do you mean? There’s no windows in here. [MICHAEL] Oh yeah, there’s like candelabras in there [BRYAN]
Wow I’ve seen this painting before [MICHAEL] Do you have? In your nightmares? [BRYAN] I think so… No I… I’ve actually… [MICHAEL] What in pictures of this hospital? [BRYAN] I think so. That’s a creepy painting When you go in here you’re going to know there’s a window [MICHAEL] Look at that lamp on there. [BRYAN] I know. This is crazy. Look how old that cabinet looks. [MICHAEL] I know. [BRYAN] There is still a pillow! [MICHAEL] But no mattress. [BRYAN] Look, even tracks for curtains are left. [MICHAEL]
yeah. Wow Turn your light off, there is a car coming. Okay, it was just a truck. Look, there’s a stuffed animal in here. [BRYAN] One of the legend was that the stuffed animals and dolls have glowing red eyes in the dark. [MICHAEL] Let’s turn off the light [BRYAN] I don’t know if I believe that one. [MICHAEL] We’d have to wait. [BRYAN] That doesn’t even look old. [MICHAEL] Shh…shh I think I heard something [BRYAN] Really? [MICHAEL] Like a little High-pitch voice… [BRYAN] Really? [MICHAEL] Just saying like one syllable [BRYAN] Did you hear what it said? [MICHAEL] Like a ‘haha’ [BRYAN] “Haha, go home!” [MICHAEL] Did you hear that pitch? [BRYAN] There’s a lab here. [MICHAEL] What the fuck would they do in this lab? [BRYAN] Hmm? [MICHAEL] What would they do in this lab? [BRYAN] Check medical, like, tests and stuff, I don’t know. [MICHAEL] Holy shit! [BRYAN] wow That’s a lot of knobs. [MICHAEL] This stuff in here so old Look at all this stuff… [MICHAEL] Oh, here’s an entrance to the outside [BRYAN] Goes right out. [MICHAEL] It’s crazy how open it is, but how not destroyed [BRYAN] I don’t feel like opening these. [MICHAEL] It is in the middle of nowhere [BRYAN] yeah, these are operating rooms [MICHAEL] ho-oly shit Oh, be super careful with the light, because that’s a window right there. [BRYAN] I know The operating lights gone [MICHAEL]
Yeah, but all this shit is still here. Car. This sounds like a truck, I think we are good. oh… Well, the truck is behind it. [BRYAN] Was that a cop? [MICHAEL] Where? [BRYAN]
Here, I thought I saw an Explorer or some Ford [MICHAEL] Yeah, but it was not a cop though [BRYAN] It’s all… toothpaste and shit This shit looks old Wow, pieces of stethoscopes. It almost feels like this is props (sic), but I don’t know, this is like too crazy [MICHAEL]
Well, Ghost Adventures was here [BRYAN] And this looks like… I don’t know… An Oscilloscope [MICHAEL]
Have we been in this room? [BRYAN] no [MICHAEL] Emergency Room… [BRYAN] Look at that light back there Look, they’d hang fluids there, on that hook [MICHAEL] yeah [BRYAN] Church… like pews… There has to be a church in here though …Legs [MICHAEL] More fucking mannequin parts Have we do we have ghosts to worry about? [BRYAN] yeah… up… …or what do you want to do, the other way? [MICHAEL] what’s in here an exit? [BRYAN] A church maybe? [MICHAEL]
I can’t tell… The Church
*Background noise* [BRYAN] oh, shit [MICHAEL] Holy shit [BRYAN] Unreal [MICHAEL]
The fucking Cross is upside down [BRYAN] I knew the pews outside had to be like something related [MICHAEL] yeah… wow… [BRYAN] Oh my god Wow [MICHAEL] An organ… [BRYAN] Look, a second floor [MICHAEL] Holy shit [BRYAN]There’s three floors [MICHAEL] Oh, there’s another floor [BRYAN] Oh, That’s why, it goes right out There’s these chess everywhere… pretty cool Another piano Wow, look at this, it’s like a living room Look at this dude *laughs* [MICHAEL] He looks pretty smug [BRYAN] Wow…look at these chairs and furniture… wow The books still on the shelf and this 50s style light up here I love the chandelier [MICHAEL] I heard like a whimper I don’t know what it was saying It really sounded like a whimper [BRYAN] I didn’t hear it it locked? No? okay [MICHAEL] This room has a lot of furniture left [BRYAN] Wow An each room has different furniture [MICHAEL] Yeah [BRYAN] Look how clean this mirror is.. [MICHAEL] eh [BRYAN] That’s pretty damn clean… … for being abandoned for forty years [MICHAEL] There’s a big bed frame in here What floor are we on, three? [BRYAN] Three [MICHAEL] And it goes up again after this? [BRYAN]yeah [MICHAEL]Jeeze [BRYAN] Old newspapers in here Wow, look at this 1945… that’s when these newspapers are from Oh look, there’s a sofa up here, and a lamp It’s like a lounge [MICHAEL] Does that go to the roof? [BRYAN] yeah [MICHAEL] Interesting [BRYAN] Oh my god, what is that? It’s like a wasps nest? Looks to be dead so I’m okay with it being there but… [MICHAEL] God, these paintings are so creepy look at this [BRYAN] This is so 50s… love it [MICHAEL] Look at that doll on the ground [BRYAN] yeah [MICHAEL] She’s almost disrobed mm-hmm [BRYAN] Almost about to get to the demonetization [MICHAEL] What is is this room? [BRYAN]
yeah, what are they trying to keep out of here? [MICHAEL] People maybe, ’cause it’s not safe?… [BRYAN] Yeah probably [MICHAEL] …the collapse Crib… [BRYAN]yeah [MICHAEL] …with no base [BRYAN] Here’s some creepy-ass paintings Fireplace mantles Not much in here… [MICHAEL] Oh, look at the ground right there [BRYAN] But there’s some baby dolls [MICHAEL]
Oh my god, a baby. [BRYAN]Oh my god more dolls in here [MICHAEL]
Oh my god [BRYAN]This is a creepy room [MICHAEL] this one too [BRYAN] Come in here first This is a creepy room [MICHAEL] You can say that again This room too though, it’s no joke You got bird cages Look at the beads and the… …art here That’s a big-ass pinecone, holy shit [MICHAEL] It’s probably why they saved it [BRYAN]
There’s dolls everywhere Wow, there’s a lot in here And it goes back here This is a kitchen [MICHAEL] A fully fucking stocked kitchen with Random mannequin heads chilling [BRYAN] This is old, look at this Westinghouse crock-pot [MICHAEL] God, this place is full of stuff [BRYAN] When was the last time Kraft put mayonnaise in a jar that looks like that? Probably a long-ass time ago [MICHAEL] That’s wide open there [BRYAN]
This is just like too good [MICHAEL] Look at this scale man Every individual object in here is actually amazing,this entire stove… …all these little weighing and measuring devices [BRYAN]
There’s still honey in here It’s kind of gross but… …hey… …all the spices Look at that That’s in this hospital, and we saw a bunch of those carriages out in the hallway a minute ago [MICHAEL] You know what we have right here? [BRYAN] What? [MICHAEL] Christmas decorations [BRYAN] Cross one off the list [MICHAEL] yep And we had plenty of chairs just chilling’ already [BRYAN]
Some kind of big-ass glass jug [MICHAEL]
The thing looks medieval [BRYAN] Yeah Glass [MICHAEL]Is this like a portable bathtub? [BRYAN] I don’t know [MICHAEL]Two people could grab the handles [BRYAN] Did you notice the Halloween cobwebs? [MICHAEL]Yeah, I noticed the Halloween decorations in here Lets check it out Welcome to my kitchen This guy is suspect [BRYAN] A lot of jars [MICHAEL] I thought that horse was something dead in here when I was first looking in [BRYAN] You know what this is? [MICHAEL] What? [BRYAN] For a newborn baby [MICHAEL] That too… maybe? No, that’s a grill. I hope this isn’t for a newborn baby [BRYAN]
Look, it says even [MICHAEL] Or maybe that’s an incubator. It would keep it warm. [BRYAN]
Yeah, for like if their… …premature [MICHAEL] Like an old school incubator They would really grill a baby *laughs* [BRYAN] Look at all these… watch out your bag is gonna knock this over. These are old looking [MICHAEL] There’s baby bottles down in this cabinet [BRYAN] Yep, there is Hey, there’s liquid in there [MICHAEL] Probably just water More fucking dolls [BRYAN] We’re at the Labor Room [MICHAEL]Let’s check it out [BRYAN] There’s just a bed You can just cover it from right here. It’s in the next room [MICHAEL] This little machine thing here looks cool [BRYAN] They look like they’re supposed to be coffee machines, but I doubt that’s what they were used for like a coffee dispenser *laughs* [MICHAEL] The white line guarantee and there’s a first-aid symbol on it, so I don’t think it was for coffee *laughs* [BRYAN] That probably it’s not. It’s sort my idea [MICHAEL] I’m kidding. [MICHAEL] Yeah, look at the glass cabinets in this room [BRYAN] Yeah, I know Look they put the foot stirrups here Delivering babies [MICHAEL] All right, so we’re back in the basement, so we didn’t see all of it before we headed up before Let’s go down this wing, we haven’t done that yet [BRYAN] wow A few chairs These look like subway chairs do you see this? [MICHAEL] Like the restaurant? [BRYAN] No, like… like train seats Look at these cracks. This building is just done [MICHAEL] Holy shit these chains [BRYAN] What the fuck is going on in here? [MICHAEL] What the fuck? Did you see the chains here? [BRYAN] yeah This is some like torture cell [MICHAEL] What the… [BRYAN] Look, there’s a sink in there This is like a cell In the middle of the room [MICHAEL] This is fucking nuts Oh my god, there’s stuff everywhere wow [BRYAN] This is a doctor’s bag At least, that is what it looks like to me [MICHAEL] yeah These big chests right here [BRYAN] What is it? [MICHAEL] Like a fully made bed [BRYAN] And there’s clothes in the closet [MICHAEL] So in our very first bumps in the night episode we mentioned that we wanted to get our hands on some various paranormal devices for future videos and for this one we got our hands on a Psb7 spirit box. Now, what this device does? is it scans through different FM or AM radio stations at a certain rate and supposedly some spiritual communications can make it through somehow now I can’t make any comment on the scientific validit- validity of any of this But we’re gonna try it out nonetheless and see if anything happens And no better place to test out the spirit box is Inside this mal cage that we found I wonder if this will fuck with like the radio signals though… probably not Gotta raise my antenna *Loud static from the spirit box* [MICHAEL] We are on FM radio stations right now Is that faster? Different speeds of sweeping [BRYAN] You have to ask the ghosts questions [MICHAEL] I’m just waiting to see if anything happens beforehand All right, I’m not a paranormal investigator So no I don’t know if there’s particular questions we should ask but let’s start with Are there any spirits or entities here, in our presence, who had like to communicate with us? *Static, no response* MICHAEL: – It’s okay take your time We can wait… * PARLEZ-VOUS ! (“You speak” in French)* [MICHAEL] But I hear something… [BRYAN] Are there any entities that would like to communicate with us? [MICHAEL] Maybe I should get out of the box… So what should I ask? [BRYAN] umm… Ask if they’re suffering in this hospital right now [MICHAEL] Did bad things happen at this hospital? *no* [BRYAN] Did it say no? [MICHAEL] I heard a ‘no’ *laughs* Let’s change this to great Were you a patient at this hospital? *loud knock from doorway* [MICHAEL] Did you fucking hear that? [BRYAN] yeah *Static goes from white noise to digital tone* [MICHAEL] That was a fucking pop, it’s never about this before *digital noise continues* [MICHAEL] This is never done any sound like this before ever that we’ve used it ever like when we’re testing it in our hotel and our house. Those fucking noises did you ever heard [sic] it make those noises? [BRYAN] No! *Static changes. Some incomprehensible voice * [MICHAEL] What the Fuck? [BRYAN] Okay, Stop it and start it again. [MICHAEL] It’s– It’s a high pitched noise [BRYAN] See if it plays now. *White noise* [MICHAEL]
It’s not doing anymore [BRYAN] Are you still here with us? [MICHAEL] Here, get it closer to this thingy. *digital sound comes back* [VOICE] Trust me *digital sound ” [MICHAEL] There it is again What the Fuck! Guys we have literally turned this thing on everywhere we’ve been ever since we got it and listened to the sounds that come through And nothing that has ever sounded like that, has come through this thing Where have we even had this thing? In our house, in the town, and in the car Everywhere… nothing like this. I was thinking maybe interference from this, but it seems to not have any correlation to that. Maybe I should switch over to FM now? *White noise* [MICHAEL] It gets really loud before we start sweeping for some reason. *digital beep* [MICHAEL] That was like some eight bit… plop noise And the thing is when you hear something that sounds like music, you know it can’t just be coming from one radio… [BRYAN] Wait! My camera shut off! [MICHAEL]Just now? [BRYAN] Yeah! [MICHAEL] Like you were watching it when it shutoff? [BRYAN] Yeah! [MICHAEL] No way Are you completely legi.. legit it just shut off? Yeah! [BRYAN] Yeah! [MICHAEL] Oh my god. [BRYAN] It just went black I thought I thought it was still recording… [MICHAEL] When you hear something that sounds like music coming through, it’s not just one radio station It’s sweeping through all the radio stations, really fast So if it’s not something continuous and more like a split second Its not just coming from a radio station I kind of want to just get out of here [BRYAN] You want to ask one more question? [MICHAEL] You want to ask? Am I even on this camera? I’m going to move this camera Lets see if this camera is even still on This camera is still going Should I go back to AM? [BRYAN] Try it way quite for a second… …Turn the speaker off. I heard a squeak Should we do anything else, or should we… …get out? [MICHAEL] I mean, I feel like it’s just getting good But I’m terrified And like our goal is to captur… *scuffle* [BRYAN]
That was me, sorry. [MICHAEL] Our goal is to capture something, that we couldn’t explain. and I feel like we just showed that And… I said Bumps in the Night is over… …nothing is going to beat this episode [BRYAN]
Series concluded. The End. *Laughs* [MICHAEL] Holy shit I don’t know, I came here for a spook… [BRYAN]
I got spooked. [MICHAEL] …I’ve been thoroughly spooked [BRYAN]yeah… [MICHAEL]I am ready to go Like, When we get out of here, let’s test if it does it outside of the building like in my car okay [BRYAN] We’ve honestly never heard that thing make those noises before I don’t know how to explain that [MICHAEL] Okay so my opinion of what happened in there umm… I really don’t know I mean… Like my brain is so programmed to like Not believe in ghosts and think that is all just… [BRYAN] It was a pretty big coincidence, though [MICHAEL] Yeah, that’s the thing with paranormal stuff [BRYAN] It’s always based in coincidence [MICHAEL] Is that it’s almost always you can chalk it up as a coincidence or something totally rational? umm… There are always a million ways to like debunk. [BRYAN] I think if you can… Make the same coincidence happen and somehow link them together. That’s somewhat proof. So we need to somehow figure out a [MICHAEL] I’m not trying to prove ghosts exists here people have been trying to do that… [BRYAN] no, we need to prove it to ourselves Make us believe [MICHAEL] I don’t know what it’s going to take to make that happen but… …let’s say if before tonight I Would have told you that I would never believe in ghosts, no matter what Tonight was… [BRYAN] Makes you question it. [MICHAEL] …makes me question There were some crazy coincidences, and they’re like I’m honestly like pretty shook from that First off there is that animal or we even know it was it sound like it was in the room… [BRYAN] Yeah, but there was nothing in there. [MICHAEL]… but we couldn’t see anything Right as we walked in there was, umm.. Another pop and the thing making the noises… [BRYAN] It’s never made… Do you want to see? [MICHAEL] Speaking of which, lets see if it makes those noises in my car now [BRYAN] It’s in my camera bag, I’m gonna grab it Okay, go grab it. So I grabbed it. [MICHAEL] Alright we had it set to AM sweep at 200 milliseconds in there And we were getting that fucking, like those musical notes *loud static* Is that Am? No, that’s FM. [BRYAN] That’s AM [MICHAEL] Oh, that is AM [BRYAN] Same shit… [MICHAEL] No, it’s not like it was in there… [BRYAN]
Not as much. [MICHAEL]…this is very different actually [BRYAN] There’s a little bit of… speech [MICHAEL] We’ll have to go back and watch the video, but… …I think it was pretty diff…*anomaly in static*…different in there. [BRYAN] Maybe the ghosts are in the surrounding area. [MICHAEL]It is like not to the extent. [BRYAN]
There is still a little bit though [MICHAEL]a little bit… [BRYAN]
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