Abandoned HAUNTED Military Hospital | Corregidor Island, Philippines

hi guys thank you for tuning in to Amy’s
Crypt I’m just walking through Corregidor island, which is a small
island off of the coast of the Philippines. I’m just walking towards an
old abandoned military hospital which is said to be the most haunted place on the
island and extremely active so I can’t wait to get there and show you guys
around Corregidor Island is thought to be one of the most haunted places in the
Philippines it lies just off the coast of Manila and during World War II was an
important stronghold occupied by both the U.S. and Japanese armed forces at
differing times the island saw numerous battles bombs dropped upon it and huge
amounts of casualties many of the structures that sustained damage during
the war are still located on the island today these ruins hold secrets to the
past and a claim to be extremely haunted in particular the island’s old hospital alright guys so we’re stuck on
Corregidor Island supposed to be insanely haunted for 48 hours there’s
only like one boat that leaves each day and drops down to say only spending a
couple of nights here which is exciting but what is so cool about the island is
there’s only one other couple that is also staying here I think there’s a
handful of people that live on the islands but there’s really not gonna be
a lot of other people around especially when that ball hits so it’s gonna be
cool to explore but it is surrounded by this dense jungle and I keep hearing
animals in the trees and I can’t actually see through all of the dense
vegetation to see what the animal is so I’m curious to know what the hell is
out here with us we’ve just come across a structure I don’t believe that as a
hospital it’s on the way to the hospital definitely unless we’re lost like we
usually are I’m not sure what this one is and what’s so cool about this island
and you see plenty of episodes on my channel is it is just full of these
decayed abandoned buildings this one you actually see right underneath it past
this trees roots even and a lot of them are very destroyed because during World
War two there was a raid bombings here and a lot of the buildings you know
copied it pretty bad what is crazy is you can see evidence of bullets hitting
the side of the building there’s a whole bunch of bullet holes and don’t worry
guys I’m gonna go over the history of this place a little bit more in depth
when we get to the hospital so I just found it guys this is gonna be
really cool what’s going on oh they’re all on the
path up there I don’t know some islands and monkeys I don’t know something like
a tack oh this one just see it it’s looking at me the same way I’m looking
at it like alright sorry guys we’re here to see the haunted hospital not the
monkeys but I just get overly excited anytime I see animals on these
adventures this place looks amazing I can tell it looks very spooky
it could be setting for a horror movie or a video game or something it’s really
huge as well so we just stuck with the perimeter of the hospital and we’re
looking for a good path in there really isn’t one this is the closest you know
pathway leading in that means or leads me to think that not a lot of people go
inside it’s like it’s super overgrown and that I actually thought it would be
a bit more maintained than it is but we got a hit in this place like one of the
other places yeah super bad condition everything has holes and that cracks and
everything is crumbling and there’s a hole in the roof here parts of the
structure edge this was the main military hospital on
the Corregidor island this island was actually played an important role in
world war ii particularly surrounding the Philippines so the island is
essentially the key to Manila Bay and Manila so it was a spot that was really
sought after by both the US and Japan and in fact it had been occupied by both
the US and Japan at different times and Japan seized it and then a few years
later the U.S. got the islands back but there was a lot of battles here an
extreme amount of death and a lot of people suffered and lived out the
remainder of their lives in pain in this hospital and that is one of the reasons
why it’s fought to be so haunted and there’s a lot of reports here of
paranormal activity all sorts of things from disembodied voices to poltergeist
activity and apparition sightings explore around I mean this is the
islands most haunted location supposedly since we are staying here the night
we’re definitely going to come back and conduct some paranormal investigations
in the dark I’m sure this place takes on a different
feeling in the dark of night as well in when I was filming at one of the
barracks here there was a big spray-painted cross not sure if that’s
graffiti or that’s something left over from when this place was a hospital
though I have seen some things on the wall with this one says jumping boy it’s
possible that it’s for feeding but if you have a notary there isn’t a lot of
typical graffiti here and that’s because this place is on a remote little island
just off the coast of Manila so if you want to come here you need to spend the
money on the ferry and buying a tour or painting to stay here at such as we get
so I mean it’s not the place like typical folks would come and hang out so
it’s just saying how dangerous this place is and this pretty much
illustrates that that’s a great example of the dangers yeah this place is super
scary good Frankie look at you I think what makes it even scarier is the fact
that it’s in such poor condition I mean we just walked in and there’s
parts of it that are crumbling now the floors caving in or has holes in it the
same with the walls and ceilings in a lot of the areas so it does scare me
jarred scare me scare me scare me scare me
there’s just a really loud noise over here and I don’t know our chart is
Jarrod what was that okay so I’m not worried if that was paranormal I’m also
worried that something has fallen laughs I’ll make my crumble and fall and I
could get really hurt yeah there’s a lot of things just falling from the ceiling
and I didn’t mention earlier there was a sort of air raids and bombings here so
lot of these buildings have actually been structurally damaged people who
died here from injuries this is part of your home look at these pillars shepardize holy sings I said it to a
spirit box at st. Anne’s hurry much later tonight maybe there is some of the
coasts it makes me really nervous being up here cuz I don’t want to fall through
the ceiling like a fatty up here too which means people don’t want to come up
here no mommy who’s probably stupid that is what we’re standing on cool isn’t it
monkey up here either monkeys don’t kidding me she’s actually gunshots up
here as well so even the hospital came under fire during all these great
battles here and this place just wouldn’t have been a pleasant place back
in the day I can imagine is it a bat or the bird see free housing
them why would you tell me that’s okay just throw heard the noise removing I
was walking down the stairs near or either way it came from down here that’s
creepy that column isn’t even attached anymore yeah it’s probably it’s also the
least at least safe parts well so a lot of the creepy things said to occur in
this abandoned military hospital are people hearing footsteps when there is
no one else around there’s also are said to be whispers
come up in people’s ears again when there’s no one around people have also
claimed to hear the goings-on of a normal Hospital so hustle and bustle as
if this place was still in operation there’s also been apparition sightings
as well as shadow figure sightings and orbs which people have captured in
photographs so there’s a lot of activity that goes on here which makes sense and
if you guys want to see me come back tonight and do a paranormal
investigation make sure to hit subscribe I should also
mention the wails and moans of people in pain also said to be heard here which
makes complete sense being a military hospital is scary to think about what
went on here another of the long floors and it’s
really creepy this seems like a baby drop that’s just a bunch of these thin
sticks tied together string and it was just a joke even dangerous if
I can see but it also doesn’t look like this much to see in there really just a
wall behind me says no one is allowed to into this room you touch one of us it’s
on my legs bow to me that sounds like screams but I’m getting real sorry
scared a lot of minds and cries but this is coming from above me that is why
you’re here oh my god let’s get out of here let’s
get out of here thank you guys so much for watching I hope they enjoyed this
video if you want to see more of this haunted hospital make sure to hit
subscribe because I have a part two coming really soon
for our return tonight time to do a paranormal investigation if you did
enjoy this part one video though please remember to Like comment share and
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