Aaron Carter Apologizes for Lying to The Doctors — He Went to Rehab for Huffing

– [Travis] There’s so much to talk about, but your mom is here today, and– – She came. I got her here. – And that’s what I remember when you first came on
this stage, you were here. You showed up and that’s the first step. So let’s focus on for right now– – All right, can I tell you something? I have to apologize to you. I have to apologize to
you because I lied to you and I lied to you when I came here. I have a truth that I’m
going to reveal right now. The reason why I went
to rehab is for huffing: aerosols, duster cans. That’s why I went. I lied to you and I lied to you and I’m sorry and I’m here to make amends, take, do the first step of 12-step; admit that I was powerless
and I can believe in something greater
than myself, all right? Second, you know, make
amends for my shortcomings. – So Aaron.
– Let’s do this. I didn’t know that to that extent so I wanna do is two
separate things today. – Sure. – I wanna bring your mom out here, I wanna focus on everything
that she’s dealing with, and then I wanna back up. – I just felt like it was
important for me to apologize to you because I came in
here and denied it, okay, and that, in my opinion, after two years of being
clean and sober from you guys. You guys saved my life
and since that happened, I had to get my (beeping) together.

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  2. I knew this already because I heard the 911 call one of his friends made and she said he was inhaling or huffing whatever on computer duster. And the fact he's on seroquel "for an eating disorder" is BS that is used to treat bipolar.. schizophrenia.. and other mental health disorders but he still continues to lie to his fans about it DAILY on his Instagram lives.

  3. This mankid has so many issues! He feeds on attention and the moment that attention is forever gone I believe that's when he'll be in big trouble

  4. He’s still quite manic, as very evident by his social media. He “battles trolls” aka anyone who says anything even remotely negative or questions his sanity or health. He even tried to invite me to his Live Stream because I asked how long he’s been sober when he was buying an assault rifle.

  5. He was running around wearing only a sweater and underwear the other day on instagram. It appeared he only slept about 2 hours. Then he decorated some shirts , got in his car and drove all night without stopping from California to Washington. It seems he has some real high up times and real low down times. I'm not sure if he has paranoia from smoking too much marijuana or if he is suffering from mental issues. I've seen even more suspicious behavior besides this last episode. I think he really needs to get his life into balance. be that with whatever he is doing, self medication,, prescriptions… he needs to be in a routine and stick to it.

  6. Naw, he needs to stop. I think he is drunk himself. How rude is that to over talk the show host(s) knowing your the guest trying to get help for your mother. Aaron, dont be so judgemental to your mother like that, you have not gotten yourself completely out of the ballpark yet either sonny boy. I can see right through you. Ive been there. Your playing a game you do not want to play.

  7. I almost burst into laugher when he said he was into duster cans!! my god…….he really needs to sharpen up. heroin…ok. Dusters cans…..get a grip.

  8. This kids THE biggest idiot ever! He loves to hear himself talk. I can’t even watch him anymore. He is not even amusing.

  9. Well hes lying again. He was on instagram live smoking weed again and clearly not on any medication anymore. Someone needs to step in. He needs help severely!

  10. Not the first step and he's not sober. He smokes copious amounts of weed and just wants the attention and followers from making an appearance on this show. He got a boost in followers last time and is now using his mother was the fake focal point because he knows they are tired of his crap, so he throws someone else in the mix. Disgusting!

  11. Dude goes there… to "help" his mom… gets interviewed about HER addiction…. IGNORES the doctor saying his mom is here and that they want to bring her out…… and says "I need to come clean, i was huffing…" why doesnt he just come out and say "i know my mom needs help, but can we talk about me and how good im doing and what i look like and tell me how much you love me and like me and just focus on me cause im all that matters." dude is a friggin joke. Yes you aaron, if you ever read these comments cause we know you do. You are a sick sick man and a complete and utter JOKE. Your mom gave birth to you, she gave you life. Helping her isn't suppose to be applauded, ITS EXPECTED WITHOUT PRAISE, BECAUSE SHE IS YOUR MOTHER.

  12. I have a truth I’m going to reveal now!!!!!! I went to rehab for sugar packets….mic drop to crickets as no one gives a fuck

  13. Wonder what they think now while he's out her being a complete fool on IG and everywhere else. He didn't want their help, he wanted the extra publicity and attention.
    He's a POS, forever.

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