AAMC Community Clinic – Morris Blum

(gentle music) – [Narrator] When it comes to providing quality healthcare to underserved
patients in Annapolis, the Anne Arundel Medical Center Morris H. Blum community health
clinic is working big time. Hospital admissions, medical 911 calls, and emergency room visits
are down measurably at Morris Blum. Thanks to a strong network
of primary care physicians, clinic staff, community health workers, and the Housing Authority committed to bringing quality, affordable primary care closer to
where residents live and are needed the most. – Our goal with the Morris Blum clinic is facilitated by the fact
that we are in the building, in the lobby area. This gives us a lot more
contact with the patients than you would get at a
normal medical office. And we really feel that provides the best quality of care,
as well as the lowest cost. The patient’s chronic diseases are better taken care
of through this model, and that makes them
healthier and lowers costs. – [Narrator] With encouragement, some residents have
formed a walking group, lost weight, lowered their blood pressure, are eating healthier, seeing great results in
cardiovascular disease management, and realizing better overall health. – There’s people here that nobody know what they’re going through. They need somebody to
talk to them as well, and spread a little love and say this clinic is open if you need to talk or whatever. That clinic there, their
doors should be open to everybody and say, here we are. No one should be separated. When you go to the ER or the hospital, or wherever you go, there should be love and understanding. This is what this hospital
and the clinic are all about.

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