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  1. Im in awe that you can work so hard and have such a busy life and stay so positive and still find time to jog!! Amazing, I do a 12hour shift and Im ready to die lol

  2. I am in yr 7 (UK) and rely want to be a doctor – can you do a vid on what GCSEs + Alevels + university grades you need. i really admire you – at the minute i can't even wake to a alarm – good luck

  3. This was for sure an amazing blog to watch it gives full insight. Follow me on Snapchat – justaaishayeah I also upload medicine related stuff 🌸

  4. Just out of curiosity, do you get paid for all the work you do as a resident? During my nursing studies, we would work weeks as a part of clinical placement, unpaid.

  5. This is my first time commenting since discovering your channel. I am an elementary school teacher in Missouri, and have no ambitions in the medical field, but I find your videos to be fascinating! I love your positive attitude and your insights into the life of a doctor. Although I don’t work nearly 75 hours per week, teachers definitely work more than just our 40 contracted hours, and even that is tough. So to see you so positive about working so hard is very inspiring. Thanks for the work you do and for sharing it with the world on YouTube!

  6. I know this is outside what you practice, but I am curious if you have any psychiatrist colleagues or know of any channels with that kind of content? I am currently in undergrad psychology, but I am considering if I would want to do psychiatry instead of a doctorate in psychology.

  7. Shiobhan, thank you for sharing your brilliant career with us. You inspire many people to be not only motivated and passionate in their field, but also how to maintain positivity and balance in life. The incredibly positive outlook on your life that you display is unequivocally genuine.

  8. You are freaking INCREDIBLE. I absolutely admire you. I work a 32hr week… and this coming week I offered to do an extra half day.. I was dreading a 36h week until I saw this… how do you even…. how are you that driven? How do you even …. how can you fit life in.. I am truly stumped and inspired!

  9. I’m a pre med student but I’m terrified about the sleep schedule! I normally need at least 6 hours of sleep to study and function in school! Do you have any tips?

  10. Hi , i wonder that how many inpatients are you responsible from when you're on call?
    Maybe you won't believe me but i am working 90-103 hours in a week as the second-year pediatric surgeon resident, we are on call for 34 hours(except friday and saturday call-they are 25 hours because the after day is weekend) and we have 10 night shifts in a month and 3 of them are at the weekend so i spend most of my time at the hospital.these days when i am about to give up to love my job, i came across with your videos and your smile and energy give me happiness and hope, thank you very much!!

  11. I love what you say at the end! A lot of people act like it’s insane the amount of hours doctors work. Yes it is definitely a lot and definitely tiring, but many people already work over the “40 hour average” work week. That shouldn’t discourage anyone from being a doctor because many already work close to those hours in other jobs anyways.

  12. you are truly so unique and inspirational. Where you find the energy and discipline to do all that you do is truly beyond anything I could ever do.

  13. Omg! I complain working 40 hours a week and I’m so tired!!! I don’t know how you do it and workout!! Good for you 😉

  14. I really need to be like you omg!!!! love your positivity and the fact that your days are filled and you dont just lounge around

  15. Why do doctors buy nice houses they ain’t there they always working and slaves to there occupation

  16. The thing is, you still do considerably less hours than men, and you are far more likley to go in to part time doctoring, meaning you are less qualified, but thanks to wage gap myth we have to pay you more. Go feminism.

  17. Omgsh I’m so happy i found your channel! Super inspiring to watch u work and be so positive, u have a lovely smile and are very beautiful! Very motivating <333

  18. It's crazy how poorly organised medical systems are worldwide. This issue of super huge hours is a problem all over the world and it causes people to have to leave the job, get health problems and it means loads of people who could be great doctors never get the opportunity because their bodies are just not built for long hours or for certain shifts.
    It's illegal to make people work longer than 48h per week in the EU but doctors usually do. Irish Junior Drs brought a case to the EU court and were basically told "too bad". But if more people were enabled to be doctors, there'd be more doctors to work the hours so the hours & workload and stress could be reduced for all of them. I want to work in health care but due to my conditions, it must be "part time".

    P.S. nooo not William Tell overture! I've had to play that too many times and I don't like it but it gets stuck in your head 😂

  19. You are my new hero! If I need motivation at any time I will come watch one of your videos. Gosh, I seriously adore you. Your drive and positivity and intelligence is truly amazing.

  20. I feel you girl, I’m a medical intern and my schedule last week was CRAZY!! I had 3 on-calls (28 hours each) in one week + regular work hours rest of the week.. A total of 100 hours last week!!! It can be draining physically and mentally sometimes but we gotta stay strong and push through. I love your channels and your positivity! Stay amazing!

  21. Can you use your platform to advocate for safer work hours for doctors. Otherwise we will have an even more serious shortage.

  22. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!! I am a high school student, like that is supposed to be a chill pill, and I am EXHAUSTED after a school day and after-school activities. That’s just 8 hours a day plus, ok like 2 hours of practicing. I NEED TO SLEEP IN ORDER TO FUNCTION! I am scared for my life right now because I want to be a doctor but I don’t know if I can physically handle it!! And you seem so energized THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE WEEK, and then there’s me dragging through Fridays and I have a predictable, consistency schedule!! Also, are cardiology residents are categorized as internal medicine residents?

  23. Serious question, I'm applying for med school next year and I want to find out if gaming would still be a part of my life? This isn't life or death per se, but I'm really into gaming and tech as well. Do you know any doctors who game in their off time? (For example, gaming instead of violin practice?)

    I know it's not the best use of free time, but I do love the occasional game with friends.

  24. Sorry I don't want to work as doctor is USA because working hours is too long first I determine to come to USA but now as I see this oh no so sorry hold your salary I will hold my healthy life I will be in UK or Sweden

  25. You know the saying, “if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life?”
    You’re living that. I can just see how much you care about your profession from watching your videos. The world needs more medical professionals like you who actually care.

  26. wow! i didn't know that you still take part in lectures and presentations as a resident. could you tell us more about the non-patient parts of residency?

  27. I'm a junior doctor in Australia, and it's fascinating to see the differences!
    At my hospital, first-year residents work around 40 standard hours a week (normally more than that, but it's usually paid as overtime), we work maybe 1 in 4 weekends, and we do zero night shifts. There's no such thing as a 24-hour on-call: the residents doing nights are doing it as a rotation of just night shifts for a couple months. It's only when you get to be a senior registrar on a training program that the crazy nights on call begin…

  28. She’s making me wanna be a Medical Resident 🙂 I’m very young and already thinking what I want to be.. I hope I can save some lives some day 🙂

  29. u can see how passionate and enthusiastic she is about her job bc she LOVES what she does and it's sooo amazing to see this

  30. You’re superwomen! Can you make a video about you’re relationship? How you 2 make time for each other with your busy schedules.

  31. Id love to hear you discuss your thoughts on medical marijuana and legalization in Canada, from a doctors point of view!

  32. Do nurses do these long hours too? Or is it pretty much just doctors due to having more patients and responsibilities? Is this by chance a Resident thing, would the hours tend to normally ease up a bit after Residency?

  33. I am a volunteer firefighter and going into the EMT field for my paid job. I love both jobs and the satisfaction of being there for someone weather it be their final moments or first moments. But i do love when i worked a 24 hour then get home to then get called out to a fire and then as we get back to the station get called out again for a burnt food call and have to vent the house then ive been working for like 30 hours and go home turn off everything and sleep for like 20 hours.

  34. I´m infectious disease resident in Brazil and i work something close to 100 hours a week, I can totally understand you. Unfortunately I have no time for my clarinet, gym or cooking. It can get really hard.

    Its fun though… Lot of science, rare cases and things to learn.

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