A Thank You to our Community – Cardiac Care at Sault Area Hospital

I was walking in to George Leach Centre I woke up in bed at about 12:30 in the morning It felt like somebody was
draining all the energy out of my toes I just felt pain right between my shoulder blades and at my chest bone,
here, like right in the center of my chest I got this funny feeling down my
arm and it continued until I stopped and I knew there was something wrong So, I drove myself to the hospital (If you ever experience these symptoms,
call 9-1-1 immediately) Well this is the cath lab so this is I guess this is the place of action for the cardiology programs You know people come in for a
number of reasons They are short of breath They’ve had some funny chest pain or
back pain Sometimes they walked in off the street and had no idea this was going on aside from a few symptoms So they come in here and we take a look at the coronary vessels The procedure itself can take anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes Before the first week in August they were sent away if they needed some sort
of intervention both bypass or stenting We would see a lot of cardiac patients who really didn’t have timely access to cardiac care It was really stressing me
out just sitting here in the Sault knowing that time was ticking and
you know I was worried that Something worse was going to happen with my heart It became apparent that we needed to bring these types of services closer
to home We’ve needed this for a really long time I mean if you look at the
entire province, we have people with the highest number of risk factors for heart
disease When it was made aware that there was a critical need for people that come up we were approached at St. Michael’s Hospital whether we would like to come and service the area as well The expertise that the St. Michael’s group has brought to our community is exceptional. These are
world-class leaders in terms of the quality of care that they provide We now offer an extra service We offer the treatment too. No, we’re not just looking for things but we’re fixing the problem also That first stent we put in.
That we put in, in our cath lab (sorry) At Sault Area Hospital. That has totally changed our program We have patients, that first off
from a medical standpoint, receiving their care here means that it’s the difference between life and death, literally. So, you could say
that this is where we actually save lives I can say one of the most
memorable, was the second or third day that we started the angioplasty
program up here. I was here and we had a very young man who had a big anterior
myocardial infarction, so a big heart attack I had a 100% blockage If we didn’t do him right away he would have went on to have another
heart attack Before, if he had that a week earlier he would have suffered a
lot of heart damage and would have been transferred to another center like St.
Mike’s We talked about it as a team and with the physician to make
sure everybody was comfortable and we just said, yeah, let’s do it.
Like it could be our husband, our brother, anybody. He’s somebody’s
son, somebody’s husband, let’s get this guy up here and save as much muscle as we can I’m almost back to normal. 99% of time I feel better than I ever did I actually saw him in follow-up in clinic just on Tuesday and he was there with his wife and he was so happy and so appreciative
but they really recognized how important doing what we’re doing here is.
How we’ve made such a big difference in his care It’s stories like that really make it We know we’ve done the right thing in getting this program here I think we’re on track for about 300 people and that’s 300 people that won’t have to travel maybe five to ten of them will have to travel now, where 300 would have to before. I’ve experienced both being away and here in the Sault and the procedure in the Sault is altogether different The people were wonderful, they made me feel very comfortable. My daughter and my son were here with me. It was really a good
experience. Again, I think that’s all part of good clinical care. It’s being in an environment where you feel comfortable and you feel the support of
others around you. It’s all so very important for clinical care the outcomes are better we know that People don’t have time to be sick, right,
let’s face it Nobody wants to be sick, nobody has time to be sick and so now we’re taking one day of their life rather than perhaps
three months Ultimately, our goal is to get to 24/7 You know it’s always easy to
talk about a program in the abstract about how it’s developed and how it’s
changing lives and impacting others but it’s always important to remember why
the program is and why it’s successful and why we’re able to do what we do
and it’s only because of the generosity of donors This program wouldn’t be the
success it is today without the community support I’ve been a volunteer
for 33 years. When we have any of the functions that we’re raising money, I
always tell them that we’re raising money for the cardiac care unit so
people don’t have to fly to Toronto or Sudbury or anything.
They have everything done right here You’ve actually made a difference, if
that wouldn’t have happened None of our our little tools would be here and that father of four, might not be here I’m glad there were people in the community to drive this program and get it going You’ve provided the gift of life to people, not too many people are able to do that You have given a tremendous gift that will change the lives of people in the Sault and eventually further and further from the Sault, forever Thank you from the bottom of my stented heart and for our patients and my family members as well thank you
for your generosity http://www.sahfoundation.com

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