A Rare Look at One Medical Marijuana Clinic’s Discounts

Hey I’m Josh Androsky and I’m here with Savings.com
at the Exhale Medical Center to talk about what it’s like to be in a medicinal marijuana
dispensary on 4/20. 4/20 is weed Christmas and they’ve got all sorts of bargains and
deals. And well, let’s show em to you. Hey! So we’re here inside Exhale Medical Center. We are looking at the lobby. It’s a really cool lobby, it’s a got a nice vibe, nice wood
floors, there’s an aquarium, there’s refreshments, there’s balloons. Uh, I can’t wait to go in and see what
it looks like inside. So I’m here with Dimitry who is the co-owner
of the Exhale Medical Center. Uh, and is it, how do you want me to say Exhale
Medical Center? So tell me a little about the specific specials,
promotions you are doing for this year’s 4/20? Dimitry: Well, uh as of right now, every single person
that comes in, uh gets a free top shelf pre-rolled joint. Josh: That’s awesome! Dimitry: Uh, of course
we use strictly indoor strains, fully organic, fully tested to make sure the medicine get
the…patient gets the best medicine possible. Also, if they donate over $40, uh we will be
able to throw in an additional free gram of a top-grade lg to take home with them and
to celebrate the 4/20. Voice: That’s Fantastic. Dimitry: We provide over 70 different types
of strains at any given moment, we have a high selection of edibles, over 40 different kinds
of edibles to choose from. We have all the cliches, all the cookies, the brownies, rice krispies
and of course we have some of the more, uh, spontaneous edibles uh. Josh: Gummy bears. Dimitry:
Everything from gummy bears to espresso beans to honey droplets. Elmer: I think I’ve been to
a good amount of dispenseries in Los Angeles area and uh these guys are the best, thorough,
they know what they’re talking about. They’ve got the best products. Uh and it’s not sketchy.
Josh: Yeah. Man, some of the places I’ve been to before, like you walk in and you’re like,
did I walk in to a Hookah bar in the year 1982? Elmer: And it’s got like yeah Josh: It’s got garbage
and rats running around. Elmer: Yeah. Josh: Not here. Elmer: No, not here. They’re cool here. They’re awesome.
Dimity:The indoor shop that we have, we have a specific top-shelf shelf, associated
for our indoor strains and uh, again everything is tested, everything goes through the lab,
before hitting our shelves to make sure that everything is passed, with no pesticides and
no mold. Josh: Do you hear that, it goes through a lab, that’s science. And science is good for you. Dimitry: These
people they come every single day, they shares their problems, uh, their miss fortunes
and we’re there to help. We’re there to provide the type of medicine that will work for them,
relationships that we build throughout the years are unbreakable. Voice: Fantastic.

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