A Place Like No Other – Scottish Rite Hospital

(soft music) – [Narrator] When you first come to Texas Scottish Rite
Hospital for Children, you instantly realize that this is a place like no other place on earth. Surrounded by a lush 40-acre
park and colorful playground, we are right in the middle of some of the most beautiful scenery
in the city of Dallas. Now this helps create a space
where children feel safe, parents dare to hope, and dreams become reality. When you make your way inside, you’re greeted by a riot of
color in every direction, and the unexpected is
waiting around every corner. It’s a popcorn scented wonderland that welcomes imagination
and wards off fear. Moving mobiles fly through the air, while pirate ships sail the high sea. Around every corner you’ll find a surprise and a chance to spark a smile. It takes special kind of person to work someplace so magical. Our staff specializes
in the transformative, and excels in the tireless dedication to discovery and new learning. We’re committed to beating the
odds in the face of adversity because it’s our mission to give children back their childhood. This place is not like
any other place on earth. It’s a colorful and whimsical environment where kids get to be kids, and the impossible is every day. Thanks for stopping by.

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