A Place for Eagles | Eagle Flight Chamber | Raptor Rehabilitation

In October 2000 Rocky Mountain Power
donated 22 acres of majestic Canyon property in Cedar City to the Southwest
Wildlife Foundation of Utah Step-by-step with the assistance of
countless local businesses and volunteers we have been working to
create the Cedar Canyon nature park into a permanent wildlife rescue facility and
Nature Park The reason for the flight chamber here
at the Cedar Canyon Nature Park is we rescue an awful lot of eagles both
Golden Eagles and Bald Eagles they come in every year and right now my largest
chamber that I have is ten feet wide 12 feet tall and 40 feet long that’s fine
for housing them they get to move around a little bit and then I have to use
falconry techniques to get them exercised for release. We really
desperately need a chamber that is 50 feet wide a hundred feet long and about
20 feet tall, to give the Eagles enough room that they could actually fly and
circle within the chamber to build up their wing strength and exercise before
their release back to the wild Here’s the concept.
Any place that that grows, especially alfalfa, we have hay barns. Now hay
barns are basically nothing but a roof supported by some metal pillars and a
span of roof and they put the hay under the roof to keep it out of the weather
there are no sides to these hay barns. We have lots of them here in Utah, they’re
quite common. Now what I would do with an Eagle flight chamber is I would start
off with the completely open with just a metal roof type structure that is clean
and smooth and there’s no sharp edges and there’s nothing animals can
get hurt on, and then we would purchase about four of these cargo containers,
shipping containers, that you see it around the people use for storage they
you know they put them on on cargo ships and ship them across around the world.
You get four of those cargo containers which would give us 80 feet long, and we
would butt them up, two on one side of the hay barn, two on the other side of the
hay barn type structure, and then from there we would then take what they call
thin wall tubing, metal tubing, and weld the thin wall tubing going up vertically
so we have bars… so the first half is a solid wall with the cargo containers and
those would be converted into bird-of-prey rehab sheds or carry for
the birds in smaller chambers, all the way around which would be the the flight
chamber and then barring all the way around the top half of the flight
chamber so that there’d be lots of ventilation the birds could see out and
those kinds of things. And then basically put a center wall in the 50 foot wide
facility that would leave about 20 feet on each end and so we would kind of turn
that into the birds could fly a hundred feet turn fly 50 feet turn fly a hundred
feet turn and circle inside this container to get there exercise that’s a
big enough facility that the birds could could actually circle and circle to
build up their strength and endurance and then inside the center section we
would then put in a little observation area where the birds couldn’t see the
public but the public could see out and see that see the animals exercising
inside the chamber. So it’s a big big facility
but again it would be a world-class facility that these animals could get
their exercise and like I said not just Eagles but large hawks and owls and
falcons could exercise in a facility like that. And the great thing is this
particular location here in Southern Utah is very centrally located which
would allow us to receive other eagles that have been rescued from other
rehabilitators and place them into our flight chamber I could certainly see
Eagles coming from all over the United States to get exercised in the flight
chamber and not only could we do Eagles in the flight chamber but the California
Condor which you know is been
relocated here to Southern Utah. The goal of flight chamber, yes,
is to care for the animals but secondly again it’s an
educational facility. The mission of the Southwest Wildlife
Foundation of Utah is threefold We believe the Eagle flight chamber
is a vital as well as monumental next step in fulfilling our mission. As the
first major structure for wildlife at the park it must also accommodate the
following needs: Work area for rehabbers and other staff. Wildlife food storage and food
preparation areas. Reception and viewing areas for VIP
visitors. Quarters for visiting student interns,
academics, or researchers. Quarters for 24/7 on-site caretakers. The community is so excited about
what we’re trying to do and again in small-town Utah, raising the funds is
very difficult. We have to be able to reach out well beyond Cedar City and
southern Utah out into the rest of the country to say please help us. This is
something that your children your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren,
will be able to come to this amazing park, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to be
able to say that you had a small piece in the development of the Cedar
Canyon Nature Park? And so we would love everyone
to roll the sleeves give us a hand and we’ll make this Park a
world-class facility for everybody

23 thoughts on “A Place for Eagles | Eagle Flight Chamber | Raptor Rehabilitation

  1. For more information and to download a .PDF, please visit: https://www.gowildlife.org/eagleflight/

  2. hey martin,
    I'm a young graphic design student and hopefully soon to be falconer from CA. I want to get an apprenticeship but the process of applying and getting a sponsor and equipment are rather daunting. I was just wondering if you had any advice for a young soul like me who wants nothing more than to be a raptor's lowly hunting dog.

  3. Looks great, the Eagles are definitely worth doing this for. I'm glad that you are getting the help needed to complete such a task.
    Good luck.

  4. A wonderful gift. Stunning area. I don’t know if you have a Home Depot there that would donate some supplies. A great plan.
    Such a great idea and so wonderful for wildlife.

  5. Hi Martin, please keep in mind, when you align the container, they will probably get very warm during the summer time, so ideally you would either put them under a shade or align them so that the smaller side of the container faces the midday sun. Also I think that barn shed would need support beams in the middle depending on how wide it will be due to the amount of wet snow weight you have in utah during winter. Those support beams could be encased so that they look like tree stumps, with branches coming from its center. Also don't forget, you will need a good grounding since such a metal structure likes to attract lightnings. Another thing you would want is lightsources under the roof, because you might end up working late into the night. That also includes piping for water supply and cables for electricity. Another thing I would reconsider are the side walls, do they really need to be out of thin metal tubes? Can't they be out of standard fence with a finer netting material inside, so that eagle hawk and co can't put their heads through the fences holes? There are tons and tons of things to consider and I really don't want to nose into your stuff, but please consider some of those thoughts. 🙏🙏🙏

  6. Hi Martin. Here's something that I thought of that may be "food for thought" You could save a lot of labor and $$$$ on the top perimeter by using cattle panels. They're 16 ft long by 52 inches. While you would still have to have some bars to support them, but they are 4 gauge and considered self supporting. Also easily replaceable when they eventually start to rust out (which takes a long time since they're galvanized. Think the idea of shipping containers is great too. They're one of the favorite things the "off gridders" use for living quarters/homes. Just my 2cents.

  7. This project would be most likely the only one if it’s kind in US
    So all states need to be aware of this and as a whole need to contribute serious $$$$$ funds to assist you
    A 1 hr show for PBS would be 1 way to spread the word of your concept.
    You have the perfect spot, an awesome concept a great history & Respect for what you do and already have accomplished

  8. have you considerer a tarp building over cargo containers to possibly keep cost down? some good pics come up if you search that. another option and savings is to do away with the separate structure in between the containers and go with trusses for a roof supported on the containers. they are doing barns and storage buildings in this manner

  9. I am really amazed by your passion! Thank you for these videos, it's warm to the heart! Good luck and good luck for your new hangard! Because will be really good!
    Merci et encore de belles aventures avec les aigles!

  10. Is a falcon bigger or more formidable than an 🦅 eagle??? I love your eagles and I never knew there were so many different kinds of eagles, one more magnificent and beautiful than the next. All your videos teach me something and this gives me much pleasure. I'm just a 62 year old lady that lives in Brooklyn N.Y. and needless to say, I never see an eagle here. Instead I can come to you on U-TUBE and feel like I'm there with you. I can't really afford to subscribe to your channel but I still can watch your videos. Thank you for allowing me to see these heartbreakingly beautiful creatures get well and go back to soaring high above us all in the heavens. Truly, truly great. Thank you.

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