The soldier told me to sleep in the hospital lets do some adventure today He couldn’t understand Google Translate When I told him to speak in front of mobile He was just looking at it Where are you going (In Turkish) I… .. I am going to Kumbet (In Turkish) Another hitchhiker sitting at the back He is going to Giresun I am also thinking to go to Giresun i thought he is offering me Soup It feels so good here another break Behind me is Giresun Thats Black Sea I am at Giresun Castle. A good View point I had to wait in this queue to film those 2 lines its 2 pm. Now I am going to use the toilet I forgot something important in the car The Placard which I made… I left in car One bag was with me, another in the boot i kept the placard on the back seat afterwards the other hitchhiker kept his stuff on it so I couldn’t see it while leaving the car This is hospital where are you going (In Turkish) This car will take me to Espiye, which is not that far I got this printed at the petrol station Now I am going to use this These highways are so good even long distance is covered in a few minutes Meanwhile I have sent request on CouchSurfing Lets see who accepts it This is Espiye. From here I will go to Trabzon This car is coming back He is going to Rize, ahead of Trabzon This is Trabzon 4:45 pm But no one accepted my Couch request So not going to stop here I am going with him to Rize Lot of traffic This is probably the biggest city of Black Sea Region its 6 pm and I am in Rize This is how we were talking to each other He is saying to spend some time at the sea shore after 3 hours go to the hospital to sleep at night ‘I have done this many times’ I replied – But I am a foreigner Foreigners also fall sick and get admitted to the hospital so dont worry Now because of him, I have reached here in Rize whereas I was just planning for Trabzon He is a soldier This trip is getting very interesting whatever happening now is unexpected I never imagined that I will ever stay in Sebinkarahisar never heard of that village but I had a great stay with a wonderful family Today I was thinking of staying in Kumbet But reached Giresun After Giresun, my next target was Trabzon But now I have reached Rize Trabzon is left behind Trip is getting more interesting whatever I am getting is more than expectation No idea where am I going to stay tonight He asked me to wait for sometime near the sea shore now I am here Behind me is the Black sea The soldier… suggested me to go and stay in the hospital… lets do some adventure today Right now I am in the hospital… I am in the hospital after I reached here, I got a call One of the Couchsurfing member accepted my request So now I am going to his place I had actually come here to stay I prepared myself to stay in the hospital Why not experience something different! But now I am going to leave cant talk more in the hospital keeping the camera back in my bag its 8 pm. I am in a local bus (Dolmus) these fellow passengers helped me they have told the driver about my destination there are my bags so my dream of staying in the hospital… has finally ‘shattered’ Thanks to brother Ali who accepted my request and invited me to stay in his home he is my host its 9:50 am We are ready to leave They are my hosts The gentleman is ‘Aras’ So this is my host family Both of them are Lecturers teach in a university She teach Mathematics He teach Social Studies I told them that I didn’t like Maths during my childhood so its time to leave thanks a lot to them for hosting me special thanks to the gentleman its 10:30 am its drizzling this place is Ardesen This road goes to Ayder where I am going now due to rain, the road is all wet cant keep the bags down hitchhiking gets challenging in rainy weather so you are from India! Yes, from Hindistan (India in Turkish) feels like my Russian trip is getting repeated This gentleman was not coming in this direction but just to drop me he has come to this way I refused and said – I can manage to go on my own but he insisted We are not able to talk properly as Google Translate is not working but till now what I clearly understood is… he was surely not going this way but now he… along with his child helping me by going out of his way I dont know how to say thank you very very very very much…. The child is so sweet I couldn’t offer him much but have given those candies to him now he is enjoying those with a beautiful smile this place is beautiful even the people are This looks like Uttarakhand like roaring ‘Bhagirathi’ flowing down from the Himalayas and this place looks like Karnaprayag… Rudraprayag… this is Çamlı hemşin

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