A new reality for rehabilitation

We started off with this
project in the CSNE Tech Sandbox course. The reason we were successful in the class was because we had an end goal. We weren’t just trying to add cool
technologies together, but we quickly found an end user. We found that these systems could be used to help people and we focused on that. vHAB is a therapy platform to help
people recover from an upper extremity injury due to stroke,
spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or similar neurological trauma. And it’s a
set of games that kind of emulate the real therapy
tasks that they’d be doing at home. vHAB consists of a motion capture
sensor that tracks the user’s hand position really finally up to like a
sub-millimeter resolution and it consists of a muscle activity
sensing armband. And we can use that information to tell if the movements the patient’s making during these home exercises are healthy. A lot of the time these patients, when
they’re sent home, they don’t do their therapy because
it’s not very engaging, they don’t really see progress early on because they’re improving but they can’t see it.
By emulating these games and making them fun we can kind of encourage them to continue
doing their therapy on top of which we can track their progress
and report it back to their clinician. So the end goal is to have these in the
homes of patients. We want to increase this adherence to
therapy that’s prescribed to help people improve;
that the end end goal is improved outcomes of these patients, and we think we can get there by providing a fun and engaging system to use at home.

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