A Johns Hopkins Nurse Is…

(lively music)>>A Johns Hopkins nurse.>>Is determined.
>>Supported.>>Mission focused.
>>Valued.>>There’s something in
nursing for everyone.>>Hopkins for me has been
a great place to work.>>I was a travel nurse for three years and once I came to Johns Hopkins, I knew I wanted to stay.>>I came for two years
and it’s been nine.>>I first started in
nursing about 30 years ago.>>I came here 13 years ago because of Hopkins’
reputation in healthcare.>>I’m Matthew Morris,
the director of nursing for surgery and rehab at
the Johns Hopkins Hospital. I think we have nurses who are committed to the organization’s vision and mission, people that show up everyday, they do the right thing
for the right reasons.>>My mom is a nurse here at Hopkins and growing up she always
knew what was wrong with me and I wanted that knowledge.>>A Johns Hopkins nurse is a mentor.>>Woman: Partner.>>Woman: A team player.>>Jay: I’m a nurse clinician and the unit-based nurse educator.>>Jay was a mentor to me
for the last five years and now for the last year I’ve been mentoring the clinical techs, so they are able to come to me and get ideas from me just as I get ideas still from Jay.>>We’re not only
mentoring the new nurses, we’re also mentoring new
healthcare providers.>>A Johns Hopkins nurse is compassionate.>>Part of the community.>>Man: Engaged.>>Woman: Someone who gives back.>>This institution is
all about encouraging their staff to grow.>>Hopkins is unique
in the variety of roles that nursing can take. Most hospitals have medicine
units and surgical units but you also have the opportunity to grow depending on what your passion is.>>I think that if you’ve been fortunate that you need to be able to give back. I’ve been to Guatemala two years now for medical missions.>>I’m a research nurse that sees patients on an out-patient basis and then as a nurse clinician I’m working as a medical surgical nurse.>>Woman: Whether you’re a physician, a nurse, a phlebotomist, everyone has a voice here.>>Woman: Bedside staff
definitely have an open dialog between not only surgeons but nursing leadership as well.>>The leadership team rounds
frequently in the units and we like to get advice
and opinions from our nurses and we like to be visible, accessible and be certain that we’re really
responsive to their needs.>>A Johns Hopkins nurse is.>>Woman: Fearless.>>Woman: Ready.>>Focused on patient-centered care. We not only take care of our patients but we also include the
physical and emotional needs of their families and
that’s one of the things I try to focus on everyday.>>For me it’s inspiring everyday to walk around the hospital and see our nurses at work.>>Being present during birth, during crisis, during death.>>Johns Hopkins nurses are strong.>>A Johns Hopkins nurse is capable of changing the world. (dramatic music)

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