A Hedgehog with Abscessed Teeth | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet

NARRATOR: cuteness continues
with a prickly little patient brought in by the
local hedgehog rescue. – Hey, guys.
– Hi. Hello. So who do we have today? – It’s Dee Dee.
– Miss Dee Dee. Miss Dee Dee. Yes. We noticed yesterday
that her snout is kind of swollen here on the sides. And then this one kind of
puffed up a little bit. The night before, I had picked
her up, and I was holding her. And I noticed that across
the bridge of her nose was kind of swollen. So I wasn’t sure
if it was, like, a sinus infection starting. How old is she? Five years, two months. Yeah, she’s old. Oh, you have older hedgehogs. Yes. Yes. Miss Dee Dee is a
five-year-old hedgehog. And hedgehogs do only live
about five to seven years. So Miss Dee Dee’s
definitely a senior citizen. She’s the oldest. And the old ones are the ones
that I worry about the most because they have a harder
time fighting everything. Absolutely. Yes. NARRATOR: Dee Dee is just one
of the dozens of hedgehogs cared for by the Hedgehogs of Texas. We started a hedgehog rescue
because there are so many out there that need the help. I started with one. And then it went
from one to two, and then it went
from two to four. And now I have 30-something. Hello, Miss Dee Dee. Can I put this here? She doesn’t want to bite me. – No.
– No, she doesn’t. – She’s a good girl.
– Mhm. Miss Dee Dee’s
pretty laid back. She likes a little bit of
attention but not too much. ‘Cause, you know,
she is an older lady, so she gets a little bit
cranky like most hedgehogs do. Hello, baby girl. You’re being very good. Can you relax just a
little bit more for me? I think everyone loves
hedgehogs because they’re really, really adorable. But there’s a lot of things
to consider about getting a hedgehog as a pet. First, they’re nocturnal. So you really need a
lifestyle where you’re going to be kind of up when they are. They also can get kind
of grumpy, especially when they’re at the vet. It’d be great if she’d
let me look at her mouth. Do you think if you held
her, I could take a Q-tip and pull up her gums? – Yes.
– Can I see? You ready? Yeah-huh. Come on, let me
have your nose. There we go. Yeah, she has a lot of
swelling of this gingiva. OK. I can’t say the tooth’s
just out down to right rotten, but it definitely
warrants an investigation. OK. Taking a look at
Dee Dee and just doing a really
good physical, she definitely has dental disease. So I’m thinking a
tooth rooth abscess is at the very top of our list
and, at the very least, needs to be ruled out. I’m sorry. Can I see your teeth please? There you go. Thank you. So I would say she needs X-rays. Me trying to take
X-rays of a hedgehog– it’s probably not going to be
that helpful with my big X-ray machine. I really want to
use a dental X-ray. So that way I can just
take the little plate and take just the X-rays
of the teeth I want. So I’m going to take Dee Dee to
see Holly, who’s in dentistry, who’s going to be able to take
our dental X-rays for us, one of the many benefits of being in
this multi-specialty practice. We have these two bumps
on its gums here and here. Oh, I see. Those teeth are tiny. They’re the size smaller
than, like, pencil lead. We are the only
practice here that has a small enough sensor that
can fit into that tiny mouth. Give it just 20 seconds. One– OK. Even though the digital
sensor plate is small, it’s as small as
it’s going to get. They don’t make
them any smaller. So we had to push it back
as far as the patient could tolerate it. Let’s see what that looks like. OK, ready? Mark, get set– go ahead
and let him have his– is that abscess-y? Is that where it is? That looks abscess-y to me. Taking a look at these
X-rays, it’s pretty obvious that she definitely
has some blackness surrounding the tooth, which
would be where an abscess is. So I really think
the best thing to do is just to move forward and see
if we can extract those teeth. I don’t think that’s
going to be easy, so we should make
it really planned. Once we get back to treatment,
I want to take a look at the teeth and make a plan. Whether we’ll actually
schedule a surgery or just move forward with
immediate extraction– either way, I’m 100%
confident that these teeth are the source of infection.

18 thoughts on “A Hedgehog with Abscessed Teeth | Dr. T, Lone Star Vet

  1. Miss Dee Dee is So sweet!!😍
    Hedgehogs unfortunately die by cars around here… I've seen many killed.. I only have seen twice, alive ones.. They are really cute!!!

  2. OMG Hedgehogs are one of the most cutest of little creatures. They are so cute & charming. Love those spikey heggies!!

  3. Hedgehogs live to be around five to seven years old, so Miss Dee Dee is one of the older hedgehogs. What are your thoughts on her visit with Dr. T?

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