A Healthy Conversation with Wyatt West, M.D. of Morgan Clinic

(gentle music) – One of the reasons I
chose family medicine is it’s a wonderful specialty,
where we treat people, basically, from cradle to grave. We treat the whole person,
and the whole family. The wonderful thing about family medicine is that no matter who you are
when you walk in the door, no matter what your age is,
no matter what your gender is, I can do something to help you, and that’s what sold
me on family medicine. Family medicine is a great specialty, and it’s wonderful to
be up here in Morgan. Our clinic has been
here for over 20 years. We have a brand new facility. I think that’s been a long
time coming for this community, and we’re very grateful to have it. We have state of the art equipment, the facility is beautiful, and we can offer you a variety of things. We do acute care. That’s when you have
coughs, colds, fevers. We can help you if you have injuries, suturing, broken bones. We have a brand new X-ray machine
that is excellent quality. It’s a digital X-ray machine. We also do chronic care. That’s the bread and
butter of family medicine. Diabetes, hypertension,
all these diseases that if you impact them early, you can avoid some of the consequences that
come with those conditions, and then we do preventative care. That’s also one of the
backbones of primary care. Well-child, well-adult
visits, sports physicals, and Medicare wellness exams. We do all those things here, and we feel like we can
provide all those services, in order to make sure that you and your family are more healthy. (gentle music) We see a variety of
things, which is wonderful. The common things that
come into the office are people with chronic conditions, like diabetes or hypertension, that we manage over long periods of time. We also have a lot of acute issues that come into the office, whether it be injuries, or
whether it be illnesses. During the wintertime,
we have a lot of viruses running around the community, and it’s important to
treat those well and early. It’s also important to identify when there could be a bacterial process that has developed as a result
of that viral infection, and when to intervene with
appropriate antibiotics, so that we don’t overtreat and cause too much antibiotic resistance
in the bacteria here, but also address when it is appropriate so that people can get better quickly. (gentle music) Morgan is a growing population. It’s a beautiful place to
live, people know this, and they’re moving to the
area, so it’s a growing place. It also has wonderful people and families who have been here for
generations, who love Morgan, and who are very invested
in the community. Having a good primary care center in the community is very important. We understand the community, we live here. Our families live here,
we go to school here, and we’re able to address, specifically, Morgan’s needs, having this facility here. If you live here in Morgan,
and you have any question about what to do with a certain health problem, if your child has a fever,
if you have an injury, if you have chronic back pain, if you have some sort of other question, this is a great place to start. We can treat most of
those conditions here, without referring you anywhere, and if we need to make
a referral, we do that. But this is a great place to start. That’s what primary care is all about. That’s what family medicine’s all about. (gentle music)

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