A Forever Recovery Graduation Feb. 2014

The past few years of my life have been a struggle.
I beat myself down, I came here a broken man. I didn’t trust nobody, not even myself.
My life was a struggle. My family was watching me die before their eyes and
there was nothing they could do about it. I was in my own prison, I didn’t fear death,
I welcomed it. I thought there was nothing left for me in this world.
Now I like the man I see in the mirror today, everyday. I find a piece of who I am and I can honestly
say I’m happier today than I have ever been. At the end of life people don’t have to
remember me for all the bad I’ve done in my life. They will now remember me for the
good things I’m gonna achieve in my life. This journey through my addiction have been a broken
road, but now I got the tools to fix that broken road. I’m a new person and all I have to say to the world is
don’t judge me by my past, I don’t live there no more. I want to thank all the clients for your support
and most of all I want to thank my family for being here for me, and supporting me through
all, and everything you do, and loving me. Because without you I wouldn’t be anything.
So thank you. This is a wonderful program. Clients, stick
it out. Take it from an older person, it does help. This is truly a blessing pain, and you all
should embrace it being here. It is the best thing that I have ever had in my life. This has changed my life. I can’t even
believe the person that I am today. I never thought that I’d be here and thank you so much. Because I’ve deprived my daughter of a loving, caring, responsible father for so long and I’m gonna be her hero. And I mean that from
the bottom of my heart, because she is the most important thing in my eyes. To all of the clients you’re in a great
place here. That’s really all I can say. The staff is great, they help you. The only
advice that I can say is to stick it out, stick it out. You don’t have to let the past define you
anymore. We all have our future and we’re We all have our future and we’re
all doing it one step at a time. You guys have plans, go out there and achieve your
goals that you set for yourself and redefine yourself. On behalf of the staff and the clients,we wish you all good luck and congratulations.

6 thoughts on “A Forever Recovery Graduation Feb. 2014

  1. I`m so happy to see all these success story. Respect to all of you! And thanks to AFR for being there for your patients make their life happier! This video is a proof that AFR program really works.

  2. Wow this is so touching. I think it is so incredible that people have gone through so much hardship, and still have the strength to get themselves through this program, albeit with incredible support from the facility, their peers, and their families. In the end it is still each and every one of these people who get themselves through it so that they can take their lives back.

  3. Wow very thouching video I must say. I am so gald these people made it with the help of this Recovery. This is really something. Forever Recovery has a holistic approach and that probably makes it a workable system. Like that they have different programs for everybody and they sit down with every invidual to discus it so if they dont agree with something they can work it out . These peple can do other kind of courses to parallel to the main program something like anger managment and problem solving , when they leave they can use the learned data to make thir life better , soyou see this Rehab cares also what happens after you leave , not like you are done and bye. It has a afte care program too wich means that after you leave they will stay in contact with you and follow u up with your everyday life so that you dont fall back due to old enviroment or family and friends. i have seen too many people who left and the within a week were back to their addiction. They have music therapy and gym too so you after program you can go and exercise. The food choices are very good they really make sure you get the right nutritions so you are body and mentally set for the dality tasks. I recommend this place to everyone 🙂 We need to support this rehabs as they are the only chances for this people to get their life back. I wish thre would be rehab centers also where I leave.

  4. Congratulations to all of you! You all did an amazing job. I wish the best to you guys! And thanks to A Forever Recovery for being there for your patients.

  5. This is a very nice video, inspiring even. I think this is a great tradition because I think it helps all the other patients keep their spirits up and stay motivated, and the graduates get to share their experiences and stories and how they got to where they are now, which I think can be a great way to close this chapter of their lives. I loved hearing their stories and I am so glad that they found A Forever Recovery to get them through this hard process. I think this rehab center is a great place to go for anyone, because they have tailor made programs that they put together based on each different individual, and they offer religious and non-religious programs, as well as all kinds of other programs like music and art therapy, etc.

  6. Nice video. It's nice to see that people do care about others who are having addiction problems , I know exactly how this can destroy a family so makes me feel good to know there are places like that, where people can just walk in and get help . I never heard about Holistic approach but sounds good to me till it helps them. I like the sound of Art and Music therapy ( never had one though so not sure how its done) but I am very curious about it since I like music a lot. I for sure like that they get different programs where I can from everybody gets the same and I am not sure if it helps them as much as the tailor made ones , I mean we are different so does our source of addiction. I have seen what alcohol addiction can do to a family and it is terrible, we need to help those people before it's too late , in my case was to late when help arrived so I hope other don't make the same mistake .

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