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MARIE: My name’s Marie Hartman, I am a counselor
here at AFR. I also do, um, a prayer with— one on one prayer with clients, called Theophostic
Prayer. And I also help facilitate Faith Based in the evenings, especially on Monday nights
when there’s Celebrate Recovery. TANNER: Well Celebrate Recovery, is for me,
a great place to commune with like-minded believers in the word of Christ where we can
talk about our hurts, habits, and hangups. And the things that we’re battling against
and know that our savior is there to help us through any trials and tribulations we
might have. Normally, Celebrate Recovery has 25 lessons, we only cover 6 lessons here at
AFR, but it’s— in the time that clients usually go through the program, that’s perfect
for them to get a good exposure to Celebrate Recovery. MARIE: It provides them a space to be open
and yet state that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior, and yet— but I still struggle
with this. So, it provides that family environment to share those things. And we do announcements,
praise and worship, do the lesson, then we break up into the small groups, and pretty
much follow the same principles that Celebrate Recovery does. TANNER: Celebrate Recovery and Marie and Miss
Dalia have been great— and Reverend Alan have been fantastic in helping me really come
to terms with my problems that I don’t have to carry on my own, my addictions I don’t
have to carry on my own. I have a Savior out there who wants to help me and wants to take
my baggage and help me carry the load and help me put things onto him. MARIE: I feel like we’re changing their
lives just by providing the opportunity, I mean, the Lord, the Holy Spirit within us
does the work. We just provide listening ears and we get to share some of our story and
how Christ has impacted our lives. It’s just wonderful to see them grow and blossom
and really get their questions answered about Christ and how can he be incorporated into
their recovery. I just want to give the Lord all the credit.
I mean, it’s wonderful to just be working for him, so to speak. And to share in other
people’s lives, that’s what the Lord asked us to do and it’s just wonderful to be able
to open up and share with clients and have them ask questions and just basically praise
and worship the Lord together and Celebrate Recovery offers that option.

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  1. I am not christian myself, but I think it is good that they have this program incorporated into the treatment program at A Forever Recovery, because I can imagine that when you believe in God, having a faith based recovery program can be very important and very helpful. I think it can also really help with bringing likeminded people together in giving thanks and learning that they are not alone in the world, and that they can believe in God and the rest of the people in the program as well as the facilitators can really help them do that, I think. Maybe I don't really understand because I don't believe, but I do think that I can imagine that this is a very good program for those who do believe.

  2. This is very nice opportunity for sure for those who are beleivers. Me i am not really, but i think that having the possibility to so this track too is very great. I am sure that this methid can be just as succesful as others once. I know that many poeple have benefited from faith based recovery, from the opportunity to talk to god and so on, i know that many of them afterwards have this help to not use again, and when they have problems that they have help or someone to talk to or rather say pray to. I think it is really important that people have faith, does not really matter what religion, but if it helps them to be a better person, and if it helps them through rough times and hardships than it is something worth to beleive in. I like it so mich that there is a huge possibility for people to choose from different tracks amd methods amd what not, and they can even choose more than one. I beleive that the fact that a rehab places provides these opportinities is just fantastic and i am sure that those who go there would get to choose for themselves the one they would prefer, like this is the most beneficial for everyone. Very nice methid by the way, i really find it nice and uplifting.

  3. I think it is great they give the the clients the opportunity to do a faith based recovery program, i am sure many people are believers so that it helps them so much. I myself i am not a believer but i know that it does help others. So it is just a really nice thing that they give the opportunity to others to choose between the different programs and tracks. You can be of any faith or believe in anything, you will probably find a program that suits you. That is just very nice! I admire those people, because it is a beautiful thing to believe in god, they always have great principles for life, so that is just such a great point that this is available here. I think you must go to a rehab place and get professional help from professionals if you are an addict or alcoholic, cause they can truly help you heal, really heal the reasons and causes. It is imperative to get the professional help when one is dealing with substance abuse, cause if you do not get the right help, it can even get worse. That is great that the people who are working there are very nice and helpful. They are all trained peofessionals and I admire them to work and help others day in and day out. They are awesome people for doing what they are doing. And it is great that other addicts and clients also support each other there. I think it is very motivating to see others who have been through the same as you and that they are actually doing great after they are done with the program. There is a solution to everyone who is in a deep problem in a dark place. I say to people to go ask for help, that is the the only way you will get plus they can truly help you. So do not hesitate if you are in need of help!

  4. The faith based track at A Forever Recovery is amazing. As individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction alone is hard. Having the faith based track at AFR really lets you reconnect with God and it really shows you that you aren't alone. I've known a lot of people who stopped going to church and stopped praying as they had felt like the Lord abandoned them or that they had too many sins to truly be loved by God. This track at AFR really helps you come back to God. You reconnect with your spirituality and I'm extremely thankful for that.

  5. I love that the clients can do some of the Celebrate Recovery program at AFR. It's such a great program and you really learn that you aren't alone in your struggles. It renews your faith in Jesus Christ and it's such an important aspect of recovery.

  6. Celebrate Recovery is a great program at AFR. I love that the patients see that they are not alone with this kind of problem. I love that A Forever Recovery does everything for the patients. AFR always give new and more things to the clients. keep up this incredible job!

  7. I think that having a faith based recovery program such as this one is very important for religious and non religious people alike. Some might feel comfortable because they already believe, and others might find themselves interested in discovering what religion means to them. And it might not be for everyone, sure, but that is why there are many different programs such as these. So that every single patient can find the program that resonates with them the most and feels right. I do think that even though I'm not personally very religious, this does seem like a very close knit group and that is always good because support is one of the most important things in recovery.

  8. This is a very nice video, I like how they have a faith based recovery possibility. It can be very helpful to people who are religious, but many times it helps to those who are not so religious, but it gets them through hard times. It helps people connect to God, and rrally helps them through rough times, and give them power to keep going and see the nice in the world, and help them connect to other people ans help them understand more about others. This is a very nice opportunity especially they have a great amount of programs availabe at afr recovery center. It is always important to give the possibility to people to be able to connect with God and meet like minded people and to study the bible, this can be a very powerful tool. I think that AFR really stands out amongs the other rehab centers because of their different program and path possibilities. They give the opportunity and choice to all people to find the best program and best way to help them through and out of their addiction problems. This way everyone can find something that would suite their taste the most and the way they can connect the most to others, and really be part of a like minded group, and make real friends. That is also really important so later they can count on each other and talk aboit their problems to others. With this I think AFR is a kind of unique place and it is obvious that the clients who are there are enjoying and really let out their problems and let the bad feeling and emotions fo. Fantastic to see this.

  9. It is always great to have different options for people, different paths and programs, like this faith based track, it must be very interesting, I do not know how it works, but I know that many people have gotten sober with the help of celebrate recovery and bible studies and so on.it is always good to believe in something and follow some principles, rather than no principles. They at least give the opportunity to people to be able to choose from different programs and methods, so each gets to choose one that is closed to them. People can really learn so much from bible study and really get some principles set up in their life and have a guide of how to live. That is really important, it will definitely help them in their future, with how to act and what to do or not do. What is accepted and what is not, A forever recovery is quite a unique place, I say this, especially because their holistic approach seems like it works wonders, and personally I think that it is always a better choice to go chemical substance free, especially when one is dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. There is no need to put people onto other drugs, even if they are prescription drugs, they are still drugs, and they do not handle the issues the person has. Usually people use because of a reason, because there is something in their life they can not face or some other things that are hard to deal with or something that needs to be addressed in counseling, not suppressed by other pills. For me AFR does offer a workable solution to addiction issues, and I am glad that many people got help from them, and more and more go to seek it out.

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