A Family of Nurses at Albany Medical Center

(upbeat music) I first got to know of New Med by sitting at the dining table listening to my mom talk about Albany Med. It seemed like the coolest place in the world to work. Then I became an employee here and I found out it was the coolest place in the world to work. Megan, my granddaughter, Kerrie’s daughter, came here after she graduated from high school and she works as a PCA and she’s in nursing school now, so three generations of us. I think it’s just over 50 years for the three of us. When I was about 13 I think I made my final decision about wanting to go into nursing. And then when I was 18, my Mom suggested a job at Albany Med working with patients. I applied and took a job here on D5 East. I’ve been here for three years, going on four. This summer I will celebrate my 25th anniversary at Albany Med. I worked here for 22-1/2 years and I was a staff nurse in SICU. I worked little less than a year in NICU, then went back to SICU. I worked for 12 years with my Mom, I was giving her report, I felt like I had to do this perfect job because this is my Mom that’s following me now. And I saw an entire different side of her because she was Mom at home, and she was this incredible nurse at the bedside. And it was amazing to me, how smart she was, how good she was, how dedicated she was. It was awe inspiring and she’s who I wanted to be when I grew up. I was so excited about what I was doing. It was– It was so important to me that that rubs off on them. One of the best moments of my life was when Megan got into nursing school. I’ve watched them over the years help a lot of different people. What they can do is incredible. I would definitely, definitely like to start as a registered nurse on the floor that I work on now. That’s been my dream this whole time. And I would love to work with my Mom one day. If you want to be in health care, and work with the best of the best you work at Albany Med. There is no other. It is a big responsibility but I think it’s the biggest honor in the world to be at the bedside of patients as they are going through the worst day of their life or the best day of their life. I think that’s an honor and a privilege that nurses have every single day. I would be lost getting around in here for a little bit but I recognize people that were here when I was here. It tells me that this a place that wants to provide excellence of care for the people of not only the capital district but the surrounding areas. And I’m really proud of Albany Med. I’m proud of what they do here. Structure has changed, the hallways have changed, some of the equipment has changed, the way you document has changed, but what our patients need from us has never changed.

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