A Doctor’s weight loss journey | Fat to Fit | iCure Diet clinic

Myself, dr. Shweta’s Oxana a previous weight was 70.8 and now it is sixty three point something So I almost lost more than 8 kgs And I’m getting a very good result after coming to the center and the insolence of massive it was around eight inches for the stomach and 6/6 and point five for the hips. So overall it was ten to fifteen inches of insulin and it Donated his own weight loss by different Krishna is really very worth friendly And the most important thing is then diet Which again was not a very hard guys I couldn’t do like I had Mangoes seafood everything including my diet super very nice very easily I could Lose my 8 kgs of weight as a doctor like though I was a from this profession I was a layman in to fidget or bag because I never did any investigation but Krishna he told me to do the investigations first so that whatever deficiency is there in body that has to be rectified then only this diet will help so I did that I went for The B 3 and B 2 L investigations. They were very less in my body. So I’m taking those medications Along with that with the diet. It’s helping me a lot and since a month I want to maintenance and it’s not Increased my weight is not increase which normally used to happen whenever I went for a diet before Coming here. So that was important and with Rutina very hectic route. It was very difficult for me. But because of our health I could always go for a Good diet plan and I’m happy then and you never I felt any weakness. That was very important otherwise of the class that normally I go Hypoglycemic, and all those things did not happen to me. So I’m happy with the diet now I got a TC Oct. Ma. Mo cha, duniya ke koi economic Unova auger album Say – Naja – the opposite way eternity is number pay above Michael’s occurs at a yacht So what’s up cars are taking up ki koi bhi diet related to Eric MEA Julia. Hyung said I curse it You

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