A Day in the Life: University of W. Australia Medical Student

(dreamy techno music) – [Luke] Hey, my name’s Luke and I’m a second year medical student at the University of Western Australia. I do love my sleep-ins. I’ll wake up probably around nine or ten, get myself a quick breakfast and coffee just at home, just to get myself going, and then I’ll catch the
bus in from town into Uni. And then I give myself
my full breakfast at Hackett Hall, they do an amazing… Eight dollars gives you bacon,
hash browns, baked beans, bread, like the whole spread. So that’s the proper start of my day. And then after that, a typical day, I’ll have either classes,
tutorials, or labs and I’ve got some really
good mates in those classes. So after we finish them, it’s
around lunchtime by then, so we head down to the local
bar which is a student bar. Another ten dollar burger,
chips, drink special. You can tell I’m onto these specials. Play a bit of pool there, muck around, and then back to classes
for the afternoon. Typically, Uni wraps up at
around five o’clock each day and after that, depending
on how refreshed I’m feeling I might hit the library,
do some study, or go home. Once I’m home, I like to
think I get study done there but truth be told, it’s more just going to the dog park with my dogs. Because I just find after
a stressful day of Uni, it’s just nice to kick back and relax and just do something
completely non-work related. So the dog park is a huge tick for me. Maybe a little bit of study after dinner, just so I consolidate
whatever I’ve done in the day. And then I do try to get
to bed at an early time, but I’m all sure we know how
that ends up working out. (hip hop beat) The campus itself, I would say
is probably one of the best in Australia, and just
quietly, definitely the best in Western Australia. It’s so green, like there’s
water features everywhere and as you can see, the
architecture is really, really cool. So this is Winthrop Hall, it’s arguably our most impressive building on campus. The stone here was laid
by our Premier in 1929, but I’m sure the actual building itself is much older than that. Over here is where everyone takes their graduation photos because, as
I’m sure you can appreciate, it is a really picturesque location. So, the medicine degree at UWA starts off with your undergraduate, and
that’s made up of three years. The first year was really, really fun and was a really nice way of
kind of easing you into Uni because you had the opportunity to do lots of broadening units. I actually did a full unit for
a whole semester of playing African bongo drums and
our final composition big assessment was a
concert where we just got to whack drums with sticks,
which was super cool. So that first year was
amazing, you really get an opportunity to immerse
yourself in Uni life. Joining clubs, we actually, me and my mate started up the UWA Poker
Club for the first time ever so that was like, really
a highlight of my year being able to start that. And it’s still running a year later so hopefully that continues. So, in second year it
actually starts to ramp up a significant bit and we
started doing a lot more medical related stuff. Whilst it was hard, it
was really cool because I went into Uni with the
knowledge that I wanna be after six years, I want to be a doctor. So, while second year was
really hard, we actually got to start looking
at those kinda things. Doing physiology, doing
pharmacology, starting to learn anatomy, like really in-depth which really affirmed to me
that I was actually doing the right thing, because I’ve
really loved this year so far even though the competitiveness
of it’s really ramped up and it’s a lot more content,
it’s really awesome. The UWA course, I think,
is really well taught which makes it a bit
easier for us as students and has really been a good year for me. Next year, in third year, we move onto more clinical based stuff. So actually looking at specific diseases and how to treat them, and a much wider view of the body which is really cool because
in the first kind of years it’s slightly more general “science-y” and chemistry, and biochemistry but, then in third year we’re going to be able narrow it down and
actually start looking at the human body and looking
at really exclusive things like human anatomy, human physiology, rather than just general. So, after third year that’s going to be the undergraduate component of
our medicine course finished and then we move on to postgraduate. That, I think, is going
to be really awesome because you start getting to actually go off campus and go
into healthcare settings such as the Harry Perkins Research Center or Queen Elizabeth the Second
Hospital, Royal Perth Hospital and starting to interact with
patients and other doctors and I think the thing I most
look forward to in that is actually getting to look almost
at what might be my future and see things that might interest me, expose myself to different
areas of medicine, and that’s something
that’s just going to be an amazing opportunity
because it’s really getting to see what might my life actually
look like in the future. So that’s going to run for three years and I’m really looking forward to that, because at the end of it,
after six years of Uni I’ll be able to graduate
as a doctor of medicine. (swelling atmospheric music) UWA has an amazing body
of international students. I’ve made friends with people
from Italy, from Portugal, and I don’t think really that
can be summed up, like, enough it’s so amazing to meet these people from all over the world who you probably otherwise wouldn’t have met if you’re not coming down to Uni,
getting yourself immersed in the social aspects that UWA has. At UWA, I think we’ve got… It’s like over a hundred and
fifty clubs and societies which is just another way to find people with like-minded interests or even let a friend drag you down to one of their clubs or societies
that they’re interested in and you can learn this
whole new kind of society and meet different people and get involved in something that you probably
otherwise wouldn’t have seen which is just something
that makes the social life here at UWA really, really cool. In terms of the social
aspect, UWA is just perfect ’cause itself it’s far
enough away from CBD that we’ve got a beautiful campus. It’s huge, expansive, there’s
lush greean places everywhere, we’ve got awesome sporting facilities, but also it’s close enough to the CBD that there’s everything you
could want to do, and more. So, for me on the weekends,
my typical weekend I’ll maybe go up to King’s
park with my friends, take the dogs up there. The view is fantastic, you can see over the whole Swan river. And then also, we might go out
kayaking on the Swan river, it’s really nice. The water’s super clear,
it’s really clean, lovely to get outdoors
and actually do something. Also, we’ve got amazing beaches Fremantle beach and City
beach are just spectacular, really great places. Especially now that
it’s coming into summer the weather is just amazing for it. You kinda just have to go to
the beach if you live in Perth it’s part of the cultural life. So that’s really awesome me and my friends love going down there. I think the main reason I chose UWA is because it is my local university. I’ve lived in Perth all my life. And whilst I’ve been to some
of the other Australian cities and the Unis there were really
awesome when I visited them, UWA being my local one is a huge thing but it’s also in the top one
hundred of worldwide Unis, so it’s not just because
it was my local one, it’s a really good university
and the medical course here has been running for ages and
it’s really well established. They know what they’re doing. So for me, it was a
really, really easy choice. If you like this video and want to learn more about the top universities, make sure to subscribe.

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