A day in the life of a rehabilitation inpatient

– It is very rewarding
job because most of my patients arrive at the
hospital in an ambulance, and then, most of them walk out our ward. The normal day for a
patient in the rehab ward would start at 7 o’clock in the morning when we have a breakfast club we have a common area with the dining room and our patients, those who are mobile, come down to the dining room
and they have a breakfast with another group of mobile patients, and the aim of that is two fold. One is that we want to encourage camaraderie amongst the patients. But the second is we want to get an idea of how independent these patients are, and how they’re going to cope at home, and then after that they
will either go to the gym. whilst they’ll be going to
the occupational therapist where they’ll be doing
occupational therapy and then those patients those two co-orts swap over in the middle of the morning and then around lunchtime
they’ll have an hour where they can rest for a
bit, and then the usually get back to the gym in the afternoon. We work as an interdisciplinary team. We have nursing staff and physiotherapists and occupational therapist
and allied health assistants and we have a social worker
and a pastoral care worker. All the research that’s
coming out at the moment shows that the patient’s
do very well if they have a cohesive team working for them. The pain management, these
days is really superb. We get patients who will
have a knee replacement and only require paracetamol
after the surgery. So, I would encourage patients
to when do a bit of exercise before the surgery so that
there muscles are strong and then to just reassure them that it’s not going to be as bad as
they expect it’s going to be. (Narrator) Care to
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