A Day-in-the-Life of a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant, sponsored by Illinois Department
of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (www.illinoisworknet.com)>>Whitney DeLay – Medical Assistant.
I perform basic stuff such as prescription refills under the advice of the doctor. As
well as set patients up for tests or any further examinations they need to have. We will head
right down here and get your weight before the doctor sees you. For this job I would say good skills that
you would need to know is, how to type well with correct spelling. Have medical terminology
and knowledge of the different medical aspects of this job. Go ahead and step right up there, put both
feet together. Work ethics must be very important to this job, you have to be able to come in
daily due to the patient care that is needed. Good, we can head into this room right here
and the doctor will be with you shortly. I work with the doctor, pharmacies and places
to refer the patient to such as other doctors and specialist office. There are times when this job has long hours,
such as the sick time of the season as well as the physical times. Typical workday do
range from 8 to 10 hours as well as being on your feet for the majority of that day. You can get different degrees; you can become
a certified medical assistant as well as a registered medical assistant. The wages from
this job range depending on where you are located, but for the average cost of schooling
with the job I think it is well worth it. The thing that I find most rewarding about
this job is knowing that everyday I am going to help a new person and I get to meet new
people constantly. Where did you go to school at? I went to school
at First Institute Training and Management. And where is that located? Its here in Springfield.
Oh, okay and what’s your degree going to be in? Medical Office Assistant.>>Kristen Neely – Medical Office Assistant
Being a medical assistant there is always a job, and you have to be very caring about
someone and you have to like working with people and being able to talk to them. You
have to do patient scheduling and insurance billing, so I am going to continue my training
and hopefully be a registered nurse or a PA.>>Lisa LaForge–Medical Assistant Instructor.
The Medical Office Assistant is going to be dealing with insurance, alert the back office
to what patience are here and try to keep the schedule going. There’s a lot of different
software programs out there that they are going to have to work with. Medical Assistants are very different than
Medical Office Assistant, they are more back office; medical assistants do the height and
weight, all the vital signs, they do the injections, they assist the doctor with any minor surgeries
that they have, and need to interact with the front office as well; finding out which
patients are here so they know which rooms to get ready. Medical office assistants can go into medical
assisting; medical assistants can go on to be RNs, LPNs. The job market has really opened
up so if you want to work for anywhere from pediatric to geriatrics, the job market is
very open. If you like patient care and you love working with people, this is the job
for you.

39 thoughts on “A Day-in-the-Life of a Medical Assistant

  1. Thanks for making this video, I just got accepted into the medical assisting program at my school and I'm excited about working in the field

  2. She's right. Health care is where most of the jobs are at today. This video doesn't glamorize the medical field like these TV trade school ads do. You at least know what a medical assistant does.

  3. I finished college, completed my internship and was hired by the pediatrics office. It went well for a few months, and the doctor laid me off, and its been such a challenge finding a job again. My Dream job is to work at Kaiser, sutter or John Muir. I have applied religiously for 2 years, and I have yet to even go in for an exam. Does anyone have any advice for me??

  4. @BrittanniMelissa You can search for jobs by industry on the Illinois workNet website. Get started by going to our website and clicking on Individuals, then Find Jobs. Good Luck!

  5. I am a registered medical assistant in NYC and am still diligently seeking employment with no luck. I am currently taking an extensive course at the American Red Cross to become a certified Phlebotomist.

  6. I start my medical assistant classes this fall but I'm nervous, I just don't know if I'd land a job in this..

  7. Good luck in your classes! Health Care is a growing Industry, which is always helpful when trying to start a career.

  8. I am currently going to school to become a Medical Assistant. I want to work with children in a hospital or doctor's office setting.

  9. i start my medical assistant classes this september(: excited but kinda nervous! and after that im making my way up to become a registered nurse (:

  10. you can do it.. i surprised myself graduating only making 1 B the whole time. just stay focused on your goals. i have not landed a job yet but im sure my criminal background is longer than yours… so you should be fine 🙂

  11. i feel you, i have not found work yet either, but just keep going. i have background issues. but still dont give up. its been siince 2010 but still keep it going..DONT QUIT!!

  12. I am finishing my program this month! I start my externship in less than three weeks. So excited! Good luck to all of you fellow MA's! Do your best and set a good example for all of us, as we're a team!

  13. i'm interested in working in a hospital lab. I want to perform test on blood work and stuff like that. Who does that, or what should i major in to get there?

  14. If you're just starting, make sure to study just because even when you're sure you have all the info down. Focus on the everything but know the billing. When you get done with your hours and they offer you a job be sure to take that position until hired by a place that you would rather work at and gain that experience. That is key in getting hire elsewhere. Keep HIIPAA in mind at all times. Don't be that person that gets fired/fined for discussing someones business in gossip. 

  15. An interesting peek inside the everyday life of a medical assistant. Get to know the person making sure you get the health care that you need.

  16. It's crazy that just in 7 years time the average pay for this job has gone up quite a bit. I have found MA jobs in my area that pay $40,000+ per year. The program I'm taking takes around 2 years though. It's a full-time certified program that includes radiology training. I'm so excited to start class today!

  17. I completed my medical assistant program in 2014 and have yet to find a job. I'm currently working as nursing assistant and it's really not my cup of tea.

  18. Quick Question is clinical medical Assistant similar to .medical assistant ??I rather work at an office ?:/ I start next month

  19. Hi everyone, hope you guys are having a good night so far. I begin M.A school next week so excited but also kind of nervous but am open to this and have a positive mind about it overall. Wish me luck all you M.A 's ! ☺ 😉 if have any tips please let me know especially on the receiving shots part!! lol 😝

  20. And they need very little training in our state to do these tasks. A beautician has much more education in our state that an ma or cna. 3 weeks training and they can act as if they are nurses or doctors. Why when it comes to our personal intimate bodies just 3 weeks training? With our experiences we are not fans of cna or mas.

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