A Day in the Life of a 2nd Year Medical Student (UK)

Hi guys, so today I’m filming a day in the life of a second year medical student I’m with my flatmate, Menaz… here So today I have… we have pharmacology and that’s basically just looking at loads of different drugs and how they work, and their side effects There’s a really really long list of drugs we have to learn and that’s just one of our modules Also I’m crossing roads without looking 😮 That’s really bad, don’t do that So we just finished our two pharmacology lectures and I’m with my friends Annie and Amir We need some energy boosting cuz we’re drained How did you find the lectures? There were 100 slides. 100 slides in 60 minutes!! 101 (lol) I’m kneeling down to be Annie’s height We’ve had 2 hours of lectures, now we’re having a break Had some meetings, we’re going to get Easter eggs now Then do we have a lecture after this? Yep, we have like 5 today and then a lunch break *figuring out which is the best value for money egg* Amir just spilled his coffee But basically we have our exams in under 2 months We’re DONE in 2 months Okay we have like 4 or 5 exams Basically, yeah, lemme tell you 5 exams, 2 of them are like practical, like clinical skills, like hospital kinda style 1 of them is anatomy practical The other 2 are like… multiple choice But we don’t have long left, so it’s quite stressful We’re supposed to be doing a lot of work right now We just believe that mental health and wellbeing is more important than any exam Right now we’re on the cancer module, which is our last module *LiCk* Yeah it’s really interesting, cancer is quite… DID YOU NOT FEEL THAT? THAT IS THE BIGGEST LIE That is the biggest lie Wait Soony, I just licked your arm I’m nearly home, it’s nearly 10 o’clock I left the library like half an hour ago It takes me like 20 minutes to get home So it’s not too bad But I’m quite tired I got some reduced sushi on the way back Finally got home, it’s about 10 I’m really tired, and I haven’t had dinner yet So I’m gonna have some sushi that I just bought So this has basically been my day I’m just gonna relax for the rest of the day, and go to sleep soon But yeah, really tiring… quite a normal day though Hope you enjoyed it, thank you for watching!

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