A Day in My Life: Nursing and Midwifery with Alana | Monash University

– Hi guys, my name’s Alana. I’m a student at Monash University and I go to the Frankston campus and this is a day in my life. So I’ve just arrived
on campus and the class that I’m about to go into is all about law and ethics in nursing. So it’s actually a revision class, because we’ve got exams coming up. So yeah, that’s what I’m about to do. Hey guys, so I’ve actually finished class around 40 minutes early. So as I said, it was a revision class so we did a bit of flipped learning and we actually wrote our
own sort of exam questions and then asked them to each other and it was a lot of fun and I realised how much I don’t know, but that’s okay. I also wanted to chat to you guys about why I love nursing and midwifery. So for me nursing and midwifery is about connecting with people, and providing the best
quality care that I can and that’s really why I’m in it. I love all the clinical stuff
and I love being hands on, but yeah, for me it’s
really about the people. So obviously today I’m at class, but I’m also going to placement. I’m actually on a mental
health placement at the moment and I have a lot of opportunities to have discussions with my patients and participate in risk
assessments and things like that, which is going to be really fun. So right now I’m just eating my lunch, having a bit of a break. I feel like it’s really important to have sort of small snacks
all throughout the day. You need to be on your game. You’re both learning and working at the same time at placement. Savoury muffins, some carrots, and hummus. I actually cook my own roast
veggies and then I bring them. There’s always a microwave on the ward and I didn’t think I would
ever get through placement without the right foods to eat. Usually I’d study in
the library after class, but it’s such a beautiful day outside. I decided to bring my work out here. Back to my car. I’m going to head to placement now. It’s around 30 to 40 minutes from campus. We don’t usually have placement and classes at the same time, on the same day or anything like that, but every now and then it does happen and you just have to be flexible. Just parked my car. I park a little further
away from the hospital. I always do this because I
don’t like paying for parking. That’s a little student tip for you. Never pay for parking, always figure out another way to do it. I can’t actually say
where I’m at placement, but I can tell you it’s
a mental health unit, it’s an acute unit, and it
mainly focuses on youth, but not exclusively. A couple of tips that
I have about placement and surviving placement. It can be pretty daunting, I understand that placement is daunting and if you’re someone who’s looking at studying nursing and
midwifery and you think, oh I just don’t know how I’d do it, you just go with it and you learn. So after three years, I finally feel like I’ve gotten the hang of a few things. I know that just keeping
a positive attitude and really enjoying my
time at placement means that I can get through it and that I’ll get the most out of
every experience I have. Just got home from placement. It’s around 10:30pm, so my
shift finished at 10:00pm. It was a pretty long day that’s for sure. Placement was really good. There’s still a lot to take in, but I got some really good
feedback from my nurse and from the unit manager as well, but I’m definitely ready for bed because that was a pretty exhausting day. So that is a day in the life of a nursing and midwifery student from Monash.

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  1. What is a flipped classroom. I am confused. My nursing school uses Inquiry based learning. It is still student led. However the lesson is based on planning nursing care on a case study.

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