A Conversation with a Former Abortionist: Full Interview with Dr. Anthony Levatino

My name is Lila Rose, and I’m the president
of Live Action. And we’re so pleased to have with us today Dr. Anthony Levatino. Dr. Levatino
is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist from Las Cruces, New Mexico. Dr. Levatino
is here with us to share his powerful story of his transformation from a doctor who performed
over 1,200 abortions to now a leading pro-life advocate. Dr. Levatino, thank you for being
with us. I’m happy to be here, Lila. Can you tell me why you first were performing
abortions? I graduated from medical school in 1976 in
upstate New York, and if you asked me at the time how I felt about the abortion issue,
I wouldn’t have hesitated for a minute to tell you that I was pro-choice, this was a
choice between a doctor, that female patient, and
no one, including the baby’s father, really had anything to say about it. You know, some
people identify themselves as pro-life or pro-choice, but for so many people it doesn’t
affect their lives directly, but when you’re an obstetrician-gynecologist and you say you’re
pro-choice, it becomes a very personal decision. You have to decide whether you’re going to
actually do abortions. So along with learning how to do deliveries, hysterectomies, and
everything else obstetrician-gynecologists do, I learned to do abortions. So you saw it as a part of your practice. Absolutely. During the time you were performing abortions,
did you ever have any doubts? The first doubts that I had about doing abortions
happened during my residency training. We were doing 1st Trimester Suction D & C abortions,
interestingly enough in the delivery room, and I—you know, when it was my turn to do
them I would do, two, three, four in the morning, and never thought anything of it. And we were
doing late term abortions in the form of saline abortions. At the time technology was different.
I met my wife and we married, and like a lot of young couples, we wanted to have children.
We found out very quickly that we had an infertility problem and that she just wasn’t getting pregnant.
She went to the best infertility specialist in town, and it didn’t look like we were going
to be able to have children of our own, so, after we got over that shock, we decided to
adopt a child. And anyone who has tried to do that knows how very difficult that is.
We went to county agencies, state agencies, religious agencies, anyone we could think
of to find a child to adopt and care for as our own. It was during that time that we were
trying to adopt a child that I had my first doubts. They were strictly selfish ones, but
they were there. I remembered, literally, I very vividly remember, being in the delivery
room one day doing a Suction D & C abortion and thinking, you know, “My gosh, I’m throwing
this kid in the garbage, you know, and here I am trying to adopt a baby, yet I’m throwing
them away. And I’m smart enough to know it’s people like me that makes adoption so difficult
in the first place.” So the initial doubts that I had were very selfish ones, but they
were there. What did you do, when you—when those doubts
came and you were searching to overcome infertility, and find a child to adopt— what did you do
to, kind of, put away those doubts when you were performing abortions? Soldiered on. Kept on doing my job, and at
the same time tried very hard to find a baby to adopt. We literally started to advertise.
I talked to every obstetrician-gynecologist in town and people at the hospital and everywhere
else and let them know that we were looking for a child to adopt. In August of 1978, um,
I was—I remember very vividly, I was working in the operating room with one of the attending
physicians, and the circulating nurse tapped me on the shoulder, and when I turned around,
she was holding up a little piece of paper that said, “Call Marcia as soon as you’re
done.” Now, Marcia was the head of social services at the hospital where I was working,
and she was one of the people we had talked to. That’s all the note said, but I knew what
it was. And sure enough, she informed me that there was a 15-year-old girl in labor in the
delivery room. “She had showed up at a doctor’s office for the first time during her pregnancy
the day before. Now she is in labor. She wants to give her baby up for adoption. Are you
interested?” Amazing. she told me over the phone, and I was like, “Well of course I’m interested!”
I remember literally staring at the face of that telephone to call my wife with this news
and know that I was just seven digits away from becoming a father. Beautiful. And literally, by the grace of God, we were
able to adopt a little girl that we named Heather in August of 1978. And my wife got
pregnant the very next month! And, we had two children— Two for one! Exactly. We ended up with two children, a
son and a daughter, they were, literally—they were ten months apart. Our son, Sean, was
born in July 1979. Amazing. So, can you share more? You’ve—you’ve
adopted Heather, and the events that led to that transformation where you ultimately completely
rejected abortion. What was it that really changed your perspective? I was doing abortions on a regular basis in
my practice and everything was just—you know, the kids are growing, and I’m starting
to make some money finally, and everything was just wonderful as far as I was concerned
until June 23rd of 1984. June 23rd, 1984 was an absolutely beautiful day in Albany. Heather
was exactly two months away from her sixth birthday. We took the kids to an amusement
park that day, came home, we had dinner together. and the kids were playing in the backyard
when we had friends arrive for cake and coffee. As we were talking with those friends, when,
at 7:25 that night we heard the screech of breaks out in front of our house. The kids
had wandered into the road and Heather had been hit by a car. She was a mess. Um, you
know, I’m a doctor. I’m supposed to be able to save people’s lives. My wife was an intensive
care nurse at the time. This is what we did for a living. This was routine to us. But
it made absolutely no difference and she literally died in our arms in the back of an ambulance
that night. You know, people who are listening who have children may think they have some
idea of what that feels like. I guarantee you if you haven’t been through that yourself,
you have no idea what it feels like, and I pray you never find out. But what do you do
after a disaster? You know, you bury your child and take some time off and then you
try to get back into your life. And I don’t remember exactly how long it was after Heather
died that I did my first D & E abortion but I showed up at O.R. Number 9 at Albany Medical
Center just like I had over a hundred times before. I wasn’t thinking of this as anything
special— this was routine to me, and I obviously had other things on my mind. And I started
that abortion and put in what’s called a sopher clamp and literally ripped out a baby’s arm
or leg—that big—and I just stared at it in the clamp. I got sick. I mean, I literally
got sick. But when you start an abortion, you can’t stop. When you do a D & E abortion,
you have to keep inventory. You have to make sure you get two arms and two legs and all
the pieces, because if you don’t, your patient’s gonna come back infected, bleeding, or dead.
So I finished that abortion, I soldiered on and got it done. But I looked. I really—for
the first time in my career—really looked at that pile of baby parts sitting on a table,
and I didn’t see all those things that had sustained me all those years, I didn’t see
what a wonderful doctor I was helping her with a problem, and I didn’t see her wonderful
right to choose, and I didn’t even see the $800 cash I just made in 15 minutes. All I
could see was somebody’s son or daughter. And suddenly this was looking really different
to me. For the first time in my life it hit me very powerfully that this woman had come
to me—figuratively, not literally, no woman ever literally says this—but figuratively,
she came to me and said, “Here’s $800. Kill my baby.” And I was the kind of person that
would look right back at her perfectly calmly and say, “Why sure, I’ll do that.” After having that encounter, and seeing that
child and seeing it as a child, what was the process like to stop advertising for abortion? Well, I didn’t stop right away. I did a couple
more, but these were just, I mean, I knew why I felt bad, “I will get over this.”
But I didn’t. Um, a change had come that I couldn’t take back. So you tried to do a couple more to see, “Maybe
I can get over this,” but you couldn’t. Exactly. So, I went to my partners and I announced
that I would no longer do 2nd Trimester D & E abortions. They were just too difficult. And there were just two of us in the group that we’re doing them so— and this dumped the entire load on the other partner, um, but they knew what was going on, they understood.
But—and I told them I would only do the little ones, the 1st Trimester Suction D & C
abortions we were doing in the office and for a couple more months I soldiered on doing
those. But a change, as I said earlier, had come that I couldn’t take back. When you finally
figure out here, here, not here, that killing a baby that big for money is wrong, then it
doesn’t take you too long to figure out that it doesn’t matter if the baby is this big,
this big, this big, or maybe even this big— it’s all the same. And I’m ashamed to say
it, but it was February of 1985— it was that late after Heather’s death— that I went
to my partners a second time and said I will no longer do any more abortions. And I haven’t
done any since then and I never will. One of the biggest arguments of pro-abortion
activists is that abortion is medically necessary. What’s your position on that? We hear all the time how abortion is—including,
especially late-term abortion—is necessary to save women’s lives. Nothing could be further
from the truth. I spent nine years working at a tertiary medical center—I mean, there
are only certain hospitals in the country that are designated to take care of the really,
really high risk pregnancies. It’s—you don’t want to duplicate the effort, it’s
expensive, so we would—these hospitals get referrals from the surrounding area, and Albany
Medical Center in Albany, New York, where I worked, was one of them. I was faculty at the
hospital for nine years. And I saw hundreds of cases of really severe pregnancy complications.
Cancers, heart disease, intractable diabetes out of control, toxemia of pregnancy out of
control, and I saved in the—in those nine years, I saved hundreds of women from life-threatening
pregnancies. And I did that by delivering them, by ending their pregnancy by delivery,
either induction of labor or caesarean section. Delivering the baby. Delivering the baby. And I always tell people:
in all of those years, the numbers of— the number of babies that I had to—that I was
obligated to deliberately kill in the process was zero. None. And I’ll give you an example.
The key point about late-term abortion that so many people miss is that it takes days
to prepare the cervix. This is not a natural situation by any stretch. If you’re going
to dilate a cervix sufficiently—that starts off essentially as a pinpoint—large enough
to dismember or tear apart a baby this big, that cervix has to be dilated, and that can
take anywhere from 24 to 72 hours. And especially when you’re talking about later-term pregnancies,
most life-threatening situations—the vast, vast majority of life-threatening situations
of pregnancy—are not going to arise until 24, 25, 26 weeks of pregnancy and higher.
And when you’re talking about that, you’re talking about abortion procedures that take
two and three days to prepare the cervix. And I’ll give you a classic example. This
is a real case. Um, lady came to the hospital at 27 weeks of pregnancy with severe toxemia.
Her blood pressure—you know a normal blood pressure is about 120 over 80. Her blood pressure
was 220 over 160. OK, this lady would literally be minutes or hours away from a stroke. What
do you do in a situation like that? We stabilized her, brought her back, did a caesarean section,
had her delivered within an hour of arriving at the hospital. She and her baby did just
fine. Amazing. Now, now, let’s say we wanted to use abortion
to “save her life,” ok? If—with that kind of blood pressure and that kind of problem—
if we waited 2 to 3 days to get her cervix prepared, she would never make it. She would
have been dead, and that’s a perfect example. You never need late-term abortion to save
a woman’s life. If necessary, you accomplish the delivery. Now, did every one of those
children make it because they were pre-term? No, but they all had a chance, and most of
them did make it. What you’re saying is so amazing, Dr. Levatino,
because a lot of people never hear this. They assume, when abortion is brought up, that
it’s necessary to kill that child sometimes to save the mother’s life, but you’re saying
it may be necessary to deliver the baby, but you never have to purposefully go and kill
that child. That’s exactly what I’m saying. So, why is this such a—a huge argument for
pro-abortion advocates to say it’s necessary to kill to save the life of the mother? That argument, I don’t understand. In my experience
over almost a decade, I never had to kill deliberately a single child to save a woman’s
life during pregnancy. But there’s a wider discussion, though. Politically, always listen
very carefully to the words that are being used. You know, we need to pass law X, Y,
and Z because it protects women’s health. Uh, Bill Clinton, “I will be happy to sign
a ban on partial-birth abortion, so long as it includes an exception on women’s health.”
Well, what do they mean? Now, I have a law degree, and every lawyer knows that every
single word has meaning, and what Roe (Roe vs. Wade) didn’t do was define the word, “health.”
Doe vs. Bolton did. It says that “health”—the term “health”—includes a woman’s physical
health. OK. But it didn’t say how badly impaired he physical health had to be for it to be
a problem. It includes her mental health. OK, but again, how bad does her mental health
has to be? I suppose—I can imagine—I never saw one, but I can imagine a case if the woman’s
gonna have a psychotic break because of her pregnancy, that certainly seems like a severe
mental health problem. How about she’s under tremendous stress? How about, “I—I just
don’t think I can cope with this pregnancy”? That’s mental health, too. It includes her
economic health. Whoa! How much money do you have to have to be economically healthy? Not
defined. And if that wasn’t enough, it includes her social health. What in blazes does that
mean? What it means, then, when a politician says, “I would be happy to support your
bill, so long as it has a health exception.” Translation, “I would be happy to support
your bill, so long as it contains an exception so big that the bill is of no real practical
effect. In recent years, RU-486 and medical abortions
have been really pushed on women. What do you think about RU-486? The short answer to that question is that
I can’t understand why any woman would want to have a medical abortion, and I’ll explain
why—no matter how abortion minded she is. There are a lot of problems with RU-486. First
off, it is—a medical abortion is very distinctly different from a surgical abortion. In a medical
abortion, the lady takes pills—takes her RU-486 medication, and then follows it up
with a second medication, typically one called Cytotec 24-48 hours later. It has a significant
percentage of side effects associated with it. That combination is—is well known to
cause cramping, hemorrhaging, nausea, vomiting, and you know, a lot of extremely unpleasant
symptoms. The—the really interesting thing about it, though, is—RU-486 is FDA approved
up to 7 weeks from last period. It is commonly used off-label to 9 weeks. OK, but even at
7 weeks of gestation, the failure rate was 5% at 7 weeks. As gestation gets further along
the failure rate increases. At 8 weeks the failure rate is—uh, what was it—8%. At
nine weeks the failure rate is 10%. Imagine, I mean, you’re going to go through trouble
of having this abortion. You’re gonna go through—a significant patient—percentage
of patients will go through a lot of very unpleasant symptoms, and the abortion won’t
even work! And then you end up with a surgical Suction D & C abortion that you could have
had in the first place! And are there other health problems or—along
the way, as well as having a failure rate? Very definitely. There is one huge difference
between a surgical and medical abortion. When you do a surgical abortion, you have tissue,
you have baby parts, you have all the contents of the uterus, and if the doctor is doing what
the doctor is supposed to do, sends off that tissue to be looked at by a pathologist, who
will then confirm whether or not there is pregnancy tissue—products of conception—in
that specimen. You do a D & C abortion, you get back a pathology report, says there are
products of conception present, you’re good. You— you’ve done the procedure, you’ve done
it correctly. In a medical abortion, there is no tissue to be examined. That woman essentially
pays that money and goes through this procedure to have, basically, to have an induced miscarriage,
which can happen at home, in her car, or anywhere else. But there is no tissue to be examined.
The key there then becomes when a—when a surgical abortion is done, and no products
of conception is seen, it means either the doctor missed the pregnancy entirely—which
can happen, not very often, but it can—or more frequently, she has a tubular ectopic
pregnancy, and that can be fatal. Can you explain more the danger between—the
danger for a woman who may have an ectopic pregnancy if she’s seeking an RU-486 abortion? You must rule out an ectopic pregnancy. But
the only way to rule out an ectopic pregnancy if you’re going to use RU-486 is to do an
ultrasound, and not everyone prescribing RU-486 is getting ultrasounds. There have been deaths
associated with RU-486. Mostly from infections or undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic
pregnancy can kill you in no time flat, because pregnancy was never meant to be in a fallopian
tube and it can only go so far before that tube ruptures and hemorrhage, sometimes severe
hemorrhage, follows. Another reason, or justification, pro-abortion
advocates use for abortion-on-demand in America is that it’s necessary because of ectopic
pregnancies. That’s rubbish. Ectopic pregnancies are life-threatening.
Treating an ectopic pregnancy is not doing an abortion— it is saving that woman’s life.
It’s that simple. While you were practicing as an abortion doctor—while
you’re performing abortions, did you also—did you ever come across pro-lifers, and what
was your perspective on pro-lifers? People always ask that. Now understand, as
I tell people, I was not running an abortion clinic. I was running a regular OB/GYN office
like most women have gone to. We did deliveries, we did hysterectomies, abortion certainly
was a part of our practice. And it was during those—those—the 3 years before I stopped
doing abortions in that private practice that I arrived at my office one day and there were
picketers surrounding our building, praying, holding their signs. They didn’t have our
names on the signs, but we knew they were there for us. And people frequently ask me,
“What are you thinking when we’re outside picketing?” And I would tell them, what
we were thinking—what you’re thinking when you’re in that situation—it gave us a siege
mentality. It was us against those kooks outside. And you—when you saw folks outside, where
did you get the stereotype that they were kooks? Um, oh, everybody in the pro-abortion, you
know, every—every abortionist knows that everyone, you know, involved in the pro-life
movement is a kook. CNN tells me so, I would—they would never lie to me. Do you remember any kind of, uh, exchanges
that you had, with pro-life advocates? Oh, I remember very vividly an exchange, but
it didn’t happen quite the way you might imagine. Um, it was during that time when a woman came
to me as a new patient—her name was Susan—didn’t even come up to my shoulders—came in for
a routine OB/GYN appointment, you know—OB/GYN annual exam and a pap smear. Um, did her exam
and then at the end of the exam, she looked at me and said, “Can I talk to you?” Now,
doctors know that many patients—I think especially women—won’t really tell you what’s
on their mind until they’ve established some level of trust. And so it wasn’t all that
unusual that she did that. So, I—I sat down in my office and looked at her and—professionally
looked at her—and said, “Ma’am how can I help you?” and she absolutely blew me
away when she said, “I’ve been here—I’ve been sent here to give you a message that
Jesus loves you, he cares about you, this is not what he had intended for your life,
to be an abortionist. Please stop.” Now, I had a—one overwhelming thought when she
said that, and that was, “I’ve gotta hustle this kook out of my office as fast as I could,”
and I did. A year later she showed up for her routine annual exam and a pap smear, and
when the exam was over she said, “Can I talk to you?” And I went, “Oh, no!”
you know. Now, understand, it’s not like I never darkened the inside of a church before,
but people who were really demonstrative about their faith really made me uncomfortable.
And she basically said the same message, more or less, “I’ve been sent here to give you
a message of Jesus loves you, he cares about you, this is not what he intended for your
life, to be an abortionist. Please stop.” Now, believe me, I remembered what she had
said the year before, but in the intervening year between those two visits, I received at
least three personal greeting cards sent to the office to me marked confidential with
the message written on the card. One time, during that intervening year, I arrived in
my office and there was a plate of brownies sitting on my desk with the message tied to
the brownies. You know, it’s—it’s funny I—I wouldn’t put a name or title to what
was had going on, but Joe Shiedler of the Pro-Life Action League, who has written several
books, calls that adopting an abortionist. Um, and that’s exactly what this woman did.
Now it’s really interesting. It was not till much later that I realized—that I found
out, that she was one of the people picketing my office. You know—and I have a message
for people, especially for women, you know, “Dr. X does abortions. I would never go
to him.” Well, you know, you’re never going to change somebody’s mind by—you can picket
all you want, you may or may not change somebody’s mind that way, but I will suggest to you that
most of the time, you won’t. And you can yell at someone and scream at them, but I can absolutely
tell you, you will not convince their mind about anything that way. If you’re going to
convince somebody that maybe the path they’re walking is wrong, you need a relationship
with that person of some sort to be able to start that dialogue. This lady was very clever.
She became a patient. Believe me, doctors listen to their patients. That’s amazing, and a—and a—definitely
a message to women who are pro-life that maybe— maybe that doctor that is performing abortions is
a—one to go talk to. Dr. Levatino, thank you so much for being with us today. My pleasure. Thank you for having me.

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    It seems like these women feel like they have no other choice and this is the right we need to give them the choice the only absolute only reason for late-term abortion as if the child is dead dying for the mother of some kind of condition where the baby has to leave immediately and that should be doing a wide so stressful for both of them but if you can give that baby a choice without stressing the mother with undue stress then you should give the babies a chance. It shouldn't be the government it shouldn't be religious organizations the women should have a choice the women need the support, and are they getting it?

    that's why it's important that we take back America and what it originally stood for make America truly rate and truly a place to be looked up to;to be blessed

  25. And of course saline solution should not be used for late-term abortion if they can like put the baby to sleep by making its heart rate go down but nothing that make the baby suffer at the point of a late-term abortion the baby can feel pain. If the baby is born of life and to be alive give it that chance.

  26. I am a pro abortion MD. His explanations although convincing are linked to a personal experience. So it all needs to be taken with precaution.
    There are lots of sad kids out there.

    Sometimes a few minutes of horror is necessary to avoid a life time of misery. As i see it every day at my practice.
    So please leave women the power to chose.

  27. This video.should be made available in all abortion clinics just like the surgeon general warning on a pack of cigarettes. If you are going 2 make evil legal ( which is the American way) at least give full disclosure on the aftermath and side effects. There is always a better way. CHOOSE LIFE!!!

  28. The holocaust of our time…PURE EVIL. God Bless this wonderful doctor and I hope he continues to speak the truth on abortion.

  29. Pro choice is important because quality of life, First off let me say I feel bad and give my condolence too this doctor and what he had to go through with his Daughter. Not just having your child pass in your hands but also being a doctor and then not being able to do anything about it. Really a damned situation. However this isn’t paying 800$ too kill a child. This is doing what has to be done. This conversation is completely bias and as a person who hears too many christians preach this sounds exactly in the same vain.
    Ones own Death isn’t the worst thing in life. Abortions aren’t pushed, they are given as options for not just your life as a Father and Mother but also for the child. There are too many people who shouldn’t have had kids I’m sure that’s something we can agree on. If we are forced to have kids and give them a bad life then who is the bad guys? Its the parents. I guess it comes down too if someone wants an abortion they are gonna get one. Let it be from a doctor or the stairs if we stop them more people will just get hurt.

    Although the ANTI ZEALOTS would love you to believe that those of us who are PRO CHOICE are SATANISTS, BABY KILLERS and CHILD MOLESTERS.
    Can you imagine these GHOULS holding down your wife or daughter and FORCING HER TO CARRY HER PREGNANCY TO TERM.
    As if that is NOT BAD ENOUGH, after the birth THEY WOULD WALK AWAY WASHING THEIR HANDS AND DOING HIGH FIVES, saying “good luck we are not helping you with food stamps or education, health care? good luck on that”.
    History PROVES that banning abortion DOES NOT STOP IT, it merely drives it underground RESULTING IN THE DEATHS OF MORE AND MORE WOMEN AND CHILDREN.
    If my Daughter or granddaughter is raped and becomes pregnant, THEY WILL BE ON THE FIRST PLANE TO A FREE NATION, CANADA.

  31. After watching this, I would love to know how people can state that the Democrat Party is the fierce defender of women. It is just the opposite. They appear willing sacrifice BOTH unborn child AND women who are pregnant in second and third trimester in order to advance what is nothing more than a political cause- a political cause that is based upon a big lie.

  32. What has become clear as day is that for the past several decades, the public abortion debate has been led by politicians, most of whom are lawyers, who want votes and peddle easy answers, the empty suits and empty skirts in the media, and hyper politicized pro-abortion activists who only associate with one another and demonize or mock anyone who disagrees. Thank God, that both Doctor Levatino and Abby Johnson have both come forward to reveal the truth to anyone who is mature enough and emotionally grounded enough to look at this objectively. I understand that a certain segment of our society is not going to be swayed by religious/moral arguments. Okay, most of these people like to brag about how pro-science they are, so let them listen in great detail from an OBGYN who used to perform abortions and no longer will and how late term abortions actually put the pregnant woman in much more jeopardy than ending the pregnancy by delivering the baby early.

  33. Be sure to watch Doctor Levatino deliver a lecture to the Students for Life group at Virginia Tech. Very informative and longer, so he was able to go into greater detail:

  34. I’ve had 4 ectopic pregnancies. I had a 14 week ectopic and my tube was probably on the verge of bursting. I was in so much pain I couldn’t sit or stand. I had emergency surgery. The doctors couldn’t believe how far along I was and that the tube didn’t rupture. I had an abortion before the ectopics. I think there is a link.

  35. I wonder how many of these former abortionists live off the avails of their murders?? If they are, they are hypocritical – they should send all that money to pro-life agencies that run homes taking care of pregnant mothers, work at finding people to adopt these precious children. If every former abortionist sent their 'bloody murder' money did, there would be countless homes/agencies funded as well as 'Planned Parenthood' Dr. Levatino said he made $800 per murder…hmmm….how many did he do…bet hundreds, if not thousands!

  36. When i was 20 i got pregnant with my first baby. I was with a guy who didnt want my baby. He wanted me to have an abortion. I refused. When i did he tried to cause me to miscarry. I had no job and no money and had no way to feed myself and he knew it. He denied me food to try to make me miscarry. My body was burning the fat on my body to try to feed my baby. I lost 75lbs. At 17 weeks i went to live with my mom. From 17 weeks on he called me threatening to kill me and my child if i didnt "get rid of it" i wasscared he would try to find me and kill my child. So to protect my baby i gave him up. I found a family who took him. He gets to do things that i would have never been able to give him. Hes now 12 years old and his name is gabriel. He will be 13 in november.

  37. People always comment how there's so many kids in adoption or foster care but no one says its because it's so hard to adopt but it's true..

  38. Dr. Levatino was in the movie Unplanned a movie everyone should see. Twice I have offered to pay the admission to two pro choice individuals to see unplanned and like the weak gutless indoctrinated so and sos they are they ducked the issue and changed the subject.

  39. So he couldn’t find a child to adopt. He finally found one and a month or so later, she is pregnant! Heather had passed away. So now he comes to the realization that abortion is bad AND God blessed them with Sean so he is still left with a child! This story it self is just so so amazing. It is living proof that God can change ANYONES heart if they open up their heart to him and face the fact that their self is wrong. God will never give you anything you can’t handle. Bless you heather, you saved so many children’s lives. God is so so real y’all!!! God bless everyone ❤️❤️❤️

  40. This is my first time watching this because, Im in my first trimester and I have decided to have an abortion. But I have never done this before. My boyfriend has 2 kids and I have one of my own. We don’t have anykids together, because he had his 2nd kid with his ex, he cheated on me. That was 5yrs ago, and Before he & I became a couple I had lost my daughter at birth, due to me developing preeclampsia. So I had no choice but to give birth at 22wks in order to save my life. This was a moment that he knew about in my life, so when he told me what happened with his ex, my heart dropped to my stomach and my feelings towards him instantly changed. But now here we are 6yrs later, and pregnant and he doesn’t want this baby with me, due to financial reasons and him not wanting anymore kids. But after watching this abortion video series & loosing a baby, Im afraid to go through with the procedure

  41. What a painful story doctor about your child doctor thank you for teaching me us. I think God and the soul of your docter delivered you.God bless you !

  42. Tony has been one of my heroes for decades now. He shook me into seeing the unborn as human, as Heathers.

  43. How can a doctor look at a babys body parts for years and still preform abortions? Regardless of losing his daughter why couldn't he see it before she died?

  44. I wish all the love and peace to former Abortion doctors as well as post-abortive women and men struggling with guilt. I also hope the best for all pro-choicers, current Abortion doctors, and post-abortive folks who don’t regret their decision ❤️

  45. 10 years ago I was forced into having a medical abortion by my then boyfriend. I was so young and he was much older (15 years older than me). He was psychologically, & emotionally abusive . After days of begging, and trying to save my baby's life, I caved in and took the pills. A few hours later I started to bleed intensely and the guilt and pain was indescribable. I couldn't take it. So, alone in my bedroom I remember just falling to the floor and begging God to give me my baby back. A scripture that I'd heard many times in church as a child came to mind (I was not actively attending church at the time or living a godly life for that matter). It was was the one about having faith as tiny as a mustard seed and being able to move mountains with it. I said to God in that moment "I've heard that You're a God of miracles, I need one now. I've heard them say all I need is faith as small as a mustard seed and this mountain will be moved. Please give me my baby back." The most profound feeling came over me – pure peace, and I heard Him say "Yes". It was such a brief moment which passed so quickly I was sure I had imagined it. Two weeks later I took a pregnancy test, as instructed by the nurse at the abortion clinic, because with medical abortions there could still be parts of the baby left and a D&C would need to be performed should I test positive for pregnancy. Well, I remember walking into the bathroom depressed as I had been for weeks, and walking out a brand new woman. The test came out positive for pregnancy, and again that peace came over me and I felt God say all was well and that my baby was whole. I had no doubt in my mind that he was ok. I went to see a doctor a few days later and she advised me to do the D&C and not to get excited because the child probably had abnormalities due to the pills I took. I never went back to her again. Instead I found an awesome natural birthing unit and met an awesome midwife, who helped me give birth to my healthy and perfect baby boy 8 months later. He is now the most talkative, insanely cleverest boy! He makes me laugh everyday, he's super naughty, but what else could I expect from an artist like him? He loves deeply and feels deeply for those around him, such a caring boy, and I wouldn't trade him for anything.

  46. There are three sides to every story. One side, the other side, and the truth. Late term abortions are what they are; the killing/elimination of a living being. Restrictions on abortion are needed as much as the choice to have access to an abortion. And biologically speaking, there's no getting around this fact, Humans are biologically considered Animals. Food for thought.

  47. I’m having twins and I want them.. sooo bad.. but I already have two.. and I though this guy would be different but he is sooo abusive. I want an abortion but I’m not brave enough to get one.. I can’t have kids by this man I just can’t.

  48. So I’ve been pro-choice for as long as I can remember because I grew up in a liberal household and was fed all that propaganda, but lately I’ve been hearing some very compelling arguments (and solutions) from the pro-life side and I think I’ve been converted over. I’m always open to listening to views that challenge my own and learning from them, especially when those views are backed by facts.

  49. I wonder how Roe verses wade would have turned out of all the Supreme Court all was Woman? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  50. Most pro-lifers say abortion Dr.s should be the ones punished if abortion becomes illegal anywhere. I wonder what this guy thinks of that. Obviously, he couldn't be prosecuted b/c he stopped, but still, I wonder what his thoughts on that are

  51. You can decide what to do with YOUR BODY but you don’t have the right to decide to kill a baby. I just lost my baby 13 weeks. He died inside me and they performed an abortion on me. It was so painful. I can’t walk and I’m bleeding still . I always defend the life of those babies and I passed for this. It was so shocking!! We need to respect life!! You are not God to decide to cut lives. We get punishment in life so don’t do what you don’t want to receive.

  52. You dont need god or the dead of your child to see that abortion and even late term abortion is just wrong and grusome. So good for Dr. Levatino that he changed but I still doubt his moral compass.

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