A Career as a Behavior Analyst at The Carbone Clinic | Dr. Vincent Carbone

For the past 15 years, The Carbone Clinic has provided employment
opportunities for people interested in the application of behavior principles to the learning needs of persons with autism and developmental
disabilities. In addition, we make use of Skinner’s Analysis of Verbal Behavior as an important component of our program, and these opportunities
at The Carbone Clinic come with the idea that you would join us as a therapist – somebody working directly one-on-one providing services to
children with autism and developmental disabilities, and we require at this point that a person have at least a Bachelor’s degree,
so we don’t make much use right now of the Registered Behavior Technician level of employment at this particular point. We require people to have
at least a Bachelor’s degree and begin to train as a behavior analyst. In that process, we then encourage people to gain further education,
and gain a Master’s degree in behavior analysis that ultimately leads to becoming board certified with the right type of programming.
In many situations, based upon merit, we have provided the support for individuals to gain their Master’s degree and become fully board
certified as part of their employment opportunity here at the Clinic. Once a person is board certified, they continue to work as a therapist,
sometimes in our field today, many people move right in into supervision, become supervisors if you will, before they have had adequate amount
of training as a therapist. So, becoming board certified is not your ticket to becoming a supervisor immediately, but ultimately to move in that
direction. So once you are board certified, you continue under very strict supervision guidelines and training. Every person receives extensive
training, not only as part of their university program to becoming board certified, but we have our own in-house training process, so you continue
through that process, with very close supervision, potentially for a few years, before you are ready ultimately to move into supervision, and we have
a set of competencies that we move you through so that you ultimately will obtain the level of a supervisor within our Clinic but it isn’t automatic
upon becoming board certified. In addition, we have set up a career ladder, so that you can move from a therapist, get the kind of training
that I have just described, become board certified, continue to work as a therapist, and then ultimately move into supervision – but once there
we being to also now prepare you to have the opportunity to be an Outreach consultant, so we have another level of service, that entails
more senior sort of skills, more independence, and of course comes with greater compensation for the individual, and more freedom and flexibility.
They are now working in situations in which we are in agencies, we are in schools, we are in homes – and we have this third department.
So, the track here at the Carbone Clinic is to come in as a therapist, receive lots of training, lots of effective supervision, to move to the BCBA level,
continue to grow your skills under supervision within the context of a therapist, and then ultimately receive promotion to an Outreach consultant. So we have
a career path for behavior analysts. It has always been a major objective of our Clinic to not only provide quality-level services to children with autism and related
disabilities, but to grow the number of well-qualified, experienced and effective behavior analysts. We think here that the world is a better place when behavior
analysis is a part of it, and the more behavior analysts that are available, the better the world will be. And that is our goal, not only for the
children we serve, but for the culture in which we live.

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