A Brand New Day at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

♪♪>>It’s a brand new day. Twenty four new hours to explore, to discover, to help, to cure. At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, more
than 14,000 of us will begin our day with one goal; making breakthroughs for children. From the ones that make history, to the ones
that simply make childhood better. From unraveling the mysteries of a child’s
disease, to enhancing the joys of a child’s health, on our campus, throughout our network in our communities and around the world. And like the children we serve, our breakthroughs
come in all shapes and sizes. Some big, some small, all wondrous. ♪♪ So we do not rest because we are driven; called
to build on a 160-year history of breakthroughs. For every child, every day.

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