A Black Man’s Journey through Medical School

running the show and i’ll see you uh… twenty nine years old i am medical student at uh… university
of massachusetts withstood uh… and in boston since about the into
thirteen years old went to boston college for my
undergraduate degree going to be in history uh… my family is a intruded into baidoa have
lived there for a few years when i was younger uh… spent most of my time and in
boston massachusetts some of the big differences between
integrated school i think the uh… biggest difference was
that with undergrad the more timely spence um… you would you know the better results
you would get and with uh… with medical uh… school education there wasn’t necessarily so much about
that direct correlation with the time you spent studying and the results you
get on euclid spend all day studying and she might get the same results as you’ll get a few spent half the day said with undergraduate who spent a good
amount of hours on that subject material you would usually you don’t get the
results you he wanted uh… but for medical school is definitely how he
studied uh… as opposed to how much studies
uh… state medical school itself well that’s a great question uh… you know during my first here’s our
medical school i deficit by myself and i would definitely long hours uh…
i would you know wake up in the morning and start sending at uh… it was so and sometimes i would finish that twelve a_t_m_ one in than on the next day comment i
would take a break to eat uh… and that’s about it so i put long hard hours in uh… that changed daphne chains and uh… you know towards
the latter part of medical school i definitely passed out at more balanced
my life uh… but that kind of have to learn the
hard way so if you didn’t see it didn’t work
smarter rivet category repair um… no really i had to really step
back com realize that i was over exert myself and that we saw some someone about him i
looked in my life and uh… and that document incorporating some social
activities parties houston like to do but uh… i think importantly right
along with that just given your brain uh… address it’s an organ um… you know at what time and it needs rest
of site or somebody gets uh… so one-sided figured that i was a kind of reached so
you know a bottom end and forget it out and took a step back and study given my my brain a rest and
stunning studies enjoyed the activities are used to love on action star testing much better medical school uh… in medical school encourage you to
work in teams to see groups euclid really deftly did not do that um… and if we did not do that like i said i
would say by myself for a long long periods of time and i did start to u you know feet up my roommates and get togethers
other people uh… again towards liberal ideas of medical school and that
definitely in invaluable because uh… everyone
thinks differently at one sees things differently and so if you can share your
ideas and also a bit ideas from other people it can’t help
you splits along with some of the specific
challenges you uh… set arm so well this is how the medical school
uh… it’s very rigorous there’s a huge amount of information that you have to
know and very small amount of time and have to go well you know here could be taken care of real life people on c_ often on the stuff while uh… but for me there was a whole nother later on top of that i felt sick uh… that one of the biggest challenges with
that i have you know being a black uh… a black individual in the united states
at a medical school represented michael race fightin do well on the
tests i thought while this process is going to
think all black people don’t want these tests uh… i’d also was concerned about what
my classmates would think if i didn’t do well on any time i didn’t do well i had that added layer of okay what does this mean for other people’s perceptions of not
only me but of everyone that was black everyone that i was a
minority in in medical school and i could definitely that was one of
the most challenging on one of the most challenging uh…
times in my life uh… was was in medical school with the stars um… and it’s one of the most on the
things that i had to deal with arm has a black individual v yeah well i didn’t deal with a very well and
at the beginning i wanna are and uh… school myself from other people homicide into on the test i wouldn’t
want anyone to know about it because i wouldn’t want understood think paid this is a black guy he didn’t do a
lot of stress that’s what we expect of him uh… growing up in in in in this
country for most of my life uh… expectations were high so even if i was successful joint has
cooled in through college um… i was act but like i was the
exception because there was never got high
expectation from your for my people so this definitely outweighed on you
know we don’t need uh… a lot uh… and how you know how they get over that um… while i have to realize that are not the only one in medical school uh… everyone you know had you know it’s house medical
school even the best students and uh… kind of uh… stepping out of the box
and looking trying to get an outside perspective on that was very difficult but uh… the more i talked to other
classmates uh… other classmates that were like me minorities another costliest that we’re not going to
collect me all my realize hey other people struggling to uh… i’m not the only one and uh… and talking to friends you know i eight you have to have to talk to them
to realize hey listen they they don’t think of you and and u_s_ steel think of uh… of u_s_ representing you always know that being said very deftly does cost
mix that do and that that’s just the problem uh… that we have in this
country the deafening blows acting that’s you
know people like me article and uh… and they have the laxity since
that’s that’s a given and that’s just the reality armed with a lot of people that don’t
think that way and uh… and had to come to uh… the
realization that idon’t massive represents uh… everyone that looks like me on my
own individual uh… and acting u_s_ attorney
intelligent people and i got it on my parents with some people this year he um… some of the other challenges was
like study uh… as their mentions adds about starting
smart not necessarily studying upon so at the same formula is not going to
work for everything uh… this same flashcards in same charts uh… you
really have to open your mind and figure out you know what’s going to work for
each set of material on those really big challenge for me uh… but again you know we have to kind
of step back uh… and really think about things
uh… to kinda come to that with all the changes you cooperate fully outcomes were where we’re drastic safe
to say the least com you know i did barely get through my uh… for stocks a
two-and-a-half facil years of uh… medical school uh… very very challenging but uh… but after i kind of you know
got knockdown uh… the bottom ’cause i’m very powerful
individuals might try to get but after that happened com and uh…
you know i did ah… rotation that we worked on a critical skills and call me
to think differently uh… and i did a lot of self reflection uh… his return and i ended up getting outstanding from when this happened up until now
i’ve gotten outstanding switches the highest u_-mass that’s that’s the
highest grade you can get on rotation i thought that since this
happened so for the past here in a few months we put the people with yet com well by took my step two and uh… and it went up uh… drastically from my two twelve to two twenty eight uh… my step to sitcom soul uh… maxi saw the results an experience
results of my new way of thinking so uh… your sixty latenan arm i think my in my biggest advice
would be uh… to put the price uh… to put that feeling that you
represent everyone that looks like you aside to realize you’re not in this
alone and to seek help to talk to other people
to work with others to stop this is balanced in your life

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