A 17 years old teenager drug addiction story. Namaste Upakar Nepal Sudhar Kendra

i am 17 years old now. I did great mistakes in my life by doing drugs. at the age of 14 i started doing drugs. Now i am 17. Since age 14, i got involved with bad friends and started bunking school. At home my mum, used to scolds and explains me to attend school regularly But i used to ignore them and hang out with my friends and i slowly started using drugs with them. Firstly i smoked cigarette at first i cough badly. slowly I was getting used to it and it was fun too. Then i smoked weed I don’t know why i smoked weed slowly slowly i was getting used to it and my body was changing. my studies were getting weak i was a good student before, and now my grades were getting down. by getting used to it, now my life was harder, i couldnt do anything. I forget all those hard works my parents did for me for my education. At morning when i wake up, i couldn’t think of anything, but how to bunk school. I get out of my house before my mum wakes up. my friends call me when they see me and i go with them. Sometime when i leave for school from home, in the half way to school my mind change and i go to get high with friends. Only i think was, how to get high today? either steal money from home, tell any excuse to get money When my parents knows that i bunked the school in fear i wont go to my home, and stay at my friends house or i would night out with them. and it was now my regular schedule. Now i was more into drugs. I was doing more than smoking weed. Started with cigarette, and smoked weed, and then i started taking pills and prescription drugs. If i was still not sent to a Rehabilitation Center, I might be taking some hard drugs too. After coming to this rehabilitation center i realized that, It was not me taking the drugs, the drugs was taking me and on process to kill me. I should be in grade 10 now, but i loss 2 years in drugs and i am in grade 8 now. I am continuing my school from this rehabilitation center. I couldn’t be good son. But now i promise to be a good person. And from now, I will do anything to make my parents happy and proud. Whatever i did in past, I got second life and a chance to improve everything i have done. Now it’s been 10 months i am drug free and staying in this rehabilitation center. I learned many things here. At first, i was against the rehabilitation center and my parents decision. After i learned the effects of drugs here, i realized my mistakes. I asked myself was that me doing all those things? I was just 14 when i started smoking cigarette and weed. Now i will do my best to be a better person. Now i will study hard and make my parents proud . And i promise myself not to get involved with those friends. If i do i will get back into drugs. but i promise myself i wont. So, i’ve decided not to see them anymore. Now i will be making good friends who even don’t smoke cigarette. I think a lot here. I am doing my best I am learning good things And when i will go home, i will teach everyone about drug addiction and its effects. At first in this rehabilitation center, i was quiet upset. Why did my parents admitted here? But what they did was great. i am very thankful to my parents. I can’t even describe my mistakes. I made my parents in trouble and make the cry. Now i will do best to make them happy. I will continue my school too. I am just 17 now. i will study hard and do my best.

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