7 Weird Twists Pebberley Island DLC Brings To Two Point Hospital

We’re on the hunt, the hunt for a death-defying
water source on behalf of Wiggy Silverbottom. I’ll explain all of it in a moment, but
for now let me welcome you to Rock Paper Shotgun, and more importantly, to Pebberly Island,
the name of Two Point Hospital’s latest DLC and also home to three new hospitals for
you to get up to shape. Wiggy Silverbottom is a huge germaphobe, who
has more money than sense, and likes to go exploring in his spare time. He wants to discover
the secret to eternal life, and is scouring Pebberley Island, with the use of your expert
hospital management skills, to find it. I’ve been playing for the last couple of days and
think it offers some of Two Point Hospital’s best challenges yet which I’ll be covering
in this video. Before we delve too deep into the secrets
and twists of Pebberley Island, please do subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun, and like
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that people like to see. Pebberley Island is the second DLC for Theme
Hospital’s spiritual successor, Two Point Hospital. It brings new surprises and new
challenges. From the tropical but unpredictable and harsh weather to frogs falling from the
sky, it’s sure to keep you on your toes and keep you interested throughout. It also
comes with 34 new illnesses, including Sandy Crack, Beach Wail, Heat Wave, Hermitism, False
Tan, and Budgie Struggler, 10 of which are full new visual illnesses, three new treatment
rooms, and a bunch of new items that match the setting. None of the new hospitals play the same way,
so if you felt you were getting burnt out playing Two Point – and if you’re a bit
worried because the Bigfoot DLC didn’t bring that much by way of new things – then Pebberly
Island will breathe a breath of fresh air into Two Point County. That breath of fresh air will soon be knocked
straight from your lungs when you realise the absolute treats Two Point has in store
for you. Throwing you into the deep end with the hot
hot heat and lack of medical licence at the first hospital, Pebberly Reef, you quickly
realise that Wiggy is a nightmare to work for. He’s decided you’re only going to
be able to employ random people – who he once offered jobs to without thinking it through
– as janitors, rather than anyone who knows what they’re doing. So it’s clear from
the get go that Pebberley Reef will be heavily focused on training up these civilian janitors
to get them to tip top shape. The hospital is also a complete mess, and
with various quakes, storms, and frogs falling from the sky, no amount of cleaning will ever
make this hospital feel clean. It makes my skin crawl just thinking of the state of this
place. It’s a hospital that’s set on the beach, with boardwalks and decking all around,
so it doesn’t feel too dissimilar from popular holiday location Grockle Bay, but it is a
much harder hospital to deal with, and the unlocked plots end up being pretty far away
from each other. This doesn’t sound like much of a problem
when I say it like that. “Oh it’s on a beach,” “there are nice boardwalk strolls
between each plot,” “it’s a nice and warm location”, but remember what I said
about the absolute nightmare weather. Running between reception and the Fracture Ward in
a lightning storm is never going to be fun, whatever the location. To get your medical licence at Pebberley Reef,
you just have to hire three janitors and pick up 100 bits of litter. Sounds easy enough
right? Of course it does. But the real challenge comes when you need to get to a one star hospital.
You have to train up 12 janitors – or train the same 3 janitors 4 times – have a cure
rate of 70%, water 40 plants – something I can’t even get right in real life let alone
in Two Point – and cure 10 patients of the new illness Blank Look. Blank Look is one of the new visual illnesses,
where your patients come in with a case of the ol’ Slenderman face. I guess there was
copyright on that name. And it’s down to you to use the new Indentification Room to
coax back their faces with a really heavy looking piece of hydraulic machinery. Ouch. If you found it hard having to skirt around
falling frogs and training up your janitors from average people into super janitors, then
how do free plots sound? Yep, that’s right, for the small price of free you can unlock
new plots in the hospital known as Overgrowth. Only, not quite. The trees of the forest are
asking you to complete challenges for them in order to expand your hospital. 100 days
without a death? That sounds near impossible if you ask me. But getting the hospital to
a decent temperature? That seems easy enough. Air conditioning is a must all across Pebberley
Island, and thankfully you’ll soon get your hands on some nice ice sculptures that not
only spruce the place up, but cool the place down too. This hospital is all about choosing the plots
you think you can unlock, 30 human sacrifices? Sign me up. It’s a smart way of setting
your own pace to achieve a one star hospital. All you need to get that 1 star is unlock
10 plots, and to get those ten plots, you set the goals. It makes you think a little
more and it encourages you to use everything you’ve learned so far to get where you need
to be. Overgrowth is also the hospital where you
get to uncover another new visual illness known as Wanderust. No I haven’t said that
wrong, it’s an illness where those who have had prolonged feelings of sameness get bored
and start craving adventure. The way to cure these patients really puts the treat in treatment
room. Ey? … It’s called the Escape Room and it puts your patients through the test
of surviving an Indiana Jones-esque piece of set design, with real consequences. It is an absolute joy to watch them avoid
a massive boulder and nearly fall through a breaking floor as they scurry to the end
only to be stopped by spikes. Will they survive? Who knows, with that nurse at the control
panel one can only assume the success rate is low, but it’s fun to watch nevertheless. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Overgrowth Hospital
is entirely outside. It’s just hanging out in the jungle. Minor detail. Which means it
has completely different walls, and my dreams have come true, with every room looking the
same on the outside, unlike the regular hospitals. I think this is my favourite hospital for
that reason alone. You have to battle the trees to expand your
hospital, and plots unlock in a completely new way. They attach themselves to the existing
hospital in a way that means you may accidentally block off a potential future walkway with
your new Injection room. Architectural nightmare. Luckily, because this hospital is outside,
your patients can just wander out of the boundary and back in again to get where they need to
be. I found myself really enjoying Overgrowth,
as it gave me reason to put everything I’d learned into the one hospital, and it felt
refreshing to be able to “do my own thing” in a sense. The brief was vague enough that
I could essentially do what I wanted to achieve the end goal set out for me. Topless Mountain is the final hospital you’ll
have to deal with on Pebberley Island. It’s where Wiggy and his team will be excavating
nearby ruins as you try to build a fully functioning modern hospital in an ancient setting. Only
there’s a catch, obviously. It’s a very hard hospital to get to, where patients who
have got this far up the island tend to get sick quite easily, and big groups all turn
up at once. You could call this waves. You could call this hordes. Whatever you call
it, I call it a paperwork nightmare. To get Topless Mountain to one star, your
task is to keep your cure rate above a set percentage before the next wave comes, and
you have to complete 10 waves. You start out with a group of 10 people arriving, and each
wave increases by 5. That’s a lot of patients and a lot of grossness going about your hospital.
It seems like it would get pretty grim there, and I soon started feeling a lot like this
dolphin. I’m pretty sure these dolphins are meant to have water coming out of their
mouths not their eyes, right? Why are they crying? Who hurt them? Am I that bad at hospital
management? In Topless Mountain Hospital there are also
people walking around with giant 8 balls instead of heads. It sounds like something from a
horror film but really it’s just a new illness called Screwball, where you have to use the
new Correcting Pool room to fix it. A machine called the autocue will knock the patient’s
ball right off their shoulders and will proceed to give them back their original head. Imagine
if they accidentally gave you someone else’s head instead of your own? The new illnesses that come with Pebberley
Island are humorous to say the least, but would we expect anything less from Two Point?
Sandy Crack – the illness, just to clarify – certainly made me double take, and I absolutely
adore the look of the Budgie Strugglers. I need to make sure I’m saying that properly.
Budgie Strugglers. We expect the strangely named illnesses, but
it’s these other exciting twists and turns that we don’t usually expect from Two Point
that make this DLC feel really alive. I found Topless Mountain to get a bit repetitive – duh,
it’s a horde mode – but it kept it exciting by the slow uncovering of illnesses. My favourite hospital to play is Overgrowth,
and it will continue to be my favourite until they bring out an update allowing you to change
the colours of the outside of rooms. The outdoorsy nature of this whole hospital and having to
appease the trees is a fantastic change from the usual boxed-in feel of the other hospitals. Pebberley Reef is a good setup for the type
of manager you’re dealing with, and for someone with such low standards it’s surprising
I can never seem to please Wiggy Silverbottom on any of his site visits. What am I doing
wrong? Do I need to put down more of these plastic pink bird statue things? I really enjoyed the challenges Pebberley
Island threw at me, and I like to think I handled them quite well. Apart from on my
first playthrough of Overgrowth, but we won’t talk about that. If you enjoyed this video,
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We have a video comparing Project Hospital and Two Point Hospital, and also a video on
Two Point Hospital’s Bigfoot DLC, where I talk you through everything you can expect
to find in it. We also cover a whole array of different types of management games, so
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4 thoughts on “7 Weird Twists Pebberley Island DLC Brings To Two Point Hospital

  1. I was so invested in the game, played all day long for months. Then they updated the game and broke one feature, the shared research for all Hospitals, and I lost all interest. Now you had to research the same stuff in all Hospitals, you could no longer do money research on a previous Hospital and end it on your current, I stopped feeling like i was managing several Hospital to feel they were totally disconnected. And this game has a "charge per action" that goes up as you make your Hospitals more expensive, so now, with the shared research unavailable, the OPTIMAL way to play is to get 3 starts on a Hospital and then remove everything and fire everyone so it doesn´t add up to the "charge per action", because if you go to a previous Hospital and make it better you´re only fucking yourself for the later ones and you ended up having to spend 4 hours of play just to make enough money to build one small room with nothing in it, rather than winning money on a research lab of a previous Hospital that I spend tons of hours perfecting so I could do money research. The game no longer allowed me to play as I wanted and was use to, and since no game in my opinion ever improved on removing features, I had unable to play again. Shame, the DLC looks fun, but I already feel the main game has being broken.

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