7 Foods To Prevent Illness & Brain Aging – With Dr. Daniel Amen

hi everyone so we are on the road still
traveling we’re talking a little bit quieter than usual because we’re
actually in an airport in a restaurant we are so we want to show you that you
can do this anywhere anyhow which is actually part of the program in the
books is there’s a whole holiday section and there’s a Travel section what to do
in restaurants Airport healthy guys I travel and what do you do when you
travel we travel ok and I have a salmon kale let me just show you our this is
Daniel’s sorry we’ve got two of these going I’m showing them yours Daniel’s
salad oh and this is my salad we have kale salads with chicken and nuts and it
actually came with candied walnuts and we asked them to bring regular walnuts
and 9 times out of 10 they will just ask for what you want right and
almost always they will try to accommodate you because they love you
well they love your money which is okay right so ask for what you want you only
want to be in love with food that serves your health that loves you back seven
foods to reverse illness and aging so let’s first talk about what are the
foods that good health – so you definitely want to read Brain Warrior’s Way because as you know it’s a fact you’re in war and the war just doesn’t stop
when you come home and it’s about food we’re fighting this war believe me
we know yes your program is absolutely for anybody who’s had TBI anybody who
has emotional trauma we are gonna show you these are the habits that you can
engage in every day so we need to talk about the 7 foods – 1st one, but what are the
ones that hurt you? sugar sugar sugar and is things that quickly turn to
sugar so high glycemic foods and when they came to this restaurant first thing
was they wanted to give us alcohol and bread right now if it’s less than and
the serving size is usually much smaller than you would normally eat so 1/2 grams
per serving of trans fat and they can actually not label it and it is still
okay to put it in but a lot of times it’s like five servings that’s two and a
half grams of trans fat they can still legally put in your boot and trans fat
doesn’t leave your cells so it’s particularly damaging so we have a
question from a veteran who says he’s disabled on a fixed income how can this
help we even go to the library and get Brain Warrior’s Way or you can order it online it’s 20 dollars and 60 cents and that’s all of these things so I would get
change your brain change your life as well which you can get in most libraries
it will help you just so much do this develop the mindset of a warrior other
foods that hurt you? oh well you talked about alcohol already because it shrinks your
brain it is not a health food marijuana’s not going green I have a
study in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease that every area of the brain we measured
in marijuana smokers was lower than and
unhealthy probably great something very tragic I want actually because I spent
the day today somewhere that I don’t love but it was basically juvenile court
and it was for a CPS case and it was very sad there was a case that was there
with two parents who are very very young and you know we were up in Oregon and
Oregon has its pot is legal and well now it’s legal in California too but anyways
you know and the judge basically this couple was spending one hundred and
fifty dollars a week on marijuana I’m not able to care for their child and so
the child ended up in the hospital and the judge basically let them know look
just because something is legal doesn’t mean you can’t become addicted to it
yeah that’s good well and if you’re addicted to it you have the
responsibility to be able to maintain it manage it and take care of your children
and if you can’t do that it doesn’t make it okay okay back to food
well you know people are eating marijuana like food and it just it
bothers me to no end because the Girl Scouts remember the Girl Scouts really brilliant business people outside a pot dispensary in San Francisco I had the Girl Scout cookies and you know
she’s sold more like 200 boxes in 2 hours she’s one of the smartest girl scouts I’ve ever seen, but inside there was a Girl Scout peanut butter cookies with pot in them. This is the war I’m talking about in the Brain Warrior’s Way all right 7 foods to reverse illness and aging so I have salmon on my plate that’s one you want it to be wild salmon because omega 3 fatty acids what we are talking about is healthy fat just amazing awesome for your brain the other thing I have is tea – green tea
is one of the secret weapons for a healthy brain because it
boosts dopamine availability actually people who drink green tea have
younger longer yeah telomeres which means younger
DNA so in touching on green tea you also want to make sure that you’re
hydrated because just being hydrated actually increases your physical power
by 19% and also improves your cognitive functioning in multiple settings, decreases your wrinkles so in multiple studies so we basically say healthy fat so not the
kind of trans fat we talked about but salmon avocados nuts you know our salad came with candied walnuts that doesn’t count okay so we asked for them
to bring us regular walnuts and that we’ve got what did we say we said now
hydration dream-team healthy fats smart okay at every meal
fat and protein at every meal because it helps to balance your blood sugar
we’re talking about one of our friends today someone we love a lot who’s had
addiction problems and we taught her health don’t get too hungry too angry too
lonely or too tired because they are what puts you at risk for relapse and so
eating you know small meals but you know with foods that love you back so even if
you’re vegan you want to make sure you’re getting protein just make sure
getting a vegan source maybe you know plant-based protein powders some organic
tofu but the reason why is because protein is particularly special it
actually not only balances your blood sugar it balances the hormones of
metabolism so it’s one of the few foods along with some healthy fat that sends
the signal to your brain you’re hungry that you’re not hungry that you’ve eaten
and you’re satisfied or as sugar and simple carbs actually tell your brain
even though you’ve eaten you’re still hungry like your your belt will get
tight but you still feel hungry so that’s why that’s what I remember when I
used to love rocky road before I realized it didn’t love me back
you know I’m like okay I’m just gonna have one bowl full about halfway through the first bowl I’m thinking about the second bowl anybody like me? and you don’t need a lot of protein with each meal you just think of
it like medicine small doses right so colorful vegetables and smart carbs so smart carbs put lots of colors natural not skittles not M&Ms
but foods real food that has many different colors because that means it’s
loaded with antioxidants so we just got them telling them no like sugar foods
which quickly turn to sugar which basically a lot of people are saying are
carbs basically we’re not saying carbs are the enemy we’re saying the wrong
carbs are the enemy so we want you focusing on smart carbs smart carbs
so smoothies in the morning that have protein and some colorful vegetables you know a lot of people when they have smoothies they pour in orange juice they pour in apple juice we’re gonna change that we’re changing that you know are they pour in milk like a whole bunch of recipes whole bunch of yummy recipes is awesome or what
we often do is unsweetened almond milk and in Tana’s new cookbook she has this
cappuccino recipe that is just amazing spices fresh be kept in your medicine
have a new research on saffron is spectacular
that it helps to break up some of the plaques thought to be responsible for
Alzheimer’s disease vitamin D does that too omega-3 fatty acids that spices
saffron and sage sage has A-level scientific evidence for memory
curcumin not cumin don’t like it no it’s probably good for you but my personal taste buds no but it’s also a really good way not all spices are just pungent
or savory spices are a great way to get your kids on board because you can use
spices things like even things like cinnamon vanilla no you’re not eating
wine I’m watching this going they go what are you eating wine
that’s no green green tea and salmon kale apple walnut salad so perfect so
back to spices we have to say spices and kids that get spices and kids you can
actually get your kids on board by adding things like cinnamon nutmeg
vanilla cacao so loaded with antioxidants and a lot of times kids
won’t eat greens but they’ll eat that so they’ll actually eat there those
types of spices and it really will boost their antioxidant level you have an awesome night love you BrainWarriorsWay.com

31 thoughts on “7 Foods To Prevent Illness & Brain Aging – With Dr. Daniel Amen

  1. I love your videos. But i have to ask, is the restaurant food ORGANIC? if its not, it is really not worth eating. Try to go 100% organic and see what happens! you will be totally shocked. I NEVER eat out cuz there are almost no completely organic restaurants. Also, how old is the food… is it from local farmers? is it fresh? Do they cook in metal cookware? I only eat food cooked in glass. It's not easy, but it is SOOOOO worth it!

  2. How do you overcome a time in your life that represents a terrible time in your life. Everytime it comes up I want to run and this over whelming fear comes over me

  3. let you wife talk Dr Daniel just look at her silent messages and composure she's acting happy but hurt on the inside because simply you won't let her talk

  4. What about the concentrated levels of mercury, lead, fluoride, aluminum and arsenic in city water and in chemtrails. Must talk about this as its critical. Bottled water is no difference as only the chlorine has been mostly removed and of course its made of soft plastic and that gives you cancer.

  5. Having ADD it was difficult to keep up with any information each was giving, not to mention that it was totally annoying!

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  8. My best friend told me about seeing on you on PBS and that she thought I would enjoy hearing you. I am so delighted to have the pleasure of meeting you! I am going to purchase your books immediately! Can't wait to find out more. I'll be back!! Thank you so much.

  9. Plant based foods are right foods,nuts,avocados(good fat)fruits,melons,berries,no animal based foods including fish and not much oil.

  10. I have several diseases, but because of my being given tecta ,nexium, over the years , I suffer from extreme Gastritis. It hurts to eat anything. My husband left after 23 yrs so I’m on limited,very limited budget. I don’t drive, and I have CRPS ,so I burn from the inside out. I can’t eat raw foods or nuts , I am r victim and my teeth had to be removed. What can I do.
    My friend has constant bone pain and she’s really skinny, but nothing is working,and they eat really well like above, no meds , but they want to eat pot to deal with pain.were talking suididal pain. So where do u draw the line .? My heart surgeon said 100% no meat ,only forks over knives.

  11. Here are some wild notes on their talk … eat Wild salmon is good – green tea gives younger DNA – avocados, nuts, walnuts, protein ( can be vegan ) and good fat helps to balance blod sugar, you dont need a lot protein, colorfull vegetables, smart carbs ( natural fibers) spices, safran, vit D, sage , cucumen, vanilla, cinnamon, ( perfect food kale, walnut, green tea, )

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