$587 Profit With The Dax Robot Forex App! Dax Doctor Robot Winning Streak!!

today I’ll trade with my own robot
that’s Dax Doctor and welcome to my channel. if you haven’t subscribed yet
please do so and show us your support. so Dax Doctor robot profitability displays increased. let me turn on the robot. you see 91% profitability and the Daxbase is the assigned broker of the Dax Robot. any trade Dax Robot places will appear on this platform. I recently modified my own robot for better accuracy and it has been delivering accurate trading signals and results. we have got like four consecutive winning day. I see the
balance decrease so there might be a trade placed. yeah EUR/USD trade placed for a SELL. this is the order size as you can see. the take-profit and stop-loss levels are set automatically by the robot. let me see from this point it placed for a SELL trade. let me go through the candlestick chart analysis. an I always tell you to see for at least 15 minutes. you can see steady downtrend. let me draw it for your better understanding so that you’ll
understand the trend from here to here. as you can see some pullback points. price is coming down steadily. it might come up a bit and it will expected to go down further. a red candle is forming. let me also analyze the one-hour chart. Wow! a similar scenario here as you can see. a similar scenario like 15 minutes. let me
extend the line and there is also some pull back points. a red candle is forming in the one-hour chart. every candle is one hour candle. price is coming down beautifully as you can see. let me draw it further for your better understanding. you can see the price has come down beautifully. every candle is 1 hour candle and there are some ideal pull back points. so yeah! perfect prediction by the dax doctor robot although it’s showing minus but you know Forex does not have any specific expiry time. it depends on take-profit and stop-loss levels. it will be open until it hits the Sl/TP. it
will go on. so it will take time. it is hard to capture live. if you want to join
the Daxrobot then I will provide you a secured link in the description so that you can visit their official page and decide. so yeah! I will leave it here and I will be back with the result. it is profiting right now as you can see so I’m going to close this trade. $587 probably. let’s see the closed trades. $587 dollar profit and it took like almost an hour to profit. you know that I don’t wait for the price to hit the take profit or stop-loss levels. I can cash it
when I get some profit. the balance reached $42,000 and Dax Doctor profitably remained the same. so that’s it. until then I’m out. take care!

4 thoughts on “$587 Profit With The Dax Robot Forex App! Dax Doctor Robot Winning Streak!!

  1. Hi Faisal. What is your new settings in your own Dax Doctor robot? Can we copy it? Thanks for the continuous posting videos about dax robot.

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