5 things you should never put on your face – by Dr Liv (DIY skincare)

Hi guys today about the most common things You never should put on your face actually five most important things You never should do or put on your face. So if this is of interest You definitely should stay with me because I get asked so many times for my patients And if I go through YouTube, I just get it almost a heart attack if I see this, so, please please please Have a look and really don’t put these 5 things on your face So, my name is Dr. Liv Kraemer everybody’s calling me Dr. Liv who doesn’t know me I’m a dermatologist practicing here in Zurich and traveling all around the world for my patients and giving talks and seminars and I love Everything about skin care skin care ingredients and a skin food. So if this is …. topics of your…you are interested in you definitely should stick with me and don’t forget to Put the notification bell in order to get notified if I’m posting a new video and follow me on my Instagram Be a friend of Instagram with me or follow me on my Insta Stories…as i try to post as much as I can And today it’s about the five most common skin care Things mistakes you never should do or 5 things you never should put on your face Lets start about with Number 1 Lemons, okay guys lemons are great for eating where lemons are great for drinking So if you put a little bit fresh lemon in your water Traveling around or putting it in a warm water drinking in the morning. Fantastic. Great but Lemons have nothing to do on your face. So you ask yourself? Why? Lemons, everybody thinks oh, it’s it’s nature. It’s great. So sorry to say but nature is chemistry and physics and Physics and chemistry is nature, so nature wouldn’t exist without chemistry and physics So let’s look closer on lemons so lemons, of course a citric acid So if you look at the pH of you remember your chemistry lessons You remember the pH scale? I think I put a little bit was drawing a little bit I thought I’d make it a little bit easy for you So the scale right zero is Acid…..Base is 14 So we have a huge range and it’s not linear as lovely written, but let’s start go to Mathematic into it. Let’s make it very basics. Okay, so neutral is seven So your skin pH is 4 to 4.5….So a little bit more acid but citric acid lemons are very very low in pH it’s almost 2 And the problem is because you’re not buffering with noting else just citric acid and putting it on and unfortunately Leaving it on for a longer time and not just this your if you go outside even if the Sun is not shining Sun is always shining. Otherwise, it’s night guys. It’s physics. Okay. So as soon as you go out you actually Harming your skin you can get a burn you can get hyperpigmentation You can get so many more bad things out of putting lemons on your face Rather than having something good out of it so if we dermatologists talk about acids and food acids everything it is something a Controlled assets in a perfect. Perfect Solution serum cream it is not just the pure acid So putting lemons on your face. It’s a big NO-NO-NO You damage your skin you get Pigmentation on your skin believe me, so please stop doing this eat it drink it but stop putting it on your face Number 2 is actually vaseline vaseline So this is great for having very dry skin on your hands putting it on but vaseline is a covering agent, right and You remember I love to draw all my patients patients who is listening to me You have to smile everybody who saw my other videos will hopefully smile as well and because today it’s about alot of talk I said, okay. Let’s draw a little bit before I had My Skincare Barrier system. So the first layer of the skin looks like a cobblestone layer right like a cobblestone wall And it’s everything well sealed and you have you beautiful bacteria. So actually I always thought to my patients you are never alone Why because you have Bacteria’s and fungus’s on your skin, they love you you love them So it’s a kind of about a system which is pretty good and a kind of in balance and Every time we do something with the skin without knowledge, we may be shifting this kind of balance and if we shifting certain bacteria’s certain fungus can over grow on top and making you suffering from skin problems, so Let’s go back to vaseline vaseline is something very fatty, right? It’s really a covering agent almost so Occlusive, we say what do we mean with this we making it kind of a glass house on top Just think about you have Bacteria’s up there and you’re covering them, right? So what’s happening same as in real life if there is a kind of a glasses with a lot of people More people are coming and they’re making parties. So the picture growing growing growing underneath and you making actually more pimples because you give them a Possibility to grow underneath. So if you we have dry skin not the skin Would you feel flaky or kind of dries because there’s dead skin? So we talk about weally dry cracky excimer Then even there better agents and basil and to put on but definitely not vaseline on a skin which tends to get redness which can tends to Acne, because with the coverage You are Actually heating up redness becomes more visible and you get more pimples so Vaseline a big NO-NO…..if you have acne prone skin or Actually skin who tends to get red or if you know the word rosacea if you have the tendency for rosacea number 3 I Always get a heart attack if I see baking soda is great for skin put it on put it that it will do everything to your skin Okay, the only thing to does for your skin, it’s harming it. So everybody thinks baking soda is so natural again Nature is chemistry and physics and physics and chemistry is nature. So baking soda Exactly, so it does make sense to actually sit in the chemistry lesson and listen, so it is actually Alkaline What does it mean? So it makes its shifting the pH of your skin? Again, let’s have a look on the pH scale. Right? And as I said in the beginning the skin’s pH is more acid So if we’re switching it more to a pH of 8 or 9 which actually so baking soda dissolved in water become – Exactly, you’re shifting the pH to a more alkaline solution and which makes the skin getting imbalance because why our skin is so kind of fantastic Because the pH is lower So this let grow certain bacterial fragrances because it has that we have a lot of fungus and bacteria on our skin They love us and we love them and we love this kind of balance. But as soon as you shifting it To another side too much without knowing why doing it exactly You imbalance your scale so actually suddenly different bacteria can actually over grow and the certain bacteria would not be killed and your water loss will actually increase so what I want to say baking soda is Something was supposed to be in your kitchen, but please definitely not on your skin So a big big NO-GO for baking soda Number 4 toothpaste toothpaste is great for exactly brushing your teeth But nothing to put on a pimple or actually on the face why we dermatologists getting heart attacks Why because people are coming with we call it dermatitis. Something was irritating the skin something was making more pigmentation Something would gives you redness is something would really imbalance your skin So, do you know really what toothpaste is especially? Calcium Carbonate so Calcium Carbonate is something an abrasive So it’s actually to take out the paque…..You don’t want to take something off your skin abrasive secondly inside and sodium lauryl sulfate which makes actually is very blubbry This is the main cause of irritations of your skin There’s most of the time spearmint pepper menthol a mental inside and this is what gives your skin a Really a hard time particular if you’re going outside Because in combination with the Sun and believe me Sun is always shining because Dave is Sun night. There’s no Sun So what do I mean is? Exactly in combination with a high UV you made these ingredients Irritate your skin even more So what happens is you get even more problems you getting in so we call it contact dermatitis and Cheilitis what I mean? It’s kind of inflammation around the mouth because this is most time people putting it around if they have pimples So please toothpaste is something for your teeth Nothing for your skin Okay, please no toothpaste on your skin not on a pimple. It’s not the right way to dry something out Forget it really don’t do it number 5 oils. Oils are wonderful for eating. So if you have seen my video about Skin food you should have a look on it so I explaining that maybe sesame oil is great because it has unsaturated fat, but this is for digestion But putting oil on your face will actually cause more breakouts and cause more redness if you have the tendency of for example Rosacea…Why…? So, just imagine as I always say and My cobblestone layers my cobblestone wall the upper layer with Bacteria on top, and if you have a tendency of certain bacterial to overgrowth Acne Bacteria ‎Propionis if you put an oil on top you’re making a closure So all the bacterias can make party underneath and another closure You also heating up and the redness becomes more visible so what you do with oil you just make a coverage so This is a No No Go Go. No Go so never go to bed with oil on your face Why as I said you get more pimples because you’re covering it up so putting oil on the hair but never go to bed with this and if you have a tendency of acne because then it actually Comes around and you breaking out here round So oils never should be applied from here to the top from here On top so never on the face and particular coconut oil and no oils from the kitchen because you really really break out and You really if you have the tendency redness and rosacea you even make you make it even worse So please no oils on the face. I mean you can remove your makeup with the oil Of course, this is actually good way because fat we it gets removed my fat But then make sure that we need you clean your face not just with water, but actually with a good cleanser Ok So I hope it helped and I hope you listen to me at least with these five things not to put on Your face and there will be a couple of you said yeah, but it worked for me Okay, guys, it is like a Swiss watch you have a couple of wheels moving before the big hand is moving So what I mean, if for one of you guys have helped great, this is luck but if you look long term You really want to know the wheels, which don’t harm your face and we’re talking about long term things You should avoid because it has a scientific background. So please never Lemons, never Veselin never soda baking soda, never ever toothpaste and no oils kitchen oils on the face particular not if you have the tendency for breaking out or ever wear for acne and rosacea redness So I hope it helped because I really felt like talking about these topics because I saw so many YouTube videos and really get me a heart attack if people talking about this without scientific background and and Actually a patient into my office just came and made a funny kind of a mixture of different home residues and I almost get a heart attack because she still got Acne And Explaining it’s very important understanding what you choose even more know what you’re doing. It’s your skin, right? So don’t just follow advice’s think twice and think well Get your information. Well done before you do something always ask why you do this Turn on my notification Bell to get notified for other videos. I hope i’ll see you Next time subscribe to my channel be my friend on Instagram I try to put Instagram stories as much as I can particularly if I’m traveling and Yeah, I love you all. Thank you so much for all your support and see you next time I love you all see you then…… Bye…..

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  1. I always tell people "Arsenic is all natural too but it doesn't mean it's good for you and you should eat". I was tell friends and family about to be careful about "all natural " or "all organic " labels of things. I said it's marketing, they want you to believe their products are superior and better for you. It's a lie lol.

  2. I love this! Thank you! Sooo informative and so true. Believe her. Even if Iโ€™m not a doctor, I have the same thoughts and experience. Now I only use water and baby soap for my face and always be happy and positive. You will just glow naturally. ๐Ÿ’•

  3. I have acne bumps n pimples on my face since i was of 11 now i am of 17…i concerned with many dermatologists but i got temporary results …as i strt even a lil bit of any kind of junk food n so on… i have oil skin…and oil appears on ly skin like hell …..acne increase more n more i got tired of having prevention…some drs told me that i have stomach problem so should eat cold thinks …i am in stress … mam pls guide me what should i do๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  4. Ohhhh my goodness ๐Ÿ˜ฑ I always put Vaseline on my face before going to bed and in the morning , thank you for the info

  5. Iโ€™m new and subscribed. At age 62, paying more attention to skincare. Iโ€™m lucky, bc I never had breakouts. My question is; What do you think of Argan oil? I have dry skin and use a bit a few times a week…
    Btw, so glad you mentioned Vaseline as โ€œcoverโ€ cream. That is what I learned when I was in pharmaceutical assistant school back in the 70ies in Budapest…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโ˜บ๏ธ Vaseline does not let your skin breathe!

  6. But I heard few oils r really good fr skin like rose oil orange oil coconut oil and almond oil ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿค”
    Doc u have good acting skills ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Oh yes Dr you are right about lemons , i used lemon juice to cleanse my face and hell broke loss , i couldn't recognise my face anymore. I had burns and blisters. Please don't try it folks.

  8. i dont use lemons directly on my face but i have used them in a bowl of hot water to steam my face and it makes my skin look brighter. or i always mix them in with something else not directly on the skin

  9. People please, let me clarify for the Dr. !!! Petroleum jelly is mineral oil, like motor oil!!! Plant oils like rose hip, carrot oil avocado oil, etc are fine for non acnegenic skin!! Jojoba oil is really not an oil but a waxy ester that closely matches the sebum in our skin. Jojoba oil never turns rancid because it is not a real oil but a naturally occurring esterification. If you have dry skin for instance I would use avacado oil, rose hip oil, and jojoba oil mixture for your skin. Morninga oil is also a wonderful oil that contains 195 antioxidants!!! Everyone can use this oil in a mixture of oils appropriate for your skin type. I could go on and on about the benefits of plant oils for the skin, and for you internally, but it would literally take a book!!!! I am an advanced medical esthetician, herbologist, aromatheralist, Reiki Master Healer… I am a voracious reader of any and all things botany related… The Dr. means well, but their training is limited to sell medical school. How often does your Dr. say that they know nothing about nutrition!! Your whole body runs on the nutrition you give it, but your PCP knows nothing about it!!! Blows your mind!!!. So that being said, I was lucky enough to work for a very prominent dermatologist who was a progressive thinker, who welcomed me into her practice, because I had a knowledge base that WAS out of the box thinking… and she welcomed it… She enjoyed our exchanges of information. So that is my message to you all. I know you are confused by the Dr. , but I am on Facebook as just Jeanette Sattora, a regular normal Facebook account, if you have questions that I can answer feel free to contact me.

  10. Thanks you so much it's very important and helpful,but I have a question, how should I do I already used lemon please help me fo get again natura buety l face,shlluld

  11. She talks about what not to put on our faces, but she has bottox by herself, which is one of the worst toxins on the world. The cosmetic companies had to pay her really well, bcs people massively turn to natural cosmetic and they're loosing their profit. Doctor, let's talk about shity ingredients in all cosmetic products made by companies, like parabens, aluminum, silikon, sodium lauryth sulfate, phthalates, formaldehyd etc… Are they good for our skin…?

  12. Castor oil not only thickened my eyebrows, but also cleared my acne. It has natural antibacterial properties to it. My skin looks great. I won't give up my cold-pressed Castor oil. No ma'am.

  13. You have a beautiful face as well as a lovely french-like accent! I really enjoyed watching you , and of course thanks for the info! I am 46, having no wrinkles ( peoples think I m in my 20s :-)). I put on rosehip oil, argan oil and coconut oil at night for the last 5 years or so, no complaints at all!

  14. Of course you said that because you made money of people..but I used all kind of oil in my face and never had a problem and made my skin glow…so what you said is nonsense…

  15. Few things about lemons? Why should PH of lemon be so concerning? All the AHA that we use as an exfoliant including citric acid work their best at low ( acidic ) PH and moreover Topical citric acid ( found in limes, lemon) produces changes similar to those observed in response to glycolic acid, and retinoic acid including increases in epidermal and dermal glycosaminoglycans and viable epidermal thickness. Why should it be not good?
    Also about oils and Vaseline they work by creating a sealing barrier between cells in dry or damaged skin which locks in moisture and speeds up your skin's natural recovery process, helping it to repair from within. Its occlusive function allows it to protect dry skin, cracked skin, minor cuts, scraps, and burns. If you apply in a clean face of course!

  16. TOOTH PASTE HAS FLUORIDE, UNLESS IS AYURVEDA MADE WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS.. end of the day: eat well, drink water, exercise, and make your own products!

  17. There are all kinds of oils, and saying that oil in general is detrimental is nonsense. I used nothing but oil-free products for the first 40 years of my life; I had constant low-level irritation and all kinds of skin problems for ALL of those years. In the 5 years since I went almost 100% oil for cleansing and moisturizing, my skin has become almost completely calm, and most of my issues (including acne) have completely disappeared.

    I do still have rosacea (something I've been dealing with for more than 20 years), but my skin is so much less sensitive than it used to be, that everyday life doesn't bother me and cause the degree of flushing that it used to. My rosace is less severe, and literally the only thing I've changed about my life is substituting oils for some of my more standard skincare.

    Not all oils are created equal, and different skin types can benefit (or suffer) from different oils. It took a number of years to narrow it down to what works for me (NOT coconut oil, jojoba, or rose hip!), but once I figured it out, my skin just got better and better. On me, the constant low-level irritation translated visually as symptoms that had an aging appearance, or that mimicked aging. One of the many benefits of calmer, happier, skin is that (amazingly enough), I look a lot younger than I used to. And when I do wear moisturizer, I add a few drops of oil; when I want to wear foundation, that added oil in my moisturizer makes a big difference in how smooth and natural my foundation looks.

    I'm trying not to be too cynical or or to unfairly attack anyone, but I find that so many people who argue against oils are people who have skincare lines, or who are somehow invested in the success of certain products. I certainly don't believe that "natural" is better (in fact I'm more "better living through chemicals" in my approach to life), but I can't deny that using oils in my skincare has made a huge positive difference for me.

  18. Hello mam just came across yr vid it's so helpful just one things that we get facial oils which r really light weight n expensive so r they good ? I use triple phase oil of AVON

  19. AGREED :
    1. Lemon oil, it will make ur skin burn when met the sun
    2. Vaseline, it can make you hv pimples & big pores
    3. Baking soda, dangerous for skin, it caused burn, and soda is actually for toilets cleaner ๐Ÿ˜‚.
    4. Toothpaste, big no, coz its contain chemical ingrediants to clean & whitened ur teeth (not skin) ๐Ÿ˜‚.

    5. Essential oils ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ ?? Maybe some of those oils r good for skin, but some of them not …

    Wich one is more dangerous, CHEMICAL INGREDIANTS or ESSENTIAL OILS ????

  20. Thx for sharing dr Liv. I agree with thรฉ physic and chemistry theory but what about when you mix lemon and any Alkaline product. Will thรฉ ph increase ?
    I use ghassoul and lemon once a week for year.
    A question : is black skin issue same than caucasian???
    Thx – Joe Congo Kinshasa DRC

  21. There is another dermatologist on YT that says never use oil on the face. She says it will make your skin feel soft and look luminous because itโ€™s sitting on the surface, however, deeper down it can cause your skin to become dehydrated. She said it can also collect in your pores and stretch them out.

  22. I dont break out couse of oil, but it has to be good olil, like bakuchi oil, or rosehip oil, tee tree oil, but you have to be careful with use, some of them can be strong in procentage, you can mix it. Oils are great i dont agre with her not at all….

  23. I'm confused there's multi million pound company selling many face like and here your saying don't so what shall I do? I spent nearly r0 pounds on face oil.

  24. I am SO happy to have found this video and your channel. I think I really did know instinctively not to use oil on my face. I have purchase rosehip and squalance oils, thinking I MUST apply them because people on Youtube said so. NO NO NO! I hated they way they made my skin feel, and it felt like I was undoing all the good done by the wonderful serums and moisturizers applied before the oil. You have a NEW subscriber in me!!

  25. Coconut oil is good for body but not face… totally clogs pores. She also said "if" you are prone to breakout. Not everyone is prone. Sunflower oil is good for acne prone skin because it's high in linoleic acid ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Love u!an pls i will love too no your opinion on this pls i used olive oil 0n my face nce last December and since then my stories has changed am finding it soo difficult to get rad of the stops plsss

  27. This is a joke right? I slap all of these except for toothpaste on my face…. for years now! And my face is so flawless I don't need to wear makeup ….. don't take this personal but you could use some oils and lemon

  28. I put vaseline on my lips when they are dry and peeling and leave it on overnight. In the morning I wipe it off and my lips aren't dry anymore. Is that ok to do?

  29. I was with her until she said: "no oils"… ๐Ÿ™ I disagree. I use Coconut Oil and it helps with breakouts for me and I don't get clogged pores. I also sometimes put Black Castor Oil on my face before bed. I should mention that I'm a very clean eater though. I believe that diet plays a MAJOR roll in skin appearance.

  30. Thnk you very much for your best information can we use plain yogurt and my private parts all black and I'm very fair in complexion plz suggest me thnks

  31. But oil doesnt form a permanent layer on the skin.. It gets absorbed through the night..anyhow.. I agree with all the other four but not oils because my country has been putting oil on our faces at night for thousands of years.. No science can beat that because if it were actually bad.. It wouldnt have lived through generations as something that is good for you

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