Hi everyone! My name is Jamie and I’m a first year emergency
medicine resident. Today I want to talk about five things I wish
I knew before starting medical school. Let’s jump right in. Number 1 is Self Studying When I first started medical school I found
it surprising how much self-directed studying there was. In one of my videos, a lot of you guys asked
why the lecture halls were so empty and the reason is medical schools are moving in the
direction recording lectures so students can watch the videos at home at their own pace. It’s not uncommon for medical students to
“miss” class and study at home. And unlike in high school or college, where
one professor might be in charge of teaching a class and writing the exams, in medical
school, there were several different professors and doctors coming in to talk about what is
often their specialty or research interest. So lecturers didn’t necessarily stress what
would be on our board exams. This means that a lot of the board studying
is done your own. A lot of you guys ask me how to best prepare
for medical school and I think the best advice is to develop good study skills and habits,
no matter what you’re studying at your level. I think having a good set of tools for memorization
and comprehension will come in handy at all levels of learning. Number 2 Medical school is EXPENSIVE. ESPECIALLY in the United States. But it’s hard to actually grasp the magnitude
of cost until you look at your loans at the end of medical school and see that you are
literally in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. The average med student in 2017 graduated
with close $200,000 of debt and 14% percent of them have debts exceeding $300,000 in education
debt including pre-med debt. Needless to say, going into medicine means
you will be delaying true financial independence for a long time. Some of the things you can do to minimize
this debt burden is by lowering your pre-med or undergraduate debt as much as possible. So if you have several choices in where to
go for college, I would definitely keep this in mind. I would say the same is true for the most
part when it comes to choosing your medical school. You will likely have a similar quality of
education at one US medical school versus another so definitely keep cost in mind when
you are choosing a school. Number 3 is Support system is everything When it comes to training in medicine, you’re
really in it for the long haul. Your medical training doesn’t end with 4
years of medical school- it continues throughout residency which can last up to 7 years in
certain specialties. So you may not be thinking about family or
having kids right now, but you might be in your late 20s and early 30s while you’re
still in training. I once spoke to a female neurosurgeon who
had FIVE kids. When asked how she manages everything she
said it all comes down to having a supportive partner. I want to echo that sentiment and stress how
incredibly important it is to have a partner who understand the demands of working in medicine. I have a great partner who knows that my hours
are long and often inflexible. It doesn’t always mean our schedules line
up perfectly but just knowing that he understands puts me at ease even when my schedule gets
crazy. Number 4 You will still have time for things
outside of medicine Probably the most surprising thing about medical
school was how much time I actually had to develop new hobbies and pursue other interests. Of course it takes a bit of time management
and prioritizing but it’s definitely doable. For example, fitness and YouTube are relatively
new hobbies that I picked up while still in medical school. I know many of my colleagues have picked up
and continued their hobbies of traveling, reading, photography, and even runway modeling
while in medical school. I would say it’s even encouraged that you
look beyond the world of medicine to develop yourself as a well-rounded person. At the end of the day, we work in a profession
where we talk to and relate to patients and having a broad knowledge about things OUTSIDE
of medicine will make you a much better doctor. Number 5 is Imposter syndrome In the beginning of my medical school career,
we were given a talk about Imposter syndrome and how a lot of us, even the best of us,
deal with it. Personally, there were times when I totally
felt like an imposter at my medical school and even now at my residency. I think it helps to know that other people
also feel the same way. Especially in medicine, it’s impossible
to know everything and we tend to be pretty hard on ourselves. My advice to you is the same one Sheryl Sandberg
had for her readers in Lean In: fake it til you make it. If you don’t feel like you have the confidence,
fake it and act as if you’re the most confident person in the world and slowly you’ll start
to believe it yourself. Another advice is to be kind to yourself. Like I said, we can’t possibly know everything. We will make mistakes. I think it’s best to accept and acknowledge
our gaps in knowledge, apologize when we are wrong, and try the best we can. That’s all we can do. AND that’s all I got for today. Before I close the video, I want to thank
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  1. Something i learnt the hard way was that summarizing big texts is the key to memorizing stuff.
    You cant go through a piece of text without making notes.

  2. Hi Jamie.
    I m a canada high school student. What could I prepare now for going to university study pre-med? Is there something i can do that could provide me with higher chance of being accepted? For example first responder? And does self learning takes the most part of your medicine study life? Thank you so much.

  3. I have my MDCAT in like 5 weeks and I'm really worried like I've prepared everything but there are these other people who might be way better then me and thats getting to me, like im from Pakistan and over here its like 40000 people apply and only 3800 get into government medical colleges so do you have any tips on how to deal with this stress?

  4. Hey! I would love to see a video on the medical books that you recommend for various subjects…I don't see many videos on this topic and I still have 2 years to go with surgery, internal medicine, gyn/obs, pediatrics etc.

  5. I wanna be an orthopedic surgeon when I get older but also I don’t wanna sacrifice the good things like a family and my own family

  6. I’m only 12 but I really want to be a doctor I want to help people. So watching this video made me very happy. I really want to be a emergency doctor. I want to work in a ER and be in action.

  7. Hi, just out of interest, does learning about all these diseases etc give you hypochondria? And do you sometimes self diagnose yourself without even thinking about it? I know its a weird question lol

  8. I just turned 30 and my career isn't really going anywhere. I graduated with a MA in Teaching 2 years ago but have not found a teaching job. Instead I am working as a janitor (which is ok but not my lifetime goal). I am kinda interested in pursuing neurology but already have substantial debt. Is it still possible to go to med school with these things in mind?

  9. As soon as I saw your channel I just… cried. Thank you so much for your videos, you're honestly helping me out so much with my decisions.

  10. My daughter will start medical school(Ukraine) in September 2018, I will tell her about your videos….. Hello from Jamaica.

  11. Okay… Average med school debt is 200,000 dollars and average yearly income for a physician is also around 200,000 dollars. I dont know that doctors have a right to complain about financial strain.

  12. I want to study medicine but im unsure now. I have to study for 8 years and i feel like im sacrificing my youth if I continue with my choice. I want to become a doctor but all the expenses, longevity is too much. I cant make a choice, Im graduating next year and after that I need to decide what career should i take. I thought of taking up Law but Im not really passionate with it. Im so darn confused I dont know what to do anymore. Please help me

  13. Aww it's so different in the Philippines.. we have to go to class because attendance is graded, and a lot of times we have surprise quizzes and recitations like we're back in high school. So honestly there's not a lot of time for other hobbies. 🙁 (I only started my channel after med school during internship)

  14. Hello ! I am in high school now and I am not taking maths anymore . I wanted to know if maths is compulsory to study maths ?

  15. Hi Jamie just wanted to say thank you for these videos. I really want to be a doctor but as a first gen and with no one in my family in the field it’s so hard to get a grip of what I’m going into (besides the generic, it’ll be hard and long). You have given so much more clarity to me with your advice and vlogs! Thank you and keep up the good work!!

  16. Your videos are really helpful! Thanks to you 💚 this year will be my first year in medicine school. my school is beginning in september 17. can you advice some books or a website to research medical lessons?

  17. I feel really sorry for people passionate about medicine in the US. You're basically required to give your life away in exchange for education. I've always taken for granted that after school, I can apply to med school just like any other degree and the only thing in my way is the application process. Money shouldn't be a hurdle to jump to get an education.

  18. I found you such an incredible beautiful human being, I love your hard work and ambitious personality 😊😊🙌🙌 I love how you challenge yourself and let us know about your progresses and new tips, love youu !!❤❤😍😍

  19. I am 20 junior year of undergrad I want to become a cardiovascular surgeon or cardiologist, I want to do a post bac program with a linkage to a medical school

  20. Most ppl who go to med school, your truly included, are type A. Yes, we study our ass off to get the best grades to get into a med school. However, most will lie to u about studying. Why? Ego. Any med school that accepts u is fine. Expect to sacrifice BIG, time and money. Yes, med school will end relationships. That is a FACT, not an exception. And yes it’s all about the MONEY or having a good secure job. Anyone that says differently are liars. Trust me on that one. Your job is to be number 1 from undergrad to finishing residency. Grades is everything. Extracurricular activities? Just Bullshit. I did a superb job on that one. How else does one decides on the best candidate? They r looking for the best bull-shitter, type A, success driven maniac. Don’t say I want to b a doctor bc I want to help ppl or crap. It stinks a mile away. Just work on the bullshit. Otherwise, good luck.

  21. I've been in my first year internship for 4-5 months and many of cycles have rotated, then i found that i was in hard time when i've to prepare my self to face the beginning of my cycle, during the cycle, and when i've to face the post test in the final of the cycle. While my friends in the same cycles of me looked really fine and could face and finish the cycle in their way.. I've been so frustrated with it. Btw could u give me suggestion or something that can help me to trigger my self that i can face and finish my cycles well and my internship year without being frustated and looked enjoy ?? I felt like have been wasted much of my time during my cycle without i could take the lesson or everything that could be my experience when i graduate.. I have been so frustrated of that too.. Please could u help me.. Thank you so much.

  22. Starting med school this week, I'm kind of dreading it I can't go back to intense studying after this summer, A levels was bad enough

  23. Medical school gave me free depression. 4th & 5th year in medical school nearly killed me. i atleast cried 2-3 times a week. and then i discovered bts and i became less hard on myself. i have accepted my fate with medical school. i used to say if i would ever go back in time i would give anything not study medicine. Now my view has chaged, because AMOR FATI. Honestly thank you bts. i am graduating next year spring

  24. 1st and 2nd year i was so into my looks and outfits, 3rd year i was like fuck it.i cant rmb the last time i wore make up.

  25. Wow i am so happy that in germany we almost dont have to pay anything at all for college. All u have to pay is about 200-300€ every 6 months and even then if youre from a poor background you get financial support from the government which can reach up to 700€

  26. Hey Jamie, how are you able to balance being a youtuber and being a medical student.. I'm a pre-med student and I want to start youtubing

  27. Hello, haz un video de como entrar a medicina, pasos y requisitos soy extranjero pero estadounidense y quiero estudiar medicina
    Acabo de salir de secundaria

  28. Here in Pakistan med schools are much different. They're not so expensive because if you come on merit you're given an amazing scholarships like I'm studying on a full scholarship and only have to pay tution fee of Rs. 30,000 ($300) per annum. You can't skip classes because you have to have about 80% attendance by the end of the semester. You aren't overburdened by studies as you always have seniors to help you out. There's alot of teamwork between the classmates and that helps you manage alot of stuff. To sum it up, medical study is very easy and you enjoy your time.

  29. Most people who wanna go to medicine think that they wanna be rich or think that medicine is good for them because they are smart. In fact, you wouldn't be happy in medicine unless you have a caring personality. If you are not genuinely caring for people don't go to medicine. It is not that cost and time worthy if you don't enjoy it.

  30. When you are pursuing your dreams and trying to accomplish your goals, your focus shouldn’t be in the adversities of it! Just do it ! Because the mind is a really powerful tool, it only depends the way you use it.

    Saul S

  31. I dont think decieving yourself about confidence is a very effective route (faking it to believe it). We are not meant to live dishonestly but to gage with the internal struggles and see where they lead or point the most direction to. i discovered that where i placed my confidence makes all the difference (among many others)

  32. My daughter went to private school for 12 year and to Harvard undergrad and then Harvard Med, she came out with zero debt. She got her wedding paid for as well. I guess I should be a proud father!

  33. These are great tips I never knew that. Imposter Syndrome can happen to all of us all the hard work you put in can always shock you and give you doubts. Keep up the great work and good luck

  34. I'm a first year premed student in undergrad and although I still have a few years I've been terrified for medical school, but hearing you say you had time to develop new hobbies and stuff outside of your studies made me feel a lot less worried for it. All this time I thought it was entirely studies with no time for much of anything for four years but knowing that's not the case helps a lot

  35. I have had a interest in the medical field for a while now. Medical school, Pa school, and less likely, nursing, are some of the areas I’m looking into. I can see myself in all of these pathways—especially medical school, but being in debt to the degree of six figures just scares me.

  36. Being a doctor is a very rewarding job. Helping people and putting a smile on there faces is what makes a doctors day. Being a neurosurgeon is also rewarding because I get to experience things first hand

  37. Your voice is so soothing! I am starting medical school in the summer and this really was helpful. Thank you!

  38. In Romania medschool is super different. You can study for free if your grades are good enough( comparing to your colleagues'), but this can change from a year to another. If you have a bad year and your grades are not good enough, the next year you have to pay around €2000. They are quite strict about attendance. We are not allowed to miss more than one or two mandatory lectures per semester.

  39. I'm so thankful to hear you can have a life outside of medical school. Being an older, non-traditional pre-med student, I'm already involved in things outside of school. I was afraid I would have to give that up. Thanks for these videos!

  40. Jesus Christ my accelerated nursing program is costing me $130k for a 2.5 year program. That’s almost the average cost of med school…

  41. I get imposter syndrome in more situations than one. I just feel like I need to respect my abilities but i feel like others know more than me. I'm a premed undergrad and i work in a hospital as a phlebotomist. I just feel most comfortable with patients because they seem less judge-y than my coworkers. The patients usually already respect you and i can fake my confidence until i make it but i feel like my coworkers sometimed can see through me. Especially when i make mistakes. Eh

  42. tbh I am a high school student who chose to study medicine, and I am currently studying it and tbh the amount of stress I need to deal with is just so hard to handle but I am encouraging myself and pushing myself through it since its my dream, plus don't stop making these videos honestly they are sooooo helpful and thank you for making time to do these great videos!!

  43. thank you so much for saying that i will still have time for hobbies while i am in med school! such a relief
    i always thought that going into med school means that i have to get rid of all my side activities because in med school there’s no time but to study

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