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hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you five simple treatments for back pain. so let’s get started. so the first one is just gonna be a simple pelvic tilt. pelvic tilts are great for the spine, for the low back, just to get everything loosened up, but in a soft gentle way. so with a pelvic tilt, you want to prop your knees up. and the goal is you’re tilting your pelvis, that’s what I was called a pelvic tilt, to flatten out your back, but you’re not using your legs to do it. you’re using your core muscles and your pelvic muscles to do it. so if I am pushing and my bottom comes up off of the floor, then that’s using my legs and that’s not really doing the pelvic tilt. so sometimes if you want to put your hands underneath the curve of your spine just so you can feel yourself pushing down on it, you can, but what you want to do is just tighten up those muscles, and you should be able to see that pelvis kind of tilting back, flattening out my back. so once you get there, then you’re gonna try and hold it for about three to five seconds, and then relax, and do about five times just to start off with. but then you can work your way up to ten to fifteen, and if you get to that many and it’s pretty easy then you can probably move on to something else. so the next thing is going to be a bridge. for a bridge, you’re still in the same position, but this time you’re using your glutes and your hamstrings to activate to start strengthening some of those areas which help with low back pain. so when I go up into a bridge, a couple things you want to do. you want to make sure you go one segment at a time. so you’re not just popping up and coming back down. you’re really controlling that movement and you’re also driving your knees forward when you come up. so you’re not just bringing your your bottom up like this, you’re kind of driving those knees out in front of you to bring the hips up. and you don’t have to stop at each segment, but you can make it smooth, but that’s kind of how you want to go one segment at a time nice and smooth coming down. and you should really get a nice squeeze at the end. get those glutes activated because those are so important when you have back pain. if those are weak a lot of times that you have back pain. so another great treatment is to relax those deep spinal muscles along your spine and a great way to do that is kind of with trigger points. and so what you want to do is really get on specific spots that are painful and just press on them and relax your body and just let those muscles relax. there’s a couple of different ways to do that. you can use a lacrosse ball, you can use a foam roller, but the folks that vital spark sent me their cordus. and the reason this is really really cool and I like it, as you can see that there’s a space in between here for where your actual spinal column goes, where the spinal processes go in there. so sometimes with something like a lacrosse ball, you’re just getting one side or with a foam roller it’s getting the the whole spine itself, but this allows it so you’re not getting pressure on the spine you’re actually getting the pressure on the muscles on the outside of the spine, and that’s what you’re looking for those deep spinal muscles. what’s also really cool about this is it has the three different spots. so you’ve got your cervical one this this kind of set so it gets those because all the spinal column is different in those segments. it has the dorsal area which is our thoracic area or down into the sacrum, and then it has the lumbar one which is bigger which of course because those vertebrae down there are bigger. so it’s nice because it has those different options, but make sure if you get this that you check out their manual because they have very specific instructions for this. this is something that if you’re, if you don’t use it right, you’re probably gonna end up being more sore. so I’m going to show you just briefly how to do it, but make sure and read everything because there’s also some contraindications that you might not want to use this if you have that. but there’s a lot of things that it helps for for back pain, spinal stenosis, sciatica, things like that. so it’s a really good tool but just make sure it’s appropriate for you. so the biggest thing is the flat part goes on the floor. so then it kind of comes up into a triangle to the spot that you want. now this is solid so when you’re starting off you might not want to start off on the hard floor. you might want to start on your bed or on a couch and it tells you all that. or you can do it sitting in a chair so you’re not getting quite as much pressure. you can also put a towel over it to take off some pressure, but I’ve been using this for a little while, so I’ve gotten to the point where I’m really comfortable just with it being on the floor, but it should always be tension and pressure, it should never be painful. so if it’s painful you’re not doing it right, or you really don’t need to do it. so I’m gonna do the lumbar portion for for the back pain, but a lot of times you want to start up at the neck, the cervical, and then move your way down. so this is great for neck pain, thoracic pain, low back pain, sacral pain. so all of those this really helps and it’s really good and relaxing. to do, so a lot of times to start off you want to start off with just some deep relaxing while you’re doing it. make sure the middle of your spine goes there, so these are on the outside portions where the the transverse processes are. where all those deep spinal muscles are. so bending your knees up should help to start off with, and then I’m just gonna use my fingers to kind of find a spot. sometimes where I’m a little sore, and then I’m just gonna slowly come down. and again the instructions do show you ways that you can use like books or boxes or something to kind of prop up a little bit, so you’re not getting quite as much pressure. when I first started off doing this, I did I started on the couch, and it was it was really really comfortable, but again at this point I’ve gotten used to it and it’s it’s comfortable just on the firm surface of the floor. but I wouldn’t start off with it there. so you really just want to really relax. do some diaphragmatic breathing which is breathing through your belly, and then at each segment that they show you usually want to lie here for about three to four minutes. so I’m not going to lie that long, but it’s just a really great tool. I can feel that pressure specifically on those muscles and then after you’re here for a little while then a lot of times you just feel that tension and release, and that’s just like a trigger point. if you were going to go see your physical therapist or healthcare provider and they’re pushing into that spot and just holding it there like a trigger point, and then a lot of times and you just feel it release, and then that muscle lets go. and so sometimes it’s hard to do that to yourself, so that’s why this is just a really great tool to use. so if you’re interested in purchasing the cordus, make sure and click on the link up here. so then the next exercise or treatment is going to be a trunk rotation. so we’re gonna lie back down. after you’ve gotten everything nice and relaxed, now we’re going to kind of do a side-to-side movement. so we’ve kind of gone in this plane now we’re gonna go side to side. so this one I kind of bring my feet a little bit closer together because you want your knees to stay together for this one, and then you’re just gonna gently roll your knees over to one side until you feel a little stretch through there. you might feel it in your bottom a little bit, kind of coming up the lower to mid-back. just hold it for about 10-15 seconds. it doesn’t have to be anything like a 30 second hold unless you want to, and then come back and rotate over to the other side. so you see my bottoms coming up a little bit, but my upper part of my back and my shoulders are staying down because that’s where you want to get that rotation in that trunk area. so again that 10 15 seconds. I do maybe three to five on each side just to get you really nice and relaxed. and then so the last treatment is just gonna be a simple knee to chest. again these should be nice and comfortable and relaxing. so some people if they’ve got some groin pain issues, if they’re bringing their knee up to their chest, they end up kind of hurting a little bit right here. if you have any pain anywhere you shouldn’t do it because what you’re trying to do is stretch out that low back. so what I like to do is grab underneath just because sometimes people have knee pain. you can grab up here, but if you’ve got some knee pain, arthritis, if you’re pushing here sometimes that puts a lot of pressure there, so I like to grab underneath. this is your choice, whatever is more comfortable. and then just pull up towards your chest as far as you comfortably can. this is going to be a full 30 second hold, and then you’re gonna do three on each side. now some people do ask what should I do with the leg on the other side. you see I have mine bent up. when you have back pain, if your knees are bent that takes some pressure off of the back, so I like keeping it bent. some people say they feel more of a stretch if they put it all the way down, which is fine. you’re maybe getting a little bit of a hip flexor stretch as well, but if you really want to focus on that low back stretching it out, I would just bring that knee up. so you’re relaxing in so again 30 seconds 3 on each time, on each Side, and then those should really help loosen everything up. so those were 5 simple treatments for back pain. if you’re interested in purchasing the cordus, make sure and click on the link up here. and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there. and remember be safe (make sure you read the manual), have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Hey dr. You are such a woman you always bringing us things to help us along the way when I pain gets unbearable thank you so much for sharing

  2. This video came just in time. It really helped me. Especially the side to side one. I've forwarded to a few of my friends who have hack pain. Thanks doc👌🏽

  3. Hey doctors jo I run a lot but lateley I feel I'm putting more weight on my left leg and my left knee is aching I think I may have stronger quad than ham strings what could this be aching my knee weak ham strings ?

  4. Dear Dr. May i know i went for hiking and the same day i did treadmil in gym and exercises also after that day i am having low back pain i showed up to my doctor also and he has diagnosed me your muscle pulled by hard training or like that wrong exercises may i know how can i fix this like i am having pain in my back when i sit down then im having this back pain please guide me what to do dear doc i am having pain even after taking muscle pain medicine but still not fine suggest me some good exercises that i start my gym training again please from 1st of October

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