5 Darkest & Most Sinister Haunted Hospitals in The World

if the walls of a hospital could talk, they would have some of the most intense stories of grief and death around but on the other hand, stories of miraculous recoveries and childbirths. this combination of mixed emotions and energy makes them susceptible to the paranormal and it’s usually once everybody has disappeared and the place is abandoned that this comes to light so from America to South Korea, here are five eerie hospitals that are believed to be filled with paranormal activity. sit back and enjoy (: Nocton Hall hospital located in Lincolnshire, England the Nocton Hall has a dark and rich history For starters, it was burnt down in 1841 and completely rebuilt. Then used throughout WWl as home to Norman Hodgson. Who was eventually called up for service and allowed the house to be used for American officers wounded in action After returning from the war, Norman sold the house and it was eventually acquired by the Air Ministry and turned into a RAF Hospital More wards were added along with residential building and the hospital started to be used by local residents But after the Gulf War, the hospital was sold privately and fell into disrepair Remaining that way ever since What’s left of this beautiful old building is now a magnet for ghost hunters because the original building was believed to be haunted by the ghost of a girl who roams the halls, in particular, one of the bedrooms within the hospital people who have stayed in this bedroom claim to have been woken up at precisely 4:30 a.m. Only to see a young girl crying at the foot of their bed, mumbling about a devilish man It’s thought she is the ghost of a young servant girl who became pregnant by the hospital owner’s son Desperate to avoid the inconvenience of this, the man murdered her and disposed of her body on the grounds of the hospital A gray lady is also thought to roam around along with several patients who lost their lives after receiving horrific injuries at war in more recent years the dilapidated building has been targeted by arsonists which has added to its eerie appearance despite this though a lot of the original features and signs remain and it is still frequently visited by people wanting to experience paranormal activity. And take a tour of one of England’s most haunted abandoned locations. Old Changi Hospital Built in 1935, the old Changi Hospital in Singapore was originally a royal air force building and remained that until the Japanese occupied the area in 1942 This is when the building gained the reputation for a more sinister reason It became a prison camp and base for the notorious Japanese secret police And it was rumored that they were using it as a torture chamber, to punish a selected few unfortunate people who were deemed anti-Japanese. The information is hard to find, but the building had one room in particular that was said to have been used for such procedures In there were heavy chains on the walls and two concrete blocks on the floor. One Australian soldier, a lieutenant, who survived the treatment at the hospital said he had a wooden spike hammered into his ear drum, which left him permanently deaf. After the war and the tales of torture, the building reverted back to a hospital until it closure in 1997 since then, it’s been abandoned and has become one of Singapore’s most popular paranormal buildings And with an old morgue, body fridges, and operating theater, and the small torture room you can see why. The most popular reports are of people being led further into the hospital by what they think is a friend. only for them to disappear and be left alone. Others have witnessed a small boy sitting staring into space and after seeing him they become overwhelmed by a sense of sadness And shadows and screams have been reported in the hallways believed to be that of the many horrific tortures that were said to have been carried out But it’s not just paranormal investigators who have experienced things. In 2010, the hospital was used for the set of the film “Haunted Changi” And during filming, the crew experienced lots of paranormal activity Including a lady with what was described as a black aura and lots of shadowy figures that they could not explain The old Changi hospital is ranked as one of the most haunted locations in Singapore And given the countries huge amount of haunted locations, that is a serious statement Kempton Park Hospital This state of the art facility in South Africa opened in 1976 and had high expectations Then on the 26th of December, 1997 it suddenly closed and everything apart from the patients and staff was left behind Since that day, it’s become a hotspot for paranormal activity and ghost investigations And despite being guarded 24 hours a day it’s said that if tipped the security officers will turn a blind eye Despite its modern appearance, the place looks incredibly eerie especially the pediatric wards, which still have cartoon characters on the walls and deteriorating baby incubators. The entire building, in fact, is full of rusting items, beds, and wheelchairs Along with burnt patient files and X-rays all over the floors. The operating rooms are still very recognizable and so is the eerie morgue with its broken slab and fridges that once contained dead bodies But the hospital creepiest feature is the blood splattered walls, floors, and equipment Now it’s unknown if this is a result from when the hospital was active Or if it’s been put here by trespassers to add to the atmosphere Which it sure as hell does looking at the photographs, it’s not hard to believe this place is haunted with all the death and illness that took place here And you can see why it’s South Africa’s creepiest and most haunted hospital GonJiam Psychiatric Hospital Located Southeast of Seoul in South Korea is the long abandoned Gonjiam hospital And with its depressing gray exterior, smashed windows, rusty doors, and tales of patient and staff deaths it is regarded as the creepiest building in all of South Korea The story started to unfold after its sudden closure in the 1990s With claims that the families of the dead were not given proper explanations for why their loved ones had passed away behind the hospital’s walls. Even to this day there is an unknown number of deaths with no official acknowledgment or reasoning So what was going on in there? ಠ╭╮ಠ The rumor is that the psychopathic owner of the hospital was responsible and carried out hideous experiments on his patients, even keeping them in cages when people started asking questions he abandoned the place and fled to America True story or not, now abandoned this place is creepy So creepy in fact, that hundreds of people a year break into the boarded up building ಠ_ಠ Once inside it’s obvious that the place was left in a hurry as the equipment, including beds and mattresses, are still there But this isn’t the only thing that was left behind it’s said that the ghosts of the many tortured patients still remain and a variety of paranormal activity has been experienced such as moans and voices Along with cold spots and shadows in rooms that seem to have no explanation All of this and the previous tales of cruelty that went on has made this one of South Korea’s most notorious and haunted buildings Taunton State Hospital Built in 1854, in Massachusetts this hospital was originally called the State Lunatic Hospital And was purposely built to treat the mentally ill and insane Despite it being designed to care for the patients with compassion, however, it soon followed the path of many hospitals at the time and became a dumping ground for many members of the society with severe mental illnesses From there on out the patients were inhumanely treated and often met their deaths Filling the building with negative and dark energy But this isn’t the only reason for the supposed hauntings that is caused by what took place in the basement ◉_◉ it’s thought that staff of the hospital used the basement to perform experiments on the patients and carry out bizarre satanic rituals ⚆ _ ⚆ Offering their dead bodies as sacrifices to the devil These rituals are thought to be the reason why strange markings and blood covering the basement walls has been reported one staff member, in fact, was unable to get past the last step in the basement after he became overwhelmed with a feeling of pain and terror which caused him to quit his job But the rituals carried out down there seemed to have caused paranormal activity all around the hospital In the areas that are still in use today patients and staff have reported seeing a faceless man wearing white walking down the corridor before fading and vanishing and the same figure has also been seen crawling around the walls And standing in corners Leaving many to believe this is some kind of evil waiting for a sacrifice It is also not just the hospital building itself where things are seen, however, The surrounding forest has experienced paranormal activity such as icy drafts and strange lights amoung the trees And even the cemetery there is believed to be haunted Rumor has it that the patient escaped one night and hid there Only to run back to the hospital terrified after he said a hand grabbed him and told him to leave Because parts of the Taunton State Hospital are still in use today this is easily one of the most haunted still operational hospitals in the united states And although hospitals are not a place anyone wants to be sent to, this is definitely one you want to stay away from So that’s five believed haunted hospitals I hope you are enjoying the creepy marathon month ♥‿♥ and if you can’t get enough of it then check out this creepy playlist of my personal favorite paranormal rated videos to add to your Halloween month Thanks again for watching πŸ™‚ and I’ll see you soon in the next video

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  1. Thank you for not mentioning Waverly Hills. It’s always mentioned, and as a local, it’s kind of annoying. I feel like nothing has really happened there that was a legitimate experience, and it’s more of a tourist trap.

  2. best paranormal channel on the internet well done for your success brother keep up the amazing work you bring to millions

  3. Saw the video of 5 London haunted tunnels got my blanket and some tea and it was the greatest piece of advice. Thanks Top5s

  4. My favorite channel. Your videos are great, your voice is nice to listen to, and they are perfect to watch at work so time goes by faster. Keep it up!

  5. Taunton state hospital was demolished in 09. The newer half is there and being used as a mental hospital. Btw, some of those pics used in the taunton were danvers state hospital. Oops I guess

  6. The aerial view of number 5 is actually the Danvers State Hospital not the Taunton State Hospital. But I can see how you would get both of them mixed up considering they are both brick buildings and they are both in Massachusetts. However Danvers has been demolished and now an appartment complex stands there.

  7. All these hospitals in the states closed in the 80’s due to major budget cuts. These lunatics were then released into society. For 30 years they bred and
    Now make up the millennial liberal psychopaths we have today.

  8. The Gonjiam Psychiatric hospital there's a straight up apparition looking out the window on the far left, second from bottom. It's clear as day!!

  9. Nice to see Kempton Park Hospital on this list. the Blood in the hospital was from some documentaries and short films that were filmed there I believe. A group of us went there once one evening. It is very creepy, we heard footsteps and doors slamming. It was a really awesome experience.

  10. I don’t want some random narrator telling us what happened. I want to see actual photos and videos of paranormal activity at these locations!

  11. I grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and we used to break into the old Kempton Park hospital for a scare. Imagine my surprise when the Kempton Park hospital popped up in this video! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ That place is creepy AF tho.

  12. Just thought πŸ’­ I'd Share..

    I can Remember when I first Started Working @ a Very Old Hospital in (Calgary) Year's & year's ago!!..

    It was a my first Night shift..

    I met the other staff members & was shown around.

    We did our rounds with flashlights Due to the Night lights on only. & Only giving off so Little light πŸ’‘ Down the halls.

    It was Not very bright @ all. But, we made sure the Building & Residents were all OK.

    After rounds finished, (2) Staff needed to go for Break.
    I of course was one of them. Lol. Staff told me to go to the very End of the Hall to the Last Door on the Right. & that there was a room for Staff for Breaks down there.

    I headed down the hall with a flashlight & found the room with an old couch in it..

    I walked in & No lights worked in there. I used the flashlight to look around. & All I could see, was a smaller room connected to the one I went in.
    It was Completely Empty & had Wires hanging from the Ceiling.

    "Nothing" Worked in there!!..
    Also, there were No other things or Doors in there!! Just an Empty Room!!..
    I felt so Disgusted in how the place looked & was so Run down & poorly Maintained.
    I shook my head & sat on the Couch thinking of what had I gotten myself into.

    As I sat on the couch with my legs up in a half sitting position facing the Entrance, I had Noticed that there was just enough light coming in to see a little. Very Dim but, just enough πŸ’‘
    I kept thinking of how Residents had Never gotten hurt or worse in this room.
    Just before I could relax, this person had Stopped @ the Front entrance. He paused & Looked around.
    I said Hello to the person & told him, " I'm just taking my Break" as I thought it was Another staff member. He replied, "No Worries , Enjoy!!.." He then Walked into the other Room.

    I got this cold feeling & bad Vibe all of a Sudden. & That Dumbass look on my face. I then said to myself, What is he Doing..
    & how come he is going in there with No Flashlight πŸ”¦?..

    I Couldn't see Crap!!.. So how the heck is he?..
    I could hear him Walking in there. I said to him, want to use the
    I got up & turned on my flashlight & aimed it in there!!..

    My heart skipped a beat & I Couldn't Swallow.

    The guy was Not there!!.. Absolutely, "Not" There!!.. I didn't know what to say. So I Booked it out of there in a very fast pace!!..

    I made it to the Front desk & one of the staff asked me,
    are you OK πŸ‘Œ?.. You look as if you saw a Ghost πŸ‘».

    I told him I was OK & that didn't need a break.

    We both walked to the coffee area & had a coffee. I asked him if he had ever seen Something other than a person?.. He Laughed & said, "What do you mean?" a Ghost?.. I said you!!.. He told me that he saw a short guy @ the End of the Hall months ago.

    I told him that i must have Seen something as well. He Laughed & told me. That there is a guy who goes down there every time @ the same time. I told him. Your an Ass. You knew, but didn't Warn me?.. He told me that he didn't think that I would have Seen Anything!!..

  13. awesome feed! however the one pic i hope a fake pic of the blood spilled room; i say i hope fake bcuz blood is not red if old.


  15. im singaporean and have only gone as far as the gates of OCH (old changi hospital) as we call it here. it's creepy to say the least

  16. In the image at 6.30, if you look at the right corner, it may just be me but it looks eerily like a head…. IdkπŸ‘€

  17. I'm liking your videos. So much stuff you never hear about. Videos are well done.

    BTW: Have you ever included the Waverly Hills Sanatorium here in Kentucky USA?

  18. One of the best channels of this nature on YouTube, your voice keeps me engaged and interested in the video!

  19. all hospitals are haunted do to people dying and some that died didn't know they died so they could be stuck there and you have a lot of nurses who do not like to work the night shift so their spirits walk the halls and after awhile they see nobody can see them only kids can and you have staff members who see the Grim Reaper who is there to get the new dead

  20. it's funny, i was almost sent to taunton state hospital a week or so ago. you have to have severe behavioral issues and/or mental instability that is extremely severe – that an inpatient unit cannot stabalize or care for long term. since i had neither, i obviously did not go and now i'm home happily watching these videos eating sushi.

  21. the changi one reminded me of how sadistic the Japanese were during the world wars.
    Tales were told by surviving prisoners and soldiers who found the mutilated bodies of their lost comrades. How the Japanese placed Bamboo shoots under the tied down Allied Prisoner. The bamboo shoots are rapid growing, even so it might take days for a prisoner to finally die from the sharpened Bamboo tips that pierced their body bit by painful, slowly, bit.
    Some prisoners that were captured had their testicles and private parts cut off, then placed into their mouths and their mouths sewn up. Then they would send the prisoner back to the Allied Battle lines.

  22. The last place looked so beautiful in some of the rooms. Especially the room with the arched walkway and lots of Windows on both sides. Creepy though πŸ™‚

  23. Hospitals being used to torture people? That's outrageous!! A hospital is supposed to help the sick and injured feel safe and secure, a place of healing, not a place full of torment, pain and screaming!! What the hell? Where do people in power get the f*cking gall to believe they can get away with such an outrageous crime?!

  24. woah I didn't know about the one in Lincoln, I used to live there, even my school was, or is seriously haunted and has its own urban legend~
    AH also, unfortunately Gonjiam has reportedly been demolished recently…

  25. Royal Victoria hospital. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It just closed around 2- 3 years ago, and while it was still in use, had had to close sections off as they were so haunted, they were dangerous to enter. The old "cage" elevator to the morgue, was not used in approx 20 years for this very reason.

  26. It's really nice to see Kempton park hospital on this list as I am south african. Please could you investigate the old Modderfontein TB hospital in South African? It was the first TB hospital which had been built in the late 1800's and it had been abandoned since the early 1900's. There use to be satanic worshipping taking place in the hospital and abandoned schools surrounding the area. The area had been abandoned and untouched even till now … Please help

  27. no way would i stay at the hospital in Massachusetts it looks really creepy hauntedπŸ™„πŸ’œπŸπŸ•πŸŽ‘πŸš’πŸ›€πŸš˜πŸŽ„πŸŒˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ€β˜”πŸŽƒ

  28. I got such a chill just now- just woke suddenly and I put this on to fall back asleep to, and when he said about the little girl at the foot of the bed at 4:30 a.m., I looked up at my clock reading 4:29 a.m.

    I'm not falling back.

  29. I've visited Nocton hall a few times over the years and always got an odd vibe off it, even though at the time I didn't realise it was at all haunted.

  30. What about Waverly Hills in Louisville Kentucky?
    Now that is a haunted hospital! My husband told me that he, his cousin and their friends went there when he was around 13 or 14.. He said "it was a very calm hot summer day, there wasn't a breeze in the air, they had nothing to do, they bored out of their minds".. He said they all decided to go there.. They went inside quite a ways into the hallway with their flashlights looking around, they weren't around any windows and it was really dark, than he said "we heard this squeaking sound it was really loud and it was close to us and we all pointed our flashlights on it and it was a wheelchair, it had a lot of rust built up on it and it started moving as it is as if someone was pushing it and looked like it didn't want to move, you know looked like it had some resistance to it, than doors started closing and opening on there own…..we hauled ass out of there and never have I ever ran so damn fast in my life and we never looked back!" I asked "do you want to back? He said "FU*K NO!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!!!" I asked "come on why not?" he said "you weren't there, you didn't see or hear what we did and that place puts off a really bad vibe too, I mean it scared the shit out of me"… I know something else happened..but, he wouldn't say what and that has been over 45yrs ago..

  31. I love this guy, but I always watch his video's in the day light I tend to get creeped out easily. I love his voice it is so soothing, it sometimes puts me to sleep when I watch. Keep up the good work. Top 5 is my favorite channel.

  32. The hospital in Korea now has a movie based on it. I haven’t seen it cuz i hate scary movies. The movie is called
    Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum
    If you are interested. If you watch please tell me how it is and if it’s scary

  33. On night duty one night I watched the CCTV monitor cycling through it's programmed 5 camera stations (I was on duty in a locked psychiatric ward). Camera 3 flicked to the garden furniture setting the patients used during the day. Two of us saw 5 misty human shapes sitting in the chairs. We showed our boss. He'd worked in this hospital for 40yrs. He just looked at us and said: "This hospital is over 100yrs old. It has a history, people have died here – and in this ward too!" – then pointing the back of his pen at the CCTV image – "Things like that happen all the time. Get used to it."

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  35. πŸ’œπŸ‘»πŸ’œπŸ‘»πŸ’œπŸ‘»πŸ’œπŸ‘»πŸ’œπŸ‘»πŸ’œ
    🏨Keep up the Great Work!!🏨

  36. The hospital in my town must be haunted like shit by my father.He was dying in the bed,I was pooping in the back garden then a nurse called,"Mr…x !Who is Mr X?"
    I'm ,I said.
    "Your father wants to say something to you.He is dying"
    I went inside, placed my ear near his mouth.I hear he saying my name..then nothing.
    He probably wanted to say ,
    "F**k you"

  37. #3 all I kept thinking was I need to go get me one of them wheelchairs.. and I can walk just fine πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  38. Anyone notice that when you watch videos about the "scariest and most haunted places on Earth", the buildings are so terrifyingly haunted that the walls are covered with graffiti? Like it's so dark and evil in there that teenagers have been going in there, most likely at night so they don't get busted, and partying, fucking, getting high, drinking, all the stuff normal teenagers do? And they even spray paint stuff on the walls. That's how insanely haunted and scary those places are. They're so dark and haunted that kids go in there and get wasted and fuck. The only thing scary about those places is what if you didn't bring enough drugs and alcohol. Actually, not getting as trashed as I want to be and not getting pussy does send chills up my spine now that I think about it. Whoa, I just had a frightening thought : what if we ate all the pills, shot all the heroin, drank all the booze, and it's too late to score; plus, we're in the middle of nowhere, my friends and I have done all the drugs I didn't sell ( all of us have done our personal stashes ), we just drank the last bottle of Wild Turkey, the girl I'm with is passed out or "not in the mood", and there isn't a dealer on anyone's contact list who is willing to drive that far just to bring us a couple bundles of smack. To make it even scarier, the rest of my Roxicodone (oxy) and Xanax prescriptions are at my house, which is an hour's drive each way. Whew, good thing my teenage years were decades ago and, even if I ran completely out of drugs (except for enough of my prescription drugs to keep me good until refill day), I now live on isolated, private land up in the mountains, surrounded by woods, no cops or neighbors for miles, and I have a nice opium poppy garden that's a couple of acres of some of the strongest opium poppies there are.

    Time to whip up a pitcher of pod tea and smoke some opium. Only advantage to living in the country, so I feel safer now. Man, now I want to eat a bunch of oxycodone and Xanax with some beers, smoke some opium, and relax with a couple of big glasses of opium tea and see if the ball of opium I have dissolving in a jar of grain alcohol (Ever Clear, of course) has dissolved so I can have a mug of home made Laudnum. Being in your 40s and having a career, business, and responsibilities and everything can sometimes get in the way of your partying schedule because it's 4:00 AM and I have to be at work and open up in a few hours ( suit, tie, and all) and I haven't slept a wink all night. At least I co-own the place and it's not like I'd fire myself, haha. Wow, 5:00 A.M. now. Must have nodded. Well, guess the Laudnum 's ready and it's some strong. stuff. Only took 75mg oxycodone and 6mg Xanax ( light dose of oxy and medium dose Xanax for my tolerance, so it must have been those 6 puffs opium, mug of poppy pod tea, and cup of Laudnum that made an hour disappear. Time to have a cup of coffee and cigarette, take a shower, brush my teeth and hair, get dressed ( what do you good folks think, black suit, black shirt, and crimson tie, or charcoal gray suit, blue-gray shirt and black tie with deep purple stripes on it ? Silk both ways, those happen to be the attire I have chosen to pick between for today. Tall, black Austrian military officer's boots or black, patent leather shoes? Your opinions matter and are all valid), jump in the car, and put on some Slayer and Mercyful Fate for the drive to work. I want to fuck my 25 year old receptionist so fiercely that she cries rainbows, so watching her cute little heart shaped ass should wake me up when she gets to work and clocks in. Okay, I'm rambling, have a great day, y'all ~ Cthulhu

  39. What? No Asian girl ghost with white nightgown and long black hair? I don't believe it………………..boooooo!

  40. I believe Hospital hauntings, life long resident of St. Louis, St Alexian Brothers hospital was once haunted by demons until that particular wing of the building had to be destroyed.Β  This haunting happen after the "Roland Doe" (Exorcist case) boy was rid of the devil or demons he was afflicted with.Β Β  My grandmother and mother told us about this and I thought it was joke until I walked in the hospital and there on the wall after you enter the hospital was the information on it, apparently they were proud of incident that glorified God's power.Β  Some, even today think the incident was all made up or boy had "seizures" or telekinesis.Β  Apparently they are not from St Louis, young,Β or just don't believe in God or the Devil.

  41. your english how come your saying lincolnshire like an american would its lincoln-sher , not shire , thats how the locals say it anyway like york sher. but anyway it,s crazy how to country,s who thought themselves highly cultured turned into absolute monsters during WW2 in japan and germany . but i suppose they thought everyone was to lowly for them to treat with anything other than disgust. ive seen real photos of a laughing japanese soldier who had a BABY run thru on his bayonet

  42. Why dont ghost hunters send children spirits to the light?! Especially wen they emanate intense sadness……that's heartbreaking….

  43. I think it's great that you don't just focus on America but do stories from all over the world plus I love your narration.

  44. I've been to Gonjiam in Korea. The scariest thing there were the mosquitoes. So thirsty, even repellant wouldn't stop them. Damn near got eaten alive!!!

  45. The old royal papworth hospital is haunted as it was a tb hospital from 1918 to 1948 and every single tb patient during that time all died a there was no cure for tb back then

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