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(Bae-mie) Hey babe how come you never study? Especially in your vlog. I study at home when I’m not vlogging. It’s like a skewed sample ’cause when I’m
vlogging by default I’m not studying. So in my vlogs I’m not studying. Hello! (awkward laugh) I’m waiting for brunch. We’re here at The Penrose. My Warby Parker box just came, so I’m just
gonna open it for you guys! (talking to Candy the cat) You excited? So what do you guys think? Okay so it’s gonna take me a little while
to get used to these new glasses so I’m actually gonna put on my old ones and I actually haven’t
done any studying today so.. it’s time to do a little studying 🙁 I’m using Case Files. I like Case Files because they’re short little
cases covering each topic. And the book is relatively small. It’s about the size of an iPad Mini so it’s
easy to carry around with you. The other resource I’m using is this AAFP. American Academy of Family Physicians (I think
haha) If you’re a medical student you have access to this website and you can join and
this website actually has all these practice questions so that’s what I’m gonna be doing
for the next couple weeks of studying. So Family Medicine rotations in terms of schedule
is a lot easier than some of my previous rotations. Obviously ob-gyn I was getting up at 4:30
in the morning or 5 in the morning. For family medicine sometimes I don’t have
to be in the office until noon sometimes 9am. Generally so it’s a much easier schedule and
I have a lot of time to do other stuff. But in terms of shelf I heard that it’s one
of the hardest shelf exams. Because if you think about it Family Medicine
doctor sees a little bit of everything. Whenever there is something wrong most people
go to their Family Medicine doctor first. So the shelf exams covers a lot of topics
and I’ve heard that it’s a difficult shelf exam so what I’m trying to do is I’m trying
to front load a lot of my studying. Usually for like a 6 week rotation I don’t
really start studying until week 3, at least not seriously anyway. So that’s about halfway to my rotations I
don’t start studying but for Family Medicine I’m gonna try to do a lot of studying earlier
probably just study hard the whole time. I’ve started doing some case files, I’ve started
doing some questions on the AAFP website so hopefully that will help me cover a lot of
the stuff early on and hopefully I can do well on the shelf exam. Okay, so time to start studying! So speaking of studying. I’m gonna do a little video on my study tips. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about
this topic and I know it’s a huge topic and the way you do study might differ a lot on
what you’re studying but I wanted to make a general video that might apply to high school
students, university students and med school students as well. So if you found something that already works
for you that’s good you probably don’t need this video but if you’re wondering where to
start or how to get started I’ll share some of my tips with you guys. So time to move to the big camera. Tip number 1 When to study: study like it’s
your full time job. You may have a part time or even a full time
job while attending school. That’s great- but don’t forget that being
a student is also a job. It’s something you signed up for and it’s
something you’re responsible for. It requires the same or even greater amount
of time and effort as a full time job. It doesn’t have to be 9-5 and the number
of hours per day probably depend on what you’re studying. But the point is your studies should really
be the priority and the main focus of your life as a student. Here is example of how I do that. You can start by using your exam dates as
landmarks and divide up the work evenly among the days you plan to study, make sure you
add in some rest days, and stick to your planned schedule. For example, if you have 10 days to study
for your exam, you can divide the entire exam material into 10 and cover a little bit each
day. Obviously if there a harder topic, you might
want to spend a little longer on that topic until you feel comfortable. My general rule of thumb is, study and review
what you learned that day and at the end of the week, review everything you learned that
week by doing questions. And repeat. Tip Number 2 Make specific plans on what to
study. If you don’t know where to start, look at
the table of contents in your textbook or the syllabus. If you went over a chapter in class today,
then your outline should look something like the outline of the chapter in your textbook. Make a list of topics or concepts you need
to master. For whatever reason, it makes a big difference
to me when I make a little box next to the list and check things off as I go. I’ve seen a lot of residents do it during
my rotations- it just helps with getting things done. Tip number 3 is Test yourself. There are many ways to “master” a concept. You can read, you can outline, you can use
memorization tools like anki or flashcards. At the end of the day, you need to test to
see if you really know your material. Let’s say you are covering a small topic
in biology– DNA replication. At the end of your study session, you should
be able to teach to a fellow student how DNA replication works. I tend to talk out loud to myself while I
study to make sure I really understand something. I don’t wait to do this at the end of the
day- I do this every couple paragraphs I go over. It might sound crazy but I talk out loud as
if there is a student that I am tutoring- and I go step by step about how DNA replication
is done. It helps to draw things out with AND without
looking at your notes. Tip number 4 is Do practice questions: if
you’re studying for a science or math class, you HAVE to have done a lot of practice questions
before taking the exam. Your exam cannot be the first time you’re
doing questions on the topics that you learned. That’s because you actually learn a lot
by doing questions. I personally learn more by doing questions
than straight up reading the textbook. If I’m really short on time, there are times
I would go straight to a good question bank with thorough explanations on right and wrong
answers and learn my highest yield items from there. When you get something wrong, read the explanations
and go back to tip #3 and explain to yourself or your invisible friend or a real friend
why the right answer is the right answer and why what you picked is wrong. This will definitely help to reinforce all
the concepts and help you start thinking the way exam makers think which is the ultimate
goal to doing well in class! So that is all the tips I have for doing well
in class and studying effectively. I hope you guys found it helpful So I think I need a change of scenery so I’m
gonna go to a coffee shop and try to get some work done. Hey guys! So I just got back from the coffee shop. I got a lot of work done so it was good. When I came back I got a delivery from Hello
Fresh. Hell Fresh if you guys don’t know is a meal
kit delivery service they send you a very easy to make recipes with measured-out ingredients
so you don’t have to measure anything out since everything is measured out for you. All the recipes are actually designed to be
made under 30 minutes. So if you’re short on time, like me, it’s
a great investment so that you can have home cooked meals several times a week. For Hello Fresh all the meals and recipes
are designed by a dietician so you know everything is nutritionally balanced so I’m really excited
to be trying out a recipe from Hello Fresh today. So first I’m gonna unbox everything and show
you what I got in the box. So today we’re gonna make the Mediterranean
Skillet Chicken so I’m super excited and can’t wait to show you guys what we make. Lets go! Alright guys! Check out the our final product. Doesn’t this look so legit. It looks delicious! Look at all those colors. All those veggies and flavors. So the recipe was super easy to make all the
ingredients came measured so there was no waste. I used everything that they sent me. And everything turned out perfectly so if
you guys are interested in trying out go to their website HelloFresh.Com. I’ll put the link down bellow in the description
box and use the code “strive” when you subscribe and you can get $35 off your first week of
meals. If you guys try definitely let me know what
you guys think. Thank you guys for coming along with me today. Give it a thumbs up, subscribe if you haven’t
already and leave some comments and let me know what you guys think and I will see you
guys on the next video! Bye!

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