3Qs with Lee Ann Liska on joining the Augusta University Health family

My first impressions on arriving at
Augusta University and AU Health were really one of vibrancy. School had
already started and, of course, the medical center was buzzing. It’s very
exciting to be part of an academic medical center. It’s what drew me to this opportunity
and I’m very very happy here. I think it’s a great facility. I think we
have an amazing team. I know that the president is very engaged in the health
system and that is really great for me because I know I have his support but
it’s not just that it’s his entire cabinet and our leadership team and our
associates. I think we’re really well poised for
many excellent years to come. I would describe my leadership style as
very transparent. I like to manage by walking around. I am a little bit
fearless in terms of tackling tough issues but hopefully I do that with
grace and with understanding, with good listening skills and also wanting to get
to solutions for our patients. I would say that our priorities here at
Augusta University and at AU Health are patient satisfaction, patient-centered
thinking, so our patient family-centered care initiative, quality and safety, and
the employee engagement, and the employees’ experience. I think if you work at
all of those together: safety, service, quality, engagement, all of the other
metrics of performance follow. So finance and growth naturally follow if you are
providing excellent care, and safe care, to our patients and our employees are
feeling engaged in that process.

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