3D Tele-Rehabilitation: Beyond Today’s Internet

♪ MUSIC ♪ I am working on a project called 3D Telerehabilitation. What we are basically trying to do is virtualize a physical therapy session in which a patient and a therapist cannot be together at the same location. Even though not being in a same location they can get the same kind of experience as being in the same place. We are doing that through the use of off the shelf devices like Microsoft Kinect Cameras and Haptic Devices. Haptic devices give us the force-feedback element that we require. When the patient does something that this can feel that action as well and the Kinect cameras can help us to get a 3D model of the patient and put them together in like a virtual environment. We have designed a game where a patient has to saw through a virtual log just kind of a proof of concept to give like a more fun kind of experience to the patient when he is performing his physical therapy exercise. To transmit all this data, along with the Haptic data it requires a bandwidth of around, near 100 megabytes per second which we currently don’t – we can’t do it over the Internet. With Geni and usignite application because all we can do is provide that bandwidth and [] can see that is required by these kind of applications. This is the patient’s side of the physical [] application and the therapist side. So, I am giving you a path to cut through that virtual log using the Haptic Device and I can feel whatever you are doing over here. This setup is going to be deployed at the Dallas [] Medical Center to work with actual patients. This obviously for upper arm disorders, stroke patients so if a therapist is not available for that patient they can use []. ♪ MUSIC ♪

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