360° Video: Explore the New Ambulance for UC Davis Children’s Hospital

[MUSIC] Hi. Kerry Hanson with NorCal
Ambulance. I’m here to show you the new NICU/PICU ambulance that we have that we
use to run calls with the UC Davis transport team and the Children’s
Hospital. A couple of quick features that are specific to this ambulance are
usually we have a bench seat, if you look over here, usually this is just one long
seat. With this one we have two seats which allows us to have these nicer
chairs that have the harness strap so it’s safer for our nurses or our EMTs or
doctors who are riding back here with the patients, so that’s a little bit
different unique about this one. Also, if you look back towards the door
up, you can see that we have a DVD player. We often, we could go three to
four hours away, so it’s nice when we have a pediatric patient back here to
kind of distract them and maybe ease them a little bit and make it less
intimidating in the back of the ambulance. Another cool feature about
this is, you can either look back over my shoulder here or over there, is that our
controls back here are all digital and touchscreen, so that’s a fun feature.
Usually it’s just buttons and switches, and I think safety and comfort is a
big thing with this ambulance, so lots of airbags. We’ll have one that would
deploy here anything would ever happen. And we’d have one here so safety is
definitely first, and then down on the ground is what actually secures the the
gurney or the isolette to ambulance and this is just about as
safe as you can get in an ambulance. Actually I think it’s the safest way you
can get as transporting to keep the ambulance secured or keep the gurney
secured to the ambulance. Other than that, that’s about it. Go ahead and take a
look around and yeah, thanks!

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