18 thoughts on “3 Nurses All Named Ashley Survived Childhood Cancer And Gives Back At St. Jude’s | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. Thank you St Jude for your unconditional support & love that all give endlessly to the World as well to Communities out there across this Earth 🌎 ♥️🙏

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  3. The Unforgettable lady! I keep forgetting she’s Danny Thomas’s daughter. What a beautiful tribute to him and all he (and the Arab American community of Dearborn, Michigan—woot woot🙌🏼—Michigander here!) have done in the lives of not only the patients at St Jude through building and funding this incredible institution, but ALL the children throughout the world who have been saved and given hope thru the protocols developed there and disseminated worldwide via the Children’s Oncology Group affiliated treatment centers. They went from something like an overall survival rate for childhood cancer of less that 20 percent just a few decades ago to 80+ percent today. Sadly that isn’t for all cancers—brain cancers; which represent the second most common cancers in children relative to leukemia, have survival rates that haven’t changed much in that time.

    I have friends who buried their 12 year old daughter three and a half years ago following a battle with anaplastic astrocytoma. It was brutal. I cannot wait for the day that doesn’t happen anymore.

    It’s important for people to know that the vast majority of the progress made in childhood cancer treatment has happened via private research funding. This is because childhood cancers only account for FOUR PERCENT of funding for research from the NIH. It’s ludicrous; especially since we know that advances in childhood cancer treatment in particular (because cancer in kids is often more aggressive than in adults) could benefit adult patients as well. But the lack of public funding means that progress will likely only come as it has before; through the generosity of people like US who believe and who give to this cause.

    So whether it’s St Jude or Alex’s Lemonade Stand or other reputable charities sponsoring this lifesaving research, PLEASE give at least once in awhile. Every single dollar helps. Skipping that cappuccino every so often and donating the money instead could literally mean the difference between life and death; not just for kids at St Jude (who actually come from all over the country and even the world), but for kids in your own community. No family is prepared for a cancer diagnosis. But if it happened to your family, wouldn’t it be nice to know that all these people are sacrificing to help your kiddo live? That is my wish for EVERY family facing this—that they never feel as if they are facing it alone!🙏🏻❤️🙌🏼🌸☮️

  4. Amazing god bless and god loves peace she will be healed amen in the name of Jesus there is power in the name of Jesus amen JESUS be with her and PROTECT her and she will be healed God is Good and God Loves peace

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