3 Allegedly True Hospital Ghost Stories | Real Paranormal Stories Series

I don’t know where to begin… It was the July of 1982 and I had just started
a new career at the California Rehabilitation Center. One evening I was returning from the kitchen
galley when I noticed a light coming from a room. Any other time I would have thought nothing
of it. However, when I began my shift earlier in
the day at 3.00pm, no one had said to expect a patient there. Curious, I entered. With my back to the door, I inspected the
room. It appeared to be an operating room. Suddenly, the door creaked behind me. I turned to see a man in scrubs. Paying me no attention, he walked towards
the operating table. Then, as soon as he appeared, he was gone. My head began to spin. What had I just seen? Did I imagine this? I was so scared that I could not move. After regaining composure, I grabbed a pair
of sutures from the tray besides the operating table. I stepped back out into the corridor to ask
a nurse or officer why these were left unsecured. The entire ward was empty. No doctors. No nurses. Not a single officer. My heart still racing, I turned back to the
operating room to make sure it was secured. To my total shock, there was no door. No room… nothing. It had completely vanished. I went weak at the knees. The air knocked from my lungs. I felt like I was going to be sick. Or, maybe I was going to faint. Or both. Had I imagined the whole thing? Then it hit me: I still had the sutures from
the room in my hand. Had I not have been holding them, I would
have questioned the entire thing. I would have thought I was going insane. I have only shared this with my husband and
another co-worker. This same thing had also happened to her. During the twenty-one years that I spent working
at that facility, I encountered that same room two more times. Each time, I would enter and leave. And each time, the room would disappear… I had endured morning sickness the entire
pregnancy. I had gained only 11 pounds which put me in
the high risk category. Needless to say, the birth didn’t go as planned. I was induced into labor at 36 weeks because
she had stopped growing. Thankfully after 4 hours of labour I delivered
a surprisingly healthy, beautiful, baby girl. Three hours after delivery I started hemorrhaging
severely. My blood pressure dropped dangerously low. My husband and I were told if the bleeding
didn’t stop within the next few hours, I would have to have surgery. My nurse, Wendy, began giving me shots of
Pitocin every 30 minutes. After two shots nothing had changed. I couldn’t focus, everything was surreal. I guess because of my low blood pressure. I remember thinking I was going to die, but
I was very calm. Wendy came in to let me know her shift would
be over soon but someone else would come in to give me shots. She promised to come check in on me the next
morning. It was 6 O’clock in the evening when she came
to my room. Her name tag read ‘Maria’. She was a short lady, about 5 feet. She had short brown hair with grey streaks,
and beautiful blue eyes. Her voice was soft and comforting: unlike
any other that I have ever heard before or since. As soon as she entered the room, I felt some
of my strength return to me. Only moments before I could not even lift
my arms because I was so weak. I rolled over to my side, thinking she was
there to give me my next shot. She said: “Oh honey, I’m not giving you a
shot, you don’t need another one. You’re going to be just fine.” She stood next to my bed, smiling, as she
rubbed my legs for a few minutes. I glanced over at my husband, intending on
asking him if he heard what she had said. He was sat in a chair, sound to sleep. She smiled at me once more, patted my leg,
and turned towards the door. Then, she was gone. I didn’t see her walk out the door, she just
sort of vanished. I again looked over at my husband, in the
hope that he would acknowledge she had really been in the room. He was still sleeping. I tried to wake him by calling his name. He didn’t stir. I picked up a thermometer from the bedside
table and threw it at him. He still didn’t wake up. At that moment another nurse called Sheila
walked into the room carrying the familiar needle. I told her I didn’t need any more Pitocin. After all, that is what the last nurse had
told me. Confused, she said that she was my only nurse
for the night. She asked me questions about the other nurse. What did she look like? Did I know her name? She looked over at the empty cradle at the
foot of my bed. She asked if my baby was in the nursery, to
which I replied yes. I saw the relief wash over her face. She told me that she would be back in a minute
before quickly rushing out of the door. A short time later I saw her standing at my
door along with two other nurses. They were all whispering and looking in at
me. Finally they all walked into the room and
came over to my bed. One nurse looked to be in her mid twenties,
the other was surely in her fifties. Her name was Sarah. They started to fire questions at me so rapidly
it frightened me. By now all I could think was that the mysterious
lady had probably been trying to kidnap my little girl. Fearing the worst, I began demanding that
I was allowed to see my baby. My cries finally roused my husband from his
sleep. He was initially bewildered, having no memory
of falling asleep. I was demanding very loudly as the nurses
assured me that my baby was safe in the nursery. The elder nurse, Sarah, told the younger to
bring her to me. As we waited Nurse Sarah took my blood pressure. She turned to Nurse Sheila and told her to
put away the syringe and call my doctor. I wouldn’t be needing that shot. My blood pressure was normal. Relief washed over me when the young nurse
finally returned, carrying my baby. She placed her in my arms then left the room. Nurse Sarah pulled up a chair and sat down
next to my bed. She sat there smiling as I held my baby. She asked if she was my first child. When I replied fourth, she asked about my
older children. I felt like she was about to tell me something
important when the doctor came in. As soon as he entered the room, he started
in with his own questions. They were mostly directed at Nurse Sarah. When she explained to him what it was he wanted
to know, he simply smiled and said: “Ok then.” He checked me over, and told me he was amazed
by my recovery. He told me that the colour had even returned
to my face. He stood there staring at me for a minute
or so then suddenly he asked if I was hungry to which I replied ‘starving’. He told me he would order a pizza on his way
out. After he left Nurse Sarah turned to me and
said: “I have never talked to anyone who Maria has visited.” She was inspecting my face, as if she was
trying to decide whether she should keep talking or not. I silently stared back at her. Maria had been a nurse on the maternity floor
years ago. Nurse Sarah explained solemnly, “The story
I’ve heard is that Maria got called into work one stormy night, and she never made it here. The rumors are that she sometimes visits the
new moms. All the descriptions of her are the same.” The nurse looked silently at the floor. I remember thinking she was saying a prayer. She shook her head and whispered, “Who am
I to question these things?” I wanted to question her to find out more,
but I could tell she had said all that she was going to. She rose from the chair and patted my leg. Just as she left the room she winked and said,
“They say she only visits special people.” The next day, to everyone’s surprise, I was
released from hospital in excellent health. As my husband and I walked down the corridor
with our baby daughter, we could feel everyone’s eyes on us. Some were whispering, others were just staring. Perhaps they were thinking I was a lunatic,
or maybe they were wondering, “Why her?” This story is a special part of me. I know that night I experienced something
most people never do. That night I met Maria. For that I am extremely grateful. In September 2013, I was hospitalized with
a severe case of the flu. I had been sick for several days, but the
illness reached such a peak that hospital was my only choice. The doctors gave me morphine, and kept me
on it for a few days. At the time, it was hard for me to know how
many because all the days bled together in a haze. The morphine gave fevered dreams. Swirling tentacles, faces, black shadows… I was experiencing many hallucinations. One of the nights, I woke up terrified. A voice had woken me. I felt someone was in the room with me. I was completely panicked, gripped by fear,
on the verge of hysteria. Sweat was hot on my brow. I knew that I wasn’t alone in that room:
I could feel a presence. A presence which was entirely unlike any of
my hallucinations. Frantically, I called for my nurse and turned
on the lights. There was no one there. I did not know what to think. Two days later I was released from hospital. I attributed my nighttime panic to the morphine. After all, I had been very sick. That evening my mom came to stay with me,
as I was still suffering from the last few symptoms of the flu. Around 10pm we were washing the dishes. We set the sink stopper in the sink. It was a heavy metal one. I was sitting on top of the washing machine,
and my mom was walking across the kitchen when the sink stopper flew across the room. It passed right in between us, moving with
such force that we were both splattered with water and the wind it created was enough to
move my hair. It travelled directly to the corner of the
room, but instead of bouncing back and rolling around as a normal object would, it fell to
the floor, perfectly straight, and landed flat side down. It was like someone or something was trying
to get my attention. The next day I found out that one of my close
friends had died of an accidental drug overdose whilst I was in hospital, at approximately
the same time I felt someone with me in the room. I think it was him who came to visit me. I think it was him who threw the sink stopper
across the room two days afterwards. Later, I told his mother about what had happened. She said that right after he died, her computer
turned on in the middle of the day, and printed a picture of both of them together. In my mind, there is no shadow of a doubt
that our spirit has the ability to linger after death and communicate with
the living.

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  1. watching this reminded me when i saw my cousin a little after he died while i still lived in the uk. it was a night when i was staying at my aunts. i got up to use the loo one night and when i walked out after. i remember standing still for a sec and said oh sorry nick. then i see this shadow walk past me and turn to go down the stairs i knew it was him because he still had the shadow of a cap on his head which he always wore. and the hight was the same. i was not scared at all it actually felt nice knowing that i got to see him even if it was just for a second.

  2. I am very very impressed with this channel i listen to videos like this all the time and these are by far some of the best very πŸ‘

  3. I was in a big hospital once at night and woke up to see a lady sitting on the foot of my bed. I thought she was a nurse then she said, " I know you can see me."
    I started panicking and shouting for the nurses, they ran in a got mad at me for "making a scene about a dream" and gave me a shot that knocked me out. I insisted on leaving AMA the next day. I somehow knew that lady would be back…

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    Everything was Perfect.

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    but I'm really happy you survived after all of that, if you didnt i would freak out because your a type of youtuber that is special you truthful and your voice is smooth.
    you deserve way more subs to be honest or write a book,
    because i felt like this could be a book πŸ˜‰

  11. I love your videos and narration. You do have a perfect voice for the ghost/paranormal stories in my opinion more than any of them. As I work in the medical field, I especially love the medical paranormal stories. –Dharke

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  14. Theres also a simlar story to the second one.
    This another nurse who is at St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto, Canada . "Sister Vinny" they call her. She is a nun that worked in Ward 7B, She turns lights on and off and can be seen occasionally making her rounds, a night nurse once while on rounds, came around a corner and almost stumbled right into a figure, dressed in a black robe from head to toe, slowly walking down the hallway away from her. Scared, she turned and ran back to the nursing station.

    Not long after, a code blue (cardiac arrest) rang out from the area in which the apparition was heading. Sister Vinny has also been known to give patients blankets, and in general care for them. Perhaps her devotion to the sick and suffering, lives on in her after death. In all accounts her appearances seem to be of a helpful nature. Heres something the hospital put out on its website: http://www.stmichaelshospital.com/media/detail.php?source=hospital_news/2012/20121025_hn

  15. Nice to see some benevolent ghosts in the mix as opposed to all the terrible creatures that "are out for blood" or "will kill us in our sleep" you see in the movies. Yes Freddy Krueger and IT, and other horror movie monsters in general, I'm trashing you.

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    And I've never heard of morphine being indicated for flu.

  18. Perhaps it is the way it is written, but, the first story doesn't make much sense. They worked in the rehab facility, and, were told that no one would be in "that room", yet later that day, the person sees a light in there. They go in to investigate, and, see that it is an operating room. The person goes into the operating room, and, apparently has an encounter with a phantom surgeon, turns, and, walks out, only to find the room has completely disappeared.

    1) They worked there, and, didn't think it odd that there was suddenly a room where there hadn't been one before? "Oh hai, no one will be staying in that room" "Which room?" "You know, the one that wasn't there a few minutes ago" …"Oh…awesome!"

    1a) "No one will be staying in that room" "Which room?" You can only answer this question one of two ways: 1) a room number/name, or, 2) by pointing to it. A room name/number that didn't exist before, didn't raise any questions? Pointing to a room that hadn't been there before didn't strike either as being odd?

    2) This phantom room that apparently doesn't exist, was mentioned by another employee earlier in the day? I have worked just about everywhere, and, I have yet to see a building that can sprout rooms, at the drop of a hat, so, unless this is a regular thing in California, I find it hard to believe that multiple people wouldn't know the layout of their workplace, and, that a room would suddenly appear, and, they thought nothing more of it, than to say "no one will be staying in there today". If I worked somewhere, and, an entire room appeared out of the blue, the topic of discussion wouldn't start with, nor be confined to "there is no one staying in there".

    3) If the room didn't exist, before, but suddenly appeared, why didn't the author, or their colleague think anything of it? Why would a colleague make mention of the occupancy? Why would the author accept the statement about the room, when it should have been clear that a room wasn't there before?

    It is an interesting premise for a story, but, it just doesn't add up.

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  21. You people must be kidding me… I am 100% sure that such things exist but these stories are so very obvious constructs of a human, logical mind who's watched too many Paranormal Witness videos… Its really quite transparent.

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  23. I love your videos! But I'm going to have to cry foul on the 2nd story because it has way too much detail for someone that claimed to be so weak and that they could hardly focus. In that state you wouldn't really pay too much attention to, or remember that clearly, what somebody looked like (especially if you thought they were just another nurse). The writer even remembers how people said things, exactly what they said, and what they were doing when they said it. It just seems too dramaticized to be real.

  24. Ask any nurse — even non-believers — who have worked in a hospital or nursing home and they will confirm hauntings. it's par for the course. I worked on a medical unit and there was one room on that wing that always had an oppressed feeling and often you felt someone was watching you, even when it was unoccupied. I also recall that most patients who were in that room developed complications or just didn't do well overall. Also, because that room was near the nurse's station, many who were on palliative or comfort measures were placed there for close observation, so in effect, many patients died in that room.

  25. πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’πŸ–’

  26. The second one wasn't really that scary it was about a good lady that helped her and held her from her bad injury it was more of a happy happy story it made me feel the joy and not a scary feeling

  27. Just third one was kind of scary but also sad because the spirit couldn't actually talk to her and she couldn't see him but he could see her so he probably wanted to give her a hug but he couldn't

  28. I was laid up for a spell in a hospital in So. California in the latter part of 2016..During my second week there I was sleeping when suddenly I was awakened by the sound of running water in my bathroom.I could see light peeking out from under the door but did not see shoes or feet for that matter…I was the only patient assigned to this room.Thinking it was the night nurse I closed my eyes and waited for the nurse to open the bathroom door and walk by my bed…The faucet shut off and then nothing…I waited for a couple of minutes and called out" Hello? Nurse?"…No answer..I got up off of the bed and walked over to the bathroom opened the door and nothing… I turned every light on in my room and did not sleep the rest of the night.To my relief I was moved to another room the following day….I've only shared this story with my wife and now with all of you…..

  29. I had just given birth to my second daughter when I developed complications and was moved from the maternity ward up to the respiratory ward. A lot of death happens in respiratory wards so I was already not liking being there. It had a very dark depressing feel to the ward, compared to the maternity ward that I had just come from, which was mostly about joy and new life. I was awoken one night in the early hours of the morning by a nurse asking what I needed. I asked "What do you mean? She said "Well, you just rang the buzzer above the bed". I said "I most certainly did not as I was deeply asleep" and she said that it had lit up at the nurses' station. I said "Well, sorry but it wasn't me ringing it". So she left. Needless to say I didn't get another wink of sleep that night..
    Next morning another nurse on a different shift came in and I told her what had happened and how creepy it was. She said "Oh yes, this room and the one around the corridor always light up at around the same time of night, like someone is ringing the bell and we go in and the people either are asleep or have never rung it". She said they have had them checked by electricians, but there is nothing wrong electrically. After that I felt very uneasy and was so relieved to be discharged a couple of days later. I hardly slept in that room the next two nights I was there. I have no idea who or what rang the bell above my head, but it was very disconcerting being woken from a deep sleep by that nurse telling me I had rung the bell when I knew I had not. The worst part was then wondering who HAD rung it. I think hospitals are most likely haunted considering all the death and trauma that happen there.

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