Okay, so I’m very tired in this video clearly cuz I already made a mistake I said it’s Tuesday, but it’s actually Thursday I’m gonna drive to the hospital now today is my second day of My surgery clerkship I’m excited because today is my 24 hour shift Which can sometimes be 28 hours is that this day for some activities tomorrow on Fridays even though it’s Thursday today? I’m gonna come back home on Friday. Some people want to see a day in my life So today is I thought the perfect day cuz I’ll be at the hospital for much longer. Let’s just see how this goes Alright, let’s go The streets are M except for city buses Okay, so I just got to The hospital I’m gonna go inside. It is like 30 degrees. It’s freezing I’m gonna do my best to try to record stuff we have rounds at 6, and it’s almost 5:00 now. So 5 to 6 We’re gonna look up the patient’s vitals and then we around from 6 until usually 7 also I didn’t know I don’t know if anyone knows this but surgeons walk really fast, and I’m from New York, and I thought I walked fast I’m definitely getting my steps in for the day. I’m gonna go inside now. Bye From Let’s go put your card and then you pick which one you want and then you go and change Say that you’re fine when you’re not really funny you just can’t get into it because they would never understand a Lot of people that’s not in the hospital Because we’re on call we can’t use them because all the people from this storm are using them so That’s okay. What’s it today was pretty good. We did a Lap in a lap Colleen this morning anomaly history to dis me No, we did it laughing We did it laparoscopic appendectomy After lunch, I went to the next case and then the last cake was versatile about the Colostomy it was a colostomy reversal where someone had a hole right here with their intestines sticking to the outside of the Food out and we took in and reattached to his rectum fascinating absolutely Fascinating I was been shot with all the different procedures and the tools and different Ranges ensure that it was like actually connected even though they were like two pouches. It’s so cool You got a net for and we finished at 9:30. It’s right now. We’re still in like low or overnight Okay, I tired but I have energy and I have no other option in a thumbtack because I came to sleep with those bits Because other people need them because they’re actually originally. All right. Thanks. I hope the audio is good. If not and Peter make sure to Rate the things out. I Don’t even know if this is on me, but it’s too late. Welcome back To whatever this is. We’ve been in the hospital for 20 hours This is my friend Julia She brought this salad It’s literally her salad and her Portland, but I’m so hungry. You see anything cool. Tell the people Uh-huh. Did you console them? Oh, that’s nice aren’t you occasion? We were told by the palliative care teams that you can cry with patients as long as you’re not crying more than them You Pop it in the body. I’m literally eating Losing you’re like losing it was so It was huge it was bigger than the uterus also this morning It was literally so big No way, I know she’s pregnant no, dang Julie you can’t see Today and a bump about to say congrats it was like Birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Dooley. Uh Yeah 121, alright you are sleepy and I’m getting sleepy too Is now 7:00 in the morning have been out here and My car out for like 10 minutes Every time I get one layer down another layer Falls, it’s just like a really good life just about like your problems in like once you solve one the rest of them come flying in look at this it’s just It was much worse than that don’t act like I Know how to diagnose and treat it. Oh My gosh Wow I’m soaking. I’m tired. I’m hungry I smell I’m dirty my teeth have a thin film on them. My nose is dripping I ate someone else’s salad with their fork. There’s a lot of lows And they all happen in one night Here’s an update My socks are wet my ear. Is it my hair? It is so greasy that I could style it in any direction. My lips are chapped to the max My feet are aching my car barely made it home Thank God let’s talk about it so a lot of you guys have been messaging me asking me to do a day in my life kind of video and While that would be extremely difficult with the kind of content that is happening either at the hospital because of patient privacy I did try to record something about my first 24 hours completely in a hospital and just finished I’m fresh off of that just walks into my house This 24 hours was actually more interesting than I expected because it did snow today was Yesterday I guess was a very long day. I woke up at 3 and right now it’s 9:30 I just got home. I haven’t watched it yet But if the audio or the video quality is not as great as some of my other videos You can check those out here order to subscribe here. I Apologize, but I just did my best, please just excuse it and give me a little margin of mercy if you enjoy Please let me know down below I appreciate all of your comments and I respond to every single one even if I don’t respond yet. I read them It’s just it takes me a while to respond So on it actually writes something kind one of our patients we needed to get an ABG on them So I just sat with him and we just started talking. It was like a really good time we spoke for like maybe an hour hour and a half which was like really cool for me because that’s Why I went into medicine. I want to know people’s stories I want to hear what they have to offer because I think I truly think you can make a biography like a biopic movie on Everyone’s life because people always have such fascinating stories to tell him he told me so many cool things. I asked him I was like, he was like this really rugged big man with like deep voice and asked him as like Where are you from? They looked at me he goes China His face was so moving, he’s like, yeah, I’m from Poland He started telling me he’s like, you know, you have a very nice face And I said, oh, okay. Thank you anything and then I smile nice heart if you want to be actor you could be actor and I was like, oh Okay, so I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore at this point because my brain is a full of mush I hope that you enjoyed this video. If you did, please make sure to give it a big thumbs up It really means a lot to me. What are your thoughts on hospital life? Do you think students work too much? Do you think we work too little do you think residents work too much? Do you think residents work too little how about doctors? Do they work too much too little do Have you ever had a really good or really awful experience with any one of us in health in the Health Professions? Let me know down below I’d love to read your Stories, and maybe I’ll make a whole video about the really cool stories that you all share with me down below. So let me Say goodbye I don’t even know I’m saying and as always be safe Be strong be swagged god bless you and me because i’m tired and i’ll see you in the next one Next one next one next one Bye Okay I’m very tired in case you haven’t noticed When I was talking to my residents they were like how old are you and I was like How old do you think and then they said twelve when I say? Thirteen I Actually said thirteen And they left. I’m an Aries which I learned is the very first sign. So we’re like the leaders if you read everything about area Look, everyone should be this moment. I See nothing wrong What are your personal and professional goals for the upcoming year Examples could be like want to commit to saying one kind thing to someone every day For this year. Well, no one asked me To say that you’re fine and you’re not really fine, but you just kick it what? Scorpios traits you are distrusting jealous secretive and finally You dislike passive people I Passive One of our patients we needed to get an ABG on them, which is an arterial blood gas. You just want to see the Oxygen and carbon dioxide content of the blood. Sorry. My brain is very Spacey right now and Always not always what am I talking to you? Subscribe I’m dripping snow sweat Okay, overall summary of being trapped in a hospital for over 24 hours I’d say Thank you next


  1. WHAT?! We passed 2,000 SCRUBscribers??? WOOHOO! Thank you thank you thank you all for the love and support! My goal for 2018 was 1K, so thanks! As a treat, here is A Day In My Life while on my 8-week Surgery Rotation. I recorded this back in November, but editing takes me years to finish bc of all the fun edits, so please subscribe and like and comment and blahblah so I know someone is out there watching ^_^

  2. hAh these are so funny !! – I feel so bad for residents but I keep watching these & still want to do it so 😅 ..

  3. You’re awesome! I haven’t been keeping up lately with your vids but keep them coming! Also, would you ever be a TV doctor?

  4. I just have say that not many ppl in your profession have a heart I had my sciatic broke they've connected through bolts in the spine still recovering 5 months out wish I never had it done but because of this experience my youngest daughter which graduates I gave your associate is going in to become a orthopedic she is trying to get into NC State so congrats for all you're doing

  5. Loved this video! Can you please do a reaction to the most recent episode of The Good Doctor (the sequel to the Winter Finale)?

  6. I love watching your videos it must be so hard to be a doctor but just know I appreciate your dedication to being a doctor and following your dreams I also see you on TikTok which is underneath Dorothy Perry and I even use some of the words with you I think it’s awesome that you’re putting lives in your hand and making miracles happen I’m glad that there’s doctors around becauseI had a good experience some doctors try to save my mom’s life but Kinda but afterwards that my mom passed away they were really nice to me and even gave me some money to go eat after my mom passed away they were so nice to help my mom and her final hours so I just wanted to say thank you to all the doctors in the world to do wonderful and great things

  7. Hey hey!

    I am so glad I found this channel because I am currently in my last year of school and am working towards getting into Medicine, particularly in the surgical field. Even these little clips that you filmed throughout the day gave me great insights as to what it might be like for me during my first couple of years working in a hospital. So I just wanted to say, I know how hard it must be to focus on many things at once but what you are doing is MOST DEFINITELY having a positive impact on people. Your jolly personality and professionsalism both combine to serve the best videos. Be very proud of yourself hahaha.

    Here is a story about a doctor I’d like to share:

    Last year, a couple of weeks that led to my exam period were really awful for me. I couldn’t sleep and had horrible migraines all the time. That was VERY frustrating for me because when I would get into bed, try to go to sleep and wouldn’t be able to, I felt as if I was wasting time that I could spent studying. Then I would just count the hours I wasted trying to go to sleep instead of studying during the time which made things much worse… I didn’t want the same thing to happen during exam period since it had already been happening for the previous 4 weeks so I decided to go to the clinic. I told the doctor exactly what I was feeling and she just calmed me down. In the nicest way. She said something along the lines of, “I know this time of the year can be very tough and yes you may not be able to get much sleep but I want you to know that. You. Are. Doing. Just. Fine” and she kinda repeated that multiple times in a very calming tone. It was lovely hearing that from someone since I was mostly just looking down on myself for maybe studying not as much as I could be but the truth was that studying was actually the only thing I was doing. She didn’t prescribe me any medication but just told me to drink a lot of water and have a good diet, etc.

    I guess I didn’t need to go to the clinic in that situation and instead maybe going to a therapist or just a friend would’ve been a better option but she was able to get rid that little ‘self-doubt’ I had in myself by just talking. I really thought something was wrong with me since my body felt horrible but sometimes words really can heal a person. I learnt that doctors have multiple ways of helping people. And so do you 🙂

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