26.2 Miles of Inspiration: Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon

It’s the most amazing start to race ever!
You’ve got fireworks and there’s so much energy at the beginning of this race. It’s so wonderful to see the kids out on the
race and to know that you’re helping them get the treatment and the support that
they need. It was a perfect day! I mean there was Nationwide Children’s Hospital
corner, which is awesome! Children’s Hospital has been amazing we wouldn’t be
here today without them. These are kids just wanting to be kids and families
wanting to be normal families. To have a day like today where they see the community
supporting them, it gives them that extra little bit of excitement and joy. I’m most excited that this gives a
lot of people hope and I like being the person that does that. It’s amazing to see all the
patients out there! Phenomenal! Every part of my body hurts right now but when I’m
running past the best part of this marathon, all the children, and realize
they are overcoming things every day of their life, it makes the Sunday morning
that I have some pain feel like nothing. It’s just overwhelming. I am just amazed how many people
are supporting Nationwide Children’s. We are part of a relay team
that pushed a Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patient, Jackson Maynard,
throughout the whole marathon. We’re lucky enough to have it and we need a
support it. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! It was a wonderful experience and it is a
privilege to be part of it.

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