2019 Trusted Choice Team Extraordinary Award – Ames Clinical Laboratory Staff | McFarland Clinic

KIM: I think it’s phenomenal, the amount of
experience we have in this lab. Seventy percent of all provider decisions
are made based on clinical lab work. I’m really proud of the fact that those decisions
are based on the quality lab work that comes out of the McFarland Clinic lab here at Ames
Main and that is produced by our staff here. DR. WEYDERT: Everybody in the laboratory,
they want to please our doctors. They want to do a good job. No one comes to work in the laboratory and says,
“Oh I’m just gonna kind of go half speed today.” When people show up, they want to please our
doctors, they want to take care of our patients, and they take a lot of pride in that. That means
everything to me as the medical director. SHIRLEY: I think we have a dedicated team
of professionals, beginning with specimen collection all the way to test verification. They care about making the patient feel comfortable. There are people that care all along that
route. KIM: They just know how to get it done.
They support each other. They take pride in what they do. They are available to answer questions from
nurses, from providers, from patients. And I think we’re well rounded. We have techs that work in the lab, they also
get out and draw blood with our drawing staff upstairs. Or our drawing staff are able to come down
and work in our specimen prep area. Our drawing staff act as resources for our
patients who come to the lab because they’re the face of the lab. They field a lot of questions from our patients
about the different types of lab work that they’re having done, billing questions, and
that staff is able to direct them to the people that can get them the answers if they don’t
know the answers themselves. DR. WEYDERT: The folks in that laboratory, I trust
them not only with the lives of our patients, but I would trust them with my life.
I put a lot of stock into that. And it makes me able to sleep well at night
knowing that laboratory’s being taken care of by a great team, and I have no worries
when it comes to what we’re producing out of that clinical laboratory at
the Ames Main lab. KIM: I’m just really proud of this team. I can honestly say this is probably the best
place I’ve ever worked.

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