2018 Trusted Choice Founders’ Award – Bradley Nau, MD | McFarland Clinic

DR. NAU: When a parent asks you to
take care of their kid, they’re asking you to take care of the
most important thing in their life. And when they pay you that kind of respect,
you owe them–you owe them something back. ANNE: He’s not any different from day to day. He’s always practiced that way. He’s always that way with his patients. DR. NAU: Try to do your best for the patient. Not just the patient, the families. Not just their medical needs, but their emotional
needs. ANNE: He is kind to all of his staff. He is respectful. He’s fun. He feels strongly and cares so much about
McFarland Clinic and coworkers– not just our department, but he has
respect from everyone else. NAU: I think it’s interesting because I see
physicians go through, when they come to the clinic, providers, it’s just about my immediate
practice and that’s all I’m worried about. Well then I worry more about the department. And then I become fully vested and I worry
about how the clinic’s doing, and we realize that one area impacts another. And if we all do well, we all do well. If one area’s not doing so well, it does impact
the rest of us. ANNE: That’s just something that I think Dr.
Nau has always felt was extremely important. Besides having an interest, he’s just very
loyal and cares very much about McFarland Clinic and its workings and its reputation
and wants to be a part of that framework. DR. NAU: I think that our model of doing
medical care is the best. I think that when it’s provider-driven, as
far as how decisions are made, and not driven by an insurance company or by a
non-medical administrator, I think you do what’s best for the patient. And that’s what I think Extraordinary Care
is. It’s not all about money, it’s about doing
what’s best for the patient. When we come down to tough decisions, ultimately
if we make the decision based on what’s best for the patient, it will be the right decision
in the long run.

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  1. Dr. Nau was my pediatrician until I left Iowa in 1994. I'm 31 now and still remember that voice! What a great doctor and a man

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